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Top 10 Best Medic Weapons in Battlefield 5


No matter your reason for getting into Battlefield 5, you no doubt love the Medic class.

Very few classes rack up points like a Medic does, getting kills, revives and heals throughout the game.

In previous Battlefield titles, Medics were equipped with Light-Machine Guns or Assault Rifles.

There they dominated the map, DICE have done a good job in terms of class balance for Battlefield 5.

Now they have Sub-Machine Guns, more close-quarter weapons.

As well as bolt-action carbines, for longer ranges.

I’ll be going through the 10 best weapons available to the Medic class in Battlefield 5.

This will help you understand your own play-style, and which weapons align with it.

Do you use the same weapon on all maps for example?

You need to know where they shine, or where they don’t!


10. EMP

How to obtain: Reach a Medic rank of 13

Kind of in the middle in terms of stats, the EMP doesn’t really excel in any particular situation.

Such a lack of identity means it gets out-gunned in most fair fights.

A magazine size of 32, paired with a 540RPM rate of fire and decent accuracy, seems like it’s for medium ranges. It just misses the mark a bit!

The only reason I can see for using this weapon is for the aesthetics as this SMG sports a grip on the handle, being the only SMG to do so.


9. MP34

How to obtain: Reach a medic rank of 16

A fairly niche weapon, the only SMG that doesn’t promote the “run and gun” play-style.

With a terrible 514RPM fire rate, you won’t be winning any close-range fights.

A magazine size of 20 is also pretty terrible.

However, the MP34 has some quirks that some players may love.

For starters, it can be specialized to increase the fire rate or magazine size.

It’s also unique among SMGs, being able to equip a bayonet which could help alleviate the close-quarter issues!


8. ZK-383

How to obtain: Pay 1700 Company Coins

With the lowest fire rate of any submachine gun in the game, the ZK-383 is a traitor to its weapon type, firing at a measly 512RPM.

To make up for this, it has the highest accuracy and most controllable recoil available.

You can specialize it to increase its RPM to a whopping 720 though!

Being the only SMG that utilizes a bipod, further emphasizes its effectiveness at long range.

There’s no point going for the RPM upgrade, instead, go for the increased magazine size (up from 30 to 40) and engage at medium/long distances.

Avoid close-quarter encounters like the plague.


7. Commando Carbine

How to obtain: Pay 1700 Company Coins

One of, if not the weapon with the most skill required to be effective with.

The Commando Carbine is a bolt-action carbine, cycling a round after every shot.

Featuring the first suppressor in the game, it’s mainly used for more stealth-based gameplay.

It can 1-shot head-shot at close to medium range, or take 2 body shots to down an enemy.

In terms of fire rate, it can shoot pretty fast for a bolt-action weapon.

You need to make sure every shot lands though, 1v1’ing an enemy will always end in your death if you miss a single shot.

Thankfully, this weapon has exceptional hip fire capabilities, which helps immensely in this regard!


6. MP28

How to obtain: Reach a medic rank of 10

Now we’re really starting to get to the great weapons. Especially the MP28, which can serve you incredibly well.

A fire rate of 670RPM performs well, especially if you can specialize it with extended magazines, increasing the ammo count to 50.

Select-fire is also available if required, something that few SMGs see.

What really puts me off this weapon is how your soldier handles it, he/she holds the magazine with their fingers upwards.

It just looks bizarre to me but if you can look past that, the MP28 is a great Medic weapon!


5. con Tromboncino

How to obtain: Pay 1700 Company Coins

By far the most unique weapon on the list, maybe in the game.

The con Tromboncino could easily be first on this list, depending on your skill level.

With higher damage than the previous bolt-action carbine, 1-shot head-shots are made at further ranges.

It does have a slightly reduced fire rate and its recoil is harder to manage. Well worth the pay-offs though.

Additionally, the con Tromboncino has a mounted grenade launcher on the side.

Medics have always been fairly useless against enemy armor, except for the capabilities of deploying smoke for cover.

Now though, a Medic can contribute towards the removal of tanks or fortifications!

As I said though, high skill is required for this weapon.

Good hip-fire control deceives you, the con Tromboncino is terrible at close range, if you have problems with your aim.


4. Suomi KP/-31

How to obtain: Reach a Medic rank of 1

No other SMG melts targets as much as the Suomi, at extremely close range anyway.

A crazy high fire rate of 770RPM, makes it unbeatable if your aim is true.

You have two specialization options, depending on your play style.

Either increase its fire rate to nearly 1000RPM to become a master of close quarters, or increase its magazine size to 50, at the expense of a higher reload speed.

Obviously, such a high damage output has a downside.

Don’t even bother wasting your ammo for medium/long-range engagements as recoil is high and range/accuracy is terrible.



How to obtain: Medic starting weapon

Setting the STEN as your starting weapon was a great choice on the developer’s part, it’s one of the best Medic weapons in the game.

With a fire rate of 540rpm, you’d be forgiven for over-looking it, long-term.

Unlike modern shooters, high fire-rate weapons were almost non-existent in World War 2.

Some existed obviously, but they often came with heavy downsides.

Not the STEN though, which performs well at all ranges.

Controllable recoil, decent accuracy, high magazine size, great hip-fire, and a cool appearance.

All this adds up to one lovable gun, that can serve you well from rank 1 to 50!


2. MP40

How to obtain: Reach a Medic rank of 6

Almost identical to the STEN, only with slightly more recoil and accuracy at range.

It’s really down to you, the differences are pretty much unnoticeable.

I love the MP40 for its aesthetics, it also feels more satisfying to use.

Retaining all the combat benefits of the previous entry, there’s a reason why these weapons dominate the battlefield!


1. M1928A1

How to obtain: Reach Medic rank 20

Striking the best balance between excellent innate stats and skill expression, the M1928A1, known as the Thompson, the best Medic weapon in the game.

At first, it starts off with 20 rounds in the magazine.

Not that much really, when you account for its fire rate of 720rpm.

However, you can use specializations to add a drum magazine, increasing the ammo count to 50.

A high damaging, fast-firing sub-machine gun with 50 rounds is a joy to behold.

Although its wild, uncontrollable recoil makes it ineffective at long range.

Even at closer ranges, it can be a bit too much.

This is where a bit of skill is involved.

Play a few games with it though, you’ll start to get better with it.

And when you do, no other Medic weapon will serve you better!