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Nexus Blitz: Top 10 Best Champions 2021

If you’ve kept up to date with League of Legends at all in the past year or so, you’ll know all about Nexus Blitz.

Offered as a fast-paced, more casual version of the conventional Summoner’s Rift, it was a welcome addition on Riot’s part.

Players have been queueing up for it non-stop, testing out new strategies and different team compositions.

Now, after it’s been out for a while, we finally have a decent grasp of the best champions available.

Nexus Blitz allows you to accrue gold faster, so late-game scaling champions can actually reach their core items in a short period of time.

Such a game mode is extremely fun but if you’re trying to win, you should know the best champions to use.

I’ll be detailing the best champions you can choose, with breakdowns of the stats behind rankings and their playstyles!


10. Anivia

Anivia, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Full AP Anivia is a daunting prospect with all the zoning and burst potential she brings.

Nexus Blitz’s map is full of walls, choke-points, and flanking opportunities. Anivia being able to summon huge walls of her own to allow for some game-winning plays.

You see, blocking 2 or 3 members away from the rest of their team is insane in Nexus Blitz.

So few escape opportunities exist, so a well-placed wall and ultimate can be devastating!

Role: Lane

Win-Rate: 55.97%

Pick-Rate: 6.14%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP


9. Graves

Role: Lane

Win-Rate: 55.64%

Pick-Rate: 2.59%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP

Capable of farming lane and jungle minions quickly, Graves is exceptional at securing an early lead to snowball the rest of the game.

Building lethality is the aim,  as you’ll be able to one-shot 1-2 enemies per combo.

Graves does work well in the jungle role, due to his fast clears. But his main advantage on Summoner’s Rift is counter-jungling, something that isn’t present on Nexus Blitz.


8. Swain

Role: Lane

Win-Rate: 56%

Pick-Rate: 3.54%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP

In general, any champion with fairly reliable long-range CC will perform well in Nexus Blitz. 

Swain is one of those, who can catch enemies out with his E. He needs a few items to get going so this gamemode’s fast paced gold income is perfect for him.

In mini-games, Swain can perform well against groups of enemies, even while outnumbered. So much CC and zoning give him plenty of options for out-maneuvering enemy champions.


7. Teemo

Role: Jungle

Win-Rate: 56.46%

Pick-Rate: 4.51%

Store Cost: 1350 BE/585 RP

Jungle Teemo has to be one of the weirdest strategies that works, with a massive win-rate. 

All the brushes near scuttle, rift herald, red/blue buffs give him a ton of variety when it comes to approaching fights. 

Such a small map means more enemies being hit by his mushrooms, especially in mini-games.


6. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, one of the most fun AD Carries in League of Legends

Role: Jungle

Win-Rate: 56.81%

Pick-Rate: 2.33%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP

Miss Fortune’s range partners well with the jungle role on Nexus Blitz, as she can quickly enter a lane for large burst damage early on. 

After reaching level 6, a good ultimate cast can min entire mini-games. 

With the lowest pick-rate on the list, you’ll rarely see Miss Fortune so players don’t really know how to counter it.


5. Seraphine

Role: Lane

Win-Rate: 57.34%

Pick-Rate: 14.56%

Store Cost: 6300 BE/975 RP

One of the most influential team-fight/skirmish based support champions in the game, Seraphine is an absolute beast at all stages of the game, including mini-games.

Her ult is capable of CC’ing multiple enemies a full screen away, and her constant barrage of attacks and heals make it hard to pin her down.

Usually, win-rates are low for champions with high pick-rates, as a lot of the players may be unfamiliar with her. Not in Seraphine’s case, which just shows how crazy she is on Nexus Blitz!


4. Viktor

Role: Lane

Win-rate: 57.52%

Pick-Rate: 3.38%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP

Zone mages are featuring a lot on this list, with Viktor being another culprit.

3 of his abilities can zone enemies away from an area, perfect for setting up ambushes, trapping enemies in mini-games or leaving them exposed in your jungle.

Viktor is just generally good right now as well, with recent passive changes boosting his prowess early on, allowing an easy transition into your multi-item build.


3. Brand

Brand, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Role: Jungle

Win-Rate: 58.11%

Pick-Rate: 3.39%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP

Anything above a 58% win-rate is getting to over-powered territory, Brand is one of the best aoe damage dealers in the entire game, fitting perfectly into Nexus Blitz.

It’s not uncommon for each fight to involved 3 or more enemy champions close to each other. A decent Brand will light them all up, especially in mini-games.

Remember, winning mini-games is key to closing a game out quickly, so using a champion who can perform well during them is important!


2. Morgana

Morgana, one of the most fun Supports in League of Legends

Role: Jungle

Win-Rate: 58.28%

Pick-Rate: 3.65%

Store Cost: 1350 BE/585 RP

Put simply, if you land a Morgana Q, your team has got a free pick. There’s so few escape options & such little space to dodge skill-shots, landing Qs is easy and guarantees a snowball. 

Not only that, Morgana’s Black Shield is great for evading enemy CC, which players love to bring in droves.

Jungle Morgana is best to not get dunked on in lane, as well as for ganking with her Q and E.


1. Pantheon

Role: Lane

Win-Rate: 58.66%

Pick-Rate: 5.59%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP

Pantheon is the king of the early and mid stages of the game. Every time I’ve played alongside a Pantheon in Nexus Blitz, I’ve barely done anything except farm as he takes over the map.

Snowballing is massive in Nexus Blitz, giving you advantages for mini-games and objectives. Pantheon crushes these targets and can end games within 10 minutes, forcing enemies to surrender.

If you want to grind out wins and tokens, no look further than Pantheon for Nexus Blitz!