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Crab Game: Top 10 Hardest Game Modes

Crab Game’s game modes are completely unique and interesting, taking heavy inspiration from real-life childhood games.

While Fall Guys has similar essence, it cannot be compared to the oddness and jankiness of Crab Game.

Such game modes are rife with bugs, clunkiness and instability. All of these aspects only serve to make the game more fun.

I’ll be going through the 10 hardest game modes to survive in Crab Game for today’s list.

These are the game modes that are most likely to see you get knocked out of the match.

You likely already roll your eyes when you see the name appear but I’ll also be providing tips for avoiding elimination 🙂

10) Death From Above

Rules: Enter the lit-up zones before the ground collapses from above.

Push simulator, each cube only has room for a few players. You’ll often be pushed out of safety in this game mode.

The key here is to be aggressive, push players as often as you can.

9) Hide and Seek

Rules: Hiders must stay alive while seekers attempt to kill them. If a seeker eliminates a hider, they will become a hider themselves.

Hide and Seek is a tough game mode to play as a seeker, but really easy as a hider.

Simply get yourself up high and you’ll pretty much be safe the entire round as seekers chase the hiders on the ground floor.

As a seeker, you need to hit a player 4 times to eliminate them and become a hider yourself. Even if there are a lot of players, it can be tough to corner one person as they can just push you away before running.

8) Sticc Tag

Rules: Some players start with a stick, hit another player to pass it on. At the end of the timer, any players holding a stick will be eliminated.

When you get hit, the sheer force of the wooden stick flings you across the map. For this reason, it’s worth keeping your back to a wall or object at all times, so you can quickly pass the stick back.

If there are only a few players remaining, it can be a tedious job to pass the stick on, almost impossible against good players.

7) Block Drop

Rules: Blocks continuously drop from the sky, dodge and climb them to stay alive.

Extremely skill-based, block drop requires you to keep moving and thinking ahead. If you can piece together a pattern of high points to stick to, you should be OK.

Otherwise, just keep moving and try to push players into gaps they can’t get out of.

6) Red Light Green Light

Rules: Attempt to reach the end of the map, do not move while the statue has its head turned or face elimination.

Arguably the most recognisable game mode in any of these survival mini-games, Red Light Green Light is always a fun experience.

While it’s actually quite easy to react and prevent being eliminated, dealing with other players is the hard part. They’re constantly trying to push or block you in any way they can.

The icy variant is particularly hard to complete as there’s less friction, meaning you have less time to stop.

5) King of the Hill

Rules: Climb the hill and stay within the zone to earn points. At the end of the timer, the players with the fewest points are eliminated. Players are equipped with a powerful baseball bat.

Usually located right at the top of a hill surrounded by parkour mazes to complete is King of the Hill, a tough game mode to play.

No one can stay in the zone for longer than a few seconds. It’s a constant war of trying to reach the top while other players are smacking you across the map.

Especially difficult with high player counts, the victors of this mode usually come down to who can get to the top first.

4) The Floor is Lava

Rules: Stay atop the floating platforms, do not fall into the water/lava. Platforms may break after a short delay.

Most players simply stick to their platform for the majority of the timer, only moving when absolutely necessary.

I prefer to ambush unsuspecting players though, giving more room to manoeuvre as more platforms fall.

When starting a Floor is Lava game with 40 players, less than a dozen end up surviving. This shows you just how difficult this game mode is!

3) Bomb Tag

Rules: Some players start holding a bomb, pass it to other players by tagging them. After a set amount of time, the bomb will explode and eliminate the holder, new bombs are then distributed.

Very fun but also quite dangerous, bomb tag can be a terrifying experience. The pressure is huge when you’re holding a bomb and it’s tough to give it to other players.

If you’re unlucky enough to be at the bottom of the map, barely within reach of any other player, you likely won’t survive at all.

Since snowballs were added to Crab Game, it has become even harder to survive in bomb tag as players push you away before you even get close.

2) Race

Rules: Avoid obstacles to reach the end of the finish line.

Unless you’ve practised for hours on end, Crab Game’s racecourses are some of the most difficult in modern video games.

Buckets of bugs, seemingly random collisions and difficult obstacles result in a frustratingly tough experience.

Fall damage and water add even more opportunities to be eliminated. This doesn’t even take other players into account as they’ll constantly attempt to stifle your efforts.

1) Stepping Stones

Rules: Cross the bridge by jumping onto the platform but choose carefully, one platform of each row will break!

You either get a handful of players who take one for the team and get lucky with their jumps, or everyone stands around and waits for their inevitable doom.

Even if a few tiles are removed, players love to stand around and push anyone who tries to make more progress.

It’s such a fun game mode full of surprises every single time. Yet no other game mode will eliminate you as often as this one. It’s all about luck with next to no real skill involved.