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Rust: Top 10 Best Raiding Methods & Tools

Raiding is key to any Rust experience, whether you’re a solo or part of a clan. Spending stacks upon stacks of resources to geta base’s loot is one of the greatest things you can do.

New or casual solo players may never raid, though. They’re too involved in sorting their own base and resources out to even think of trying to take someone else’s. 

On officials, this is quite true. However, it’s worth visiting some modded servers and having a go. Solo/duo/trio servers are recommended, as are x2 servers.

Once you’re on there, choose your raiding method from those below. In general, you’ll want to utilise 2-3 different types per raid. 

Eventually, you’ll be acquainted enough to hopefully take it to official servers!


10. Spear Raiding

Costing 300 wood to craft, spears are an extremely budget-friendly raiding option. Wood & stone walls can all be destroyed within a reasonable time frame. 

Most effective with multiple members, 6 spears are needed to soft side a wooden wall. 23 for a stone wall, taking just over 10 minutes.


9. Heli Bait

The heli doesn’t use rocket attacks against you if you have no TC access. 

However, for bases such as decayed ones that have no TC or the TC is exposed and allows you to get access, it’s a great method.

Sometimes there are loot rooms that are still behind locked doors.

If you position yourself correctly, you get those rooms destroyed.

Be aware that the heli will stick around for a good 5 minutes, other players may come too. So find a good hiding spot in the mean-time.


8. Eoka Raiding

Wooden doors and tool cupboards fall prey to the eoka, which takes around 2 minutes and 45 handmade shells to get through each one. Costing around 220 sulfur.

With the eoka itself costing just a bit of wood and metal fragments to craft, it’s one of the most eco-friendly raiding methods available.


7. F1 Grenades

Purchaseable from the Outpost for 8 scrap, it takes 50 F1 grenades to get through a sheet metal door, 40 to get through a wooden door and 250 to hard side a stone wall.

Sounds expensive, because it kind of is, but you don’t just use F1 grenades on their own. Combined with other early game methods, spending 100 scrap or so can allow you to get through a wall, or a few doors, a lot cheaper and faster than you would usually do by other methods!


6. Pickaxe Raiding

We’ve all been there. Sat in the base, chilling, smelting some metal. Then the sounds of pickaxes arrive.

It takes over 10 minutes and just 7 pickaxes to soft side a stone wall. A determined group can happily spend the 72 pickaxes to get through a hard side stone wall, though.


5. Flamethrower Raiding

No raiding method is as good as a flamethrower for getting through wooden doors and walls. Just 83 low grade fuel is needed to get through 1 door, while 206 is needed for a wooden wall. As well as 42 for a tool cupboard.

You can easily get tons of low grade by farming red barrels and cooking the crude oil.

Fire arrows can also be a viable tactic for destroying wooden doors and tool cupboards.

In general, wooden houses don’t tend to have much loot. But for every 5 bases you raid, you could very well hit the jackpot.


4. Satchels

For a solo/casual player, satchels will be your late-game raiding tool. Costing 4 satchels (around 2000 sulfur) to get through a sheet metal door, a defiant player can get 4 or 5 doors worth of satchels in a day or two.

Finding satchels and beancans to research can be a pain, though. Players may sell them in vending machines but normal crates are your go-to method of acquisition. If you have 2 satchels, you can recycle one to get the beancan to research. 

Beware, players know the sound of satchels and know a low tier raid is happening. Be ready to fight for the loot inside the base!


3. C4

A fair bit more expensive than satchels, but C4 are the quickest way to raid a base in the entire game. They come at a cost, though, of 2200 sulfur required per C4.

It takes 1 C4 to get through a sheet metal door, 2 to get through a hard-side stone wall and 2 to get through a garage door.

Acquiring the blueprints is highly difficult though, mostly found in Oil Rig crates, Heli crates or dropped through the Bradley tank.


2. Rockets

Expensive to research & craft, extremely hard to find (rockets + rocket launcher) and highly detectable by enemy players. Rocket raiding is basically the fastest way to get through an entire base.

Splash damage allows for multiple walls to be hit at once. It’ll take 4 rockets to get through about 2 stone walls, equating to 5600 sulfur. Double the cost for metal walls. 

Favored by rich clans for their speed and effectiveness while raiding, you’ll likely never get to properly rocket raid on an official server.

That’s ok though, there’s nothing wrong with other methods. Rocket raiding is extremely cool, though. So I always recommend joining a 10x server for some epic raiding experiences!


1. Explosive Ammo

Resource wise, explosive ammunition is the most cost-effective raiding method. Taking just 1.6k sulfur to get through a sheet metal door, via 63 explosive ammo.

Downsides come with the fact you’ll ruin your weapons pretty quick, requiring repair. Semi-auto rifles are best, although for clans you can go ahead and use your assault rifles for faster raiding.

It can also make a lot of noise, although that’s minimised with a suppressor. 

Overall, utilising a combination of satchels and explosive ammunition might be your main go-to raiding methods. Never focus on just one!