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Epic Seven: Top 10 Best Waifus

Some people play Epic Seven for the myriad of heroes available, plenty of teams to build and fun adventures to embark on.

But to be honest, many players enjoy the waifu aspect. 

Waifus are fictional characters that people tend to have romantic attraction for.

As expected, many players enjoy building full teams of them!

Powerful squads of waifus are completely viable, so if you’re looking to build a bunch of them, this list will help.

Not only will they be conventionally attractive, but these characters are also fully viable in terms of gameplay.

Note: Limited summon heroes are only available as a “banner” for a few weeks, every now and again.


10. Dizzy

How to get: Limited Summon

Dizzy is a powerful AoE mage, coveted by players across all playstyles in Epic Seven.

Considerable debuffs, as well as the ability to increase debuff duration, makes her awesome in both PvP & PvE.

She also has stunning animations across the board!


9. Christy

How to get: Covenant Summon

Released during the RE:Zero event, Christy is a strong tank who can provide effect resistance, as well as attack/defense buffs to her team.

Additionally, Christy has a built-in chance to counter-attack, making a counter set very effective on her.

As she starts with a base 3* rating, it’s remarkably easy to get acquire many copies!


8. Seaside Bellona

How to get: Limited Summon

Absolutely dominating PvP right now, as well as being very strong in most PvE content.

Her “I’m With My Friends” ability is crazy, sharing 30% of damage taken with an ally, and reapplying with a devastating counter-attack to reduce defense.

She’s one of the most popular characters in the entire game.


7. Assassin Coli

How to get: Moonlight Summon

Heavily overlooked by many players as their choice of waifu, Assassin Coli has been left in the dust by the newer heroes.

She’s still a powerful offensive thief hero, capable of assassinating a squishy at the start of the battle, before silencing the remaining enemies.

If she gets debuffed, her damage decreases significantly. It’s a bit of problem against AoE debuff attacks which are rife in Epic Seven.


6. Celestial Mercedes

How to get: Moonlight Summon

Of all Mercedes variants in the game, Celestial Mercedes is the best in terms of appearance, and gameplay.

Sporting a brighter color palette, stronger skill-set, and better synergy with other heroes.

Build her full crit to grant herself tons of combat readiness upon using her 3rd skill.


5. Roana

How to get: Covenant Summon

By far the easiest reviver to get, using her 3rd skill will recover health and allow allies to revive once, for 2 turns.

Roana is also particularly effective against counter-attack/dual-attack teams, as she recovers health and grants combat readiness when an ally suffers one of those attacks.

Her skill animations are stunning, her appearance will surely result in plenty of cosplays in the future.


4. Luna

How to get: Limited Summon

Luna is a fan favorite, being your go-to waifu if you prefer a more demonic character.

She’s a formidable fighter, stabbing enemies to decrease defense, and critting constantly.

Best used in PvE modes, especially against the Wyvern!


3. Emilia

How to get: Limited Summon

One of the best healers available, with a diverse skill-set.

Emilia can debuff, recover health, boost stats & provide barriers.

Due to this, she doesn’t really have a specific use. 

That being said, she can fit into any team and do a good job.

As well as look good while doing it!


2. Tamarinne


How to get: Covenant Summon

Tamarinne is an immensely powerful hero, loved by players across the world for her skill-set.

Used in boss hunts, PvP, abyss floors, and adventures.

Her 3 skills have different effects depending on whether she has the idol buff or not, which can be confusing for some players.

She has some of the cutest expressions available, and her skill animations are fun as hell.

Just check out this amazing cosplay to see how she’d look in real life.


1. Holiday Yufine

How to get: Limited Summon

For a fun waifu with amazing animations, cute expressions, and a strong skill-set, Holiday Yufine can’t be beaten.

She doesn’t deal much damage per attack, but she debuffs enemy buffs and applies tons of burns.

If you build her with a bit of tankiness, your favorite waifu will perform on all stages!