Top 10 Best Pokémon TCG Theme Decks

Having previously played Yugioh, I knew the best way to get into it was buying structure decks. Coming into the Pokémon TCG, I thought it’d be the same with theme decks. Little did I know that the most recent theme deck is not the best and there’s so much choice!

Price wise, they’re great value for money. Providing ready built decks that can be upgraded with booster packs or singles. Even then, if you’re just looking to expand your collection, many theme decks provide a number of invaluable staples.

If you’re going to buy one (or more), it’s best to choose wisely. Playing for fun means you can use any assortment of cards so just choose whichever looks coolest. If you plan on winning though, make sure you’re spending correctly.

I’ll go through the 10 best theme decks available right now in the Pokémon TCG!


10. Sky Guardian

Utilising Normal, Fairy and Fire type Pokémon, the Sky Guardian theme deck provides an excellent mix of cards. Lugia is a great boss monster, reducing damage taken and requiring no specific energy to attack. 

Additional Normal type Pokémon provide a consistent wave of beaters, I highly recommend this theme deck to any new or returning player!

Featured Card: Lugia

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9. Bright Tide

Water & Lightning based, Bright Tide focusing on an unconventional mixtures of types. You’ll want to get more copies of Lanturn though, as it’s an exceptional 1st stage evolution monster in a Water/Lightning deck.

The featured Pokémon is very capable of sweeping, dealing high damage while healing itself, for only 3 energy!

Featured Card: Primarina

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8. Gears of Fire

For a basic Pokémon, even a legendary one, the featured Volcanion is amazing. Able to keep your benched Pokémon full of energy, it’ll also act as a difficult active Pokémon to take down. 

Encorporating Steel type Pokémon too, Klinklang will beat your other main boss, dealing huge amounts of damage while reducing any damage taken.

Featured Card: Volcanion

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7. Rock Steady

Lycanroc is a fan favorite among the Pokémon community and its theme deck has been out for nearly 2 years. Time hasn’t diminished its effectiveness though, with swathes of powerful Fighting Pokémon filling up your bench, backed up by a Meowstic for insane draw power.

Including Brooklet Hill as a Stadium card makes searching easy, thinning the deck to further increase the competence of Meowstic’s draw power. Many different strategies can be incorporated from other sets, Rock Steady might be the most upgrade-able theme deck in the game!

Featured Card: Lycanroc

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6. Hidden Moon

Mainly for the featured card, Lunala is an absolute monster. While it doesn’t do much in the way of abilities, it hits incredibly hard for such little energy. It’s best to use Lunala’s first ability constantly, until it gets to low HP, then use its second one to move all equipped energy before its knocked out.

Other included Pokémon are lacklustre though so make sure you swap them out for other cards that compliment Lunala. More draw and search power cards would compliment Lunala well.

Featured Card: Lunala

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5. Torrential Cannon

Just look at this Pidgeot card, giving the middle finger to any non-suspecting active Pokémon. 3 copies of Farfetch’d provides great draw power, you’ll want to get the Pidgeot and featured Blastoise out as fast as possible. Usually you can end up giving some prize cards out before you get going but Golduck is an excellent stall card, providing more than enough secure your victory!

Specifically based on Water and Normal type Pokémon.

Featured Card: Blastoise

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4. Steel Sun

I really can’t believe how game-winning Solgaleo can be. Able to one-shot most Pokémon in the game, and even snipe benched Pokémon for easy prize cards. 160 HP is no joke either, you get multiple copies in the deck too.

Some included Pokémon are quite weak, so you’ll want to swap them out with singles from other sets or booster packs. The core is incredible though, building your strategy around it is the way to go!

Featured Card: Solgaleo

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3. Relentless Flame

Mainly a pure Fire type deck, with a few Psychic types included. Alongside the featured Charizard’s ability, you’ll be hitting for 130 damage every single turn. Having the included Nidoqueen on your bench gives you easy access to Charmander’s evolutions.

Since Charizard’s ability does damage itself, adding Potions to the deck is a sure-fire way of making sure your Charizard stays in top condition. 

Featured Card: Charizard

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2. Wave Slasher

A great starting point for any TCG beginners, Wave Slasher is a good balance between Grass and Water types. Greninja negates enemy abilities, which can be game-winning against certain decks. Such a large variety of different Pokémon (and their evolutions) make this a must-have for any player!

Featured Card: Greninja

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1. Blazing Volcano

With arguably the strongest basic Pokémon you’ll find in any theme deck, Blazing Volcano is well worth acquiring. Entei can deal up to 200 damage in one attack, for just 3 energy – and it’s a basic Pokémon!

Additionally, this theme deck grants you a vast array of trainer cards to ensure your hand is topped up with the cards you need. Blaziken keeps your energy coming each turn, Houndoom grants some insane search power and Heracross can hit like a truck for just 2 energy.

It’s safe to say this theme deck is the best available and by some distance!

Featured Card: Entei

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  • October 10, 2019 at 1:25 am

    I just can’t understand anyone recommending wave slasher this deck draw dead all the time. Its more than frustrating, its plain weak.


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