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10 Best One For All Champions – League of Legends

One For All is an epic game-mode, pitting 10 players on one map with 2 different champions.

Games tend to be explosive, with one team having a huge advantage after just a few minutes.

For this reason, One For All is one of the best game-modes to grind for event tokens, mastery points or chests.

To maximize the number of resources you acquire, you’ll want to play the best champions. These will power you through dozens of games quickly!

Rankings are based on win-rate, but you need to determine whether other players are capable of playing the champion.

Sion, for example, has a high win-rate but can be difficult for many players to use, in certain match-ups.


10. Neeko

Neeko’s transformations might have no affect in One for All, but her CC and aoe damage are tough to deal with in groups.

While laning, one E landed allows your partner to follow suit, and 2 Qs will chunk a large portion of their HP.

The possibility for an on-hit build allows multiple resistance coverages, for enemy teams who stack magic resistance.


9. Yone

Quite a few players are still clueless when it comes to dealing with Yone. To match it, few players know how to play him.

Since Yone deals a considerable amount of magic damage, building strictly armor is inefficient.

Overall, it’ll come down to skill. Whichever players are best, will see that Victory message. 


8. Ahri

Ahri, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Ahri dominates the early game against most other champions, especially melee users.

Great wave-clearing, roaming, and ganking abilities make Ahri easy to snowball.

After just a few kills across the map, Ahri will start to delete enemy champions in one rotation. Even more so, when there are 2 or 3 of them!


7. Xin Zhao

The biggest surprise of the list, Xin Zhao boasts a strong win-rate in One for All.

My biggest guess would be his early game competence. Xin deals a ton of damage, and is capable of roaming to both jungles to clear quickly.

Many players will not understand this style, though, so I wouldn’t recommend picking Xin if you’re trying to get a quick win. 


6. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

If your team doesn’t hard counter Heimerdinger, you’re in for a long, frustrating defeat.

66% win-rate is off-set by an 18% ban-rate, as Heimer takes all the fun out of One for All. 

For an easy win, Heimer is a good choice. 6 turrets in one lane, as well as the constant bombardment of his E, is too much for many players to handle.


5. Lux

Lux, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Her 31% ban-rate says it all, Lux is the Queen of catching enemies out.

Once the whole team has started to hit level 6, all it takes is one on-target Q for the victim to be hit by multiple Final Sparks.

After grouping up, multiple shields keep them alive, even against the strongest of poke.


4. Yasuo

Yasuo’s scaling boosts his win-rates considerably, up to 55%. With a 30% pick-rate and 40% ban-rate, you’ll see him a lot, whether banned or otherwise.

Early game, even a decent Yasuo duo will struggle heavily to come out of their lane with an advantage. 

Hold out for a while and the 5 Windwall activations can be huge, in team-fights.

Eventually, 5 Yasuo’s running round with 3 or 4 items is pretty much unbeatable. Only hard counters will have a chance.


3. Jhin

Jhin, one of the best ARAM champions

Boasting a whopping 64% win-rate, with only a 4.6% ban-rate, Jhin should be your go-to One for All choice, if you can play him.

Considered to be one of the highest skill cap ADC champions in the game, don’t bother picking him if you know you have some new players on your team.

Otherwise, Jhin has a myriad of builds and play-styles, allowing him to adapt to whatever champions he faces.


2. Samira

Samira is strong in all game-modes right now, with the new items suiting her perfectly.

On the other hand, she’s difficult to play as. Someone first-timing Samira will have a hard time in One for All.

Even then, all it takes is 1 or 2 Samira players to get fed early, and they’ll take over the game.

A massive 54% ban-rate means you’ll very rarely get her, though!


1. Malphite

Malphite, one of worst Nexus Blitz champions

Malphite is always a safe One for All pick. Even against mages, he can stack magic resistance with a bit of AP and constantly one-shot enemy squishies.

If he’s up against tanks, a full tank build is enough for him to win fights, as his passive shield and E attack speed reduction contribute.

Against squishy full AD teams, you won’t find a better champion. He comes with strong innate tankiness against AD, so 1 or 2 defensive items, paired with full AP, will secure your win.