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Crab Game: Top 10 Rarest, Most Expensive Cosmetics

Crab Game is a cultural phenomenon. One of the buggiest games to ever grace Steam, full of exploits and hackers.

But still, it’s a remarkably fun game that peaked at over 56,000 concurrent players. Quite a feat. Especially considering its creator Dani is a part-time developer.

From the success of its release came a gaming outcry for cosmetics, as every player looked exactly the same.

Months after release, different varieties of cosmetics were added, from hats to shoewear.

Dani saw fit to please the community and add rarities to these items. Some cosmetics items are naturally rarer than others but they can also come in shiny forms.

I’ll be going through the 10 rarest and most expensive items in Crab Game. Just remember, prices are set by players so the most expensive items aren’t technically the rarest.

Base items will be given as these ones are quite rare but obviously, their shiny forms will be even rarer!

10) Bowl Cut

Store Price: $270

As awful as a bowl cut is in real life, Crab Game makes it an extra special piece of headgear you can get. The sillier your character is, the better!

The black hair color variant is the most expensive at the moment.

9) The Dani Special

Store Price: $333

Remarkably rare and fetching a massive marketplace price is the Dani Special, one of the most unique cosmetic items in Crab Game.

It’s just a mask and some shades but we all know how much Dani loves his sunglasses.

8) YIKE Brick

Store Price: $113

It’s a brick you wear on your head. Yeah, not physics-based at all and it even has the word “brick” plastered on the side.

I’m not sure why this even exists but it’s a rare legendary item that looks amazing when shiny.

7) Gasmask

Store Price: $55

One of the cheaper legendary items, gasmasks are still a very rare legendary cosmetic item.

It does cover your whole face, removing the ability to show off manly facial hair, likely explaining the lack of customers in the marketplace.

6) Soaring Sneakers

Store Price: $60

By far the coolest looking footwear you can get, but not the rarest. Soaring Sneakers have some cool wings coming from its sole.

The shiny variant is particularly awesome but this is one of the most expensive base items in the entire game.

5) Shiny 0.5 Yakuza

Store Price: $300

Trump hair. Absolutely incredible, must-have for any Crab Game enthusiast. Only one shiny variant is available, making it one of the rarest hair you can get!

4) YIKE Lucky Hat

Store Price: $85

No shiny YIKE Lucky Hat exists, it’s only the base version which comes with a Light Blue color.

Few items are as exclusive as this one, you’ll surely stand out from everyone else.

With that being said, it doesn’t come with any shininess, so there are a few more that are a bit shinier.

3) Shiny 1.0 Ground Force 2

Store Price: $100

Few shinies are as rare as the ground force 2 shoes, with the base variant being fairly common for a legendary.

It seems that right now, few shinies exist for players to obtain.

The sneakers themselves are fairly standard, which explains why they’re so sought after as a lot of players prefer a more traditional appearance style.

2) Shiny 0.9 Headset

Store Price: $650

Plenty of headsets exist for as little as $1 but this particular version is incredible rare, starting at a whopping price.

Just 1 Shiny 0.9 Headset is available on the marketplace so we can deduce it’s likely one of, if not the rarest in the game.

It does look awesome but one other cosmetic item is even more expensive.

1) Shiny Golden Fedora

Store Price: $893

By far the most expensive item in the game (some items are listed as more expensive but that is just players being silly).

Fedoras are the perfect symbol of online gaming, and a golden version should be regarded as a crown.

We don’t know the exact odds of getting this item but only 3 of them exist on the marketplace!

It’s surely the rarest and most expensive cosmetic item in Crab Game.