Top 10 Best Heroes in Battlefront 2

Battlefront 2 is an incredibly immersive game, throwing you into the beautifully detailed world of Star Wars. Seeing all those favorite ships, locations and weapons in action is so fun. A huge aspect is its Hero system, which allows you to spend your in-game battle points to play as a famous character.

Everything from Jedi to bounty hunters, there’s always a hero for someone. Every play-style is catered for, different levels of competitiveness are available and all of them have high skill ceilings.

Mastering each hero is recommended if you want to be top gun on the battlefield. Each one has a variety of strengths and weaknesses, being aware of them can help you decimate enemies, or defend yourself if needed.

I’ll be going through the 10 best heroes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. I’ve tried my best to provide a mixture of both sides, so no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll always know which hero to go for!


10. Boba Fett

Boba is a legend in the Star Wars community, being a badass bounty hunter. In-game, his mobility allows him to traverse the battlefield different to any other character. Equipped with a burst rifle that’s effective at all ranges, he’s versatile too.

Fett’s main strengths come from his aerial bombardment abilities, allowing him to fire heaps of rockets at ground targets for major damage. Concussion rockets are powerful against large groups of soldiers, or heroes.

Activating his ability removes his from enemy radars, grants unlimited jetpack fuel and shows all nearby enemies.

You’ll want to use your mobility and high ground advantages to rain death on enemies as Boba Fett. In close quarter ground combat, he’s quite vulnerable.


9. Kylo Ren

One of the most awesome heroes to play as, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber sounds and aggressiveness make him a joy to play.

Able to pull enemies towards him or freeze them in place, getting up close for melee attacks is easy. While surrounded by enemies, utilising his frenzy ultimate ability is a great way of turning them into corpses.

With little mobility and short ranged attacks, Kylo Ren excels in close quarters!


8. Iden Versio

Wielding what is possibly the most powerful blaster in the entire game, Iden Versio is the ultimate soldier. Acting as a short range melting machine with its primary attack, it can also fire a secondary grenade that explodes on impact.

Her droid shield can protect her from most blaster attacks for up to 12 seconds. Handy to make an escape if you’ve been caught out. She can also send out her droid to stun nearby enemies, although it takes a second for the stun to apply after activation.

I’ve never found much joy using her pulse cannon ultimate ability, except for long range fire-fights. In close/medium range engagements, her main blaster is effective enough.


7. Darth Maul

One of the most mobile heroes in the game, a good Darth Maul player is about as scary as you can get.

Throwing his lightsaber is one of his first abilities, which can be surprisingly hard to aim, requiring practice. He can dash up to two times in quick succession, dealing minimal damage but re-positioning quickly. 

Maul’s ultimate ability forces all enemies in a large cone to lift up into the air, before throwing them to the ground.

You’ll want to use Darth Maul to harass and assault large numbers of enemy troops. He’s a capable duellist but short skirmishes/assaults are where he’s most at home!


6. Bossk

Full of utility, Bossk can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. Catering to all play-styles, you can spam abilities to fill the battlefield with mines and grenades. Or you can snipe using his secondary fire, which is actually really powerful.

Alternatively you can go for a close quarters approach, as his blaster’s primary fire hits hard too. 

Activating his ultimate will reveal all nearby enemies, while granting a grenade launcher that can demolish entire groups of units and heroes!


5. Darth Vader

If you want a more chilled Sith experience, Darth Vader is the hero for you. Taking far more damage than any other lightsaber wielder, he does have basically no mobility.

Able to call on his rage to increase damage dealt and reduce damage taken, enemies will wonder what they can do as you advance towards them.

Use Darth Vader as a front-line tank, deflecting blaster attacks and earning eliminations via his saber throwing and force choking.


4. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is a generalist, providing a perfect balance between offense, defense and mobility. As such, he doesn’t excel in any particular area, but doesn’t falter either. Mostly based around pushing enemies away and rushing to get close to them.

Also, his force push allows for some hilarious moments. Few abilities are as satisfying as pushing an enemy hero and watching them fall to their death!


3. Emperor Palpatine

In terms of area of effect damage, nothing compares to Emperor Palpatine. His constant chain lightning abilities give him huge AOE DPS from range.

Playing sneakily is the aim of the game here, throwing out lightning from afar before retreating to cover.

Eventually, you’ll find a flanking opportunity to unleash total devastation, clearing out waves of enemy soldiers and heroes.


2. Yoda

Slightly edging Darth Maul for mobility, Yoda provides a ton more sustain with a more defensive play-style. Blocking can absorb incoming attacks, charging his unleash ability to push enemies further and deal more damage. 

As he’s quite small and nimble, his dash attacks make him capable of dealing huge damage in a short space of time, attacking many times. 

Unfortunately he doesn’t have an offensive ultimate ability so you’ll need your team around you to make full use. Since his presence ability heals Yoda and nearby allies.

Sometimes you’ll see a good Yoda absolutely devastating enemies from behind, which is a good tactic. In general though, stick with your soldiers or allied heroes.


1. Anakin Skywalker


Considered by many to be too over-powered in Battlefront 2, Anakin Skywalker should be your go-to hero whenever you get the opportunity. There’s no situation where Anakin is ineffective, but he’s also one of the best duelists in the game.

Even having a unique 4th ability, any damage taken by himself or allies will charge it up. Once it’s complete, unleashing it can demolish all nearby soldiers and heroes.

Anakin’s passionate strike ability can knock back even blocking targets, leaving enemy Sith wide open to attack. His ultimate ability is quite easy to play around though, most players see what’s coming and get out of the way.

Overall though, Anakin is your best bet for getting top of that scoreboard!

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