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10 Best Held Items – Pokémon Sword & Shield

Battling is a key feature of Pokémon, not only story-wise, competitive battling is a huge deal nowadays. So many different aspects can be tweaked for different strategies. Move-sets, EVs/IVs, and of course, held items.

Each Pokémon can hold one item to use in battle. Over the years, more and more items have been added to further diversify your options. No matter your strategy or battling style, you can find a bunch to make it more effective.

I’ll be providing the 10 best-held items in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Using this list, you’ll be able to find an item for every single one of your favorite Pokémon, as well as some items to hold your character.


10. Terrain Extender

Terrain created through abilities (such as Tyranitar summoning a sand storm) usually last 5 turns. With this held item, the terrain will last 8 turns instead.

Quite useful for strategies involving Hippowdon too. While weather/terrain-related strategies aren’t that good competitively, you should certainly be aware of this item if you’re intending on utilizing one in your team.

Found in Route 8, or in the Battle Tower.


9. Type Boosters

For every type that exists in the game, there’s a held item that boosts the power of attacks by 20%. To find them, Stow-on-Side markets is the most likely place.

In general, you’ll want to equip your Pokémon with a same type booster, if you don’t have a better item for them. It’s more damage, you can’t go wrong!


8. Amulet Coin

(Spoilers ahead if you haven’t completed the story)

After finishing the storyline, you’ll be able to re-do the championship battles. Equipping an Amulet Coin will double any earnings per battle, granting an insane amount of money for such a short commitment of time.


7. Berries

Berries have all kinds of uses. Dozens of them exist, all are consumed once to provide a nice little bonus. Some provide a stat boost, some restore health or even PP. It’s really up to you, there’s a list on Serebii that shows you what each berry decides.

Ideally, the status condition curing or health restoration berries are best. Look out for berry trees across the Galar region!


6. Power Items

Power items exist to boost the EVs of the equipped Pokémon. If you’re unaware, EVs are hidden values, the higher your Pokémon’s EVs, the higher the stats will grow when it levels up.

4 power items are available, one each for Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense & Sp. Defense. Such training boosts are crucial to competitive battling, you really need your best Poké’s to have the highest stats they can get.

While equipped though, the Speed stat is reduced.

You can find them in the BP shop in Hammerlocke.


5. Expert Belt

An Expert Belt boosts the power of super-effective attacks by 20%.

This held item is absolutely crazy on a Hitmonchan that knows Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch & a Fighting Move. It’s also found as early as the first gym in Sword & Shield, in Turffield. Beware though, getting a Hitmonchan with Expert Belt so early means the game is ridiculously easy.


4. Lucky Egg

Only obtainable in Hulbury after completing the main story-line. Visit the Seafood Restaurant and talk to the chef.

Any Pokémon holding this item will receive 50% more experience from all sources.

Acquiring a wide variety of battle-ready Pokémon can take a while. All the catching/breeding, training, etc takes time. With the Lucky Egg, you can get your Pokémon leveled up and ready to battle in no time.


3. Life Orb

A staple of the competitive Pokémon community since its introduction in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, the Life Orb is a great held item. Chance to be given by the Ball Guy after winning the championship again or found in the Battle Tower shop.

All attacks deal 30% increased damage with this held item, at a heavy cost of 10% max HP of the attacking Pokémon. Competitively, it’s a good price to pay though, even the finest of margins can win a battle so a 30% damage increase is pretty nice.


2. Focus Band

Pretty simple, the Focus Band leaves your Pokémon with 1 HP if they were otherwise going to be knocked out in one-hit.

Mostly used to confirm the placement of entry hazards, such as Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock.

Another item found in the Stow-on-Side markets.


1. Leftovers

Gradually restoring HP each round (1/16th of the holder’s max HP), Leftovers are considered to be the most useful held item in the game. Regardless of the battle situation, restoring health is always amazing. Status effects like being burned or poisoned have their effectiveness significantly reduced!

An easy and quick way to get Leftovers is the Giant’s Seat location in the Wild Area.