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Top 10 Best Energy Cards in the Pokémon TCG

Along with trainer cards and Pokémon of course, energy cards are the backbone behind every Pokémon TCG deck. Providing the necessary resources to allow your Pokémon to attack, maximising effectiveness if important.

You can only include up to 4 special energy cards in your deck. While this might sound a bit too limited, it’s to stop them completely changing the entire game. Special energy cards don’t just provide some nice basic energy, they usually have bonus effects to further increase reliability or power.

Every deck should contain some of the cards on this list, otherwise you could be at a serious disadvantage. With dozens of special energy cards available, it can be daunting choosing the right ones. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best energy cards in the game, no other resource on the internet will serve you better!


10. Unit Energy

Almost all Pokémon cards require normal energy for their abilities, Unit Energy provides 1 by itself. Additionally, while it’s attached to a Pokémon, it can turn the provided normal energy into one of Fighting, Dark or Fairy.

For decks containing a mixture of the mentioned Pokémon types, Unit Energy will provide a reliable source of energy to meet requirements.


9. Blend Energy

Two Blend Energy variants exist in the Pokémon TCG, each one transforms its normal energy to a different type. GFPD can provide Grass, Fire, Psychic or Dark energy while the WLFM version provides Water, Lightning, Fighting or Steel energy respectively. 

In decks featuring a mixture of types, Blend Energy can be invaluable!


8. Call Energy

Deck searching is the life blood of the Pokémon TCG, just 1 basic Pokémon can propel you to victory. As such, any card that provides search power is incredibly powerful. Call Energy not only provides 2 basic Pokémon, it’ll provide 1 normal energy too. 

Unlike the previous entry, Call Energy does only provide normal energy. Your turn also ends upon use. That’s a good price to pay for search power, though!


7. Recycle Energy

For decks that like to burn through their energy quickly via powerful discharge abilities, Recycle Energy is your go-to special energy card. Providing 1 normal energy, it returns straight back to your hand if it hits the discard pile.

Imagine having 4 of these in play at one time, you’ll have an unlimited amount of energy. Of course, you can only have 1 special energy of the same name in your deck, or I’m sure this card would be overpowered.


6. Double Colorless Energy

Easily the most simple energy card on this list, Double Colorless Energy simply provides what its card name is. With the amount of moves requiring more and more colorless energy (making deck building and playing more fun), this special energy card is well worth using.

Quite a few basic Normal type Pokémon exist as heavy first attackers at the start of the game. If you can equip one with a Double Colorless Energy immediately, you’ve pretty much already won!


5. Super Boost Energy

Super Boost Energy is absolutely insane in the right deck, providing a standard 1 normal energy on its own. Putting stage 2 evolution Pokémon in play is when it really shines though, providing up to 4 energy of any type – in just one card!

Dragon type Pokémon tend to have the biggest variety of energy requirements, Super Boost Energy is arguably the best special energy card to go with them.


4. Prism Energy

If the attached Pokémon is basic, you can treat Prism Energy as any type of energy, limited to providing 1 at a time of course. Pretty much a complete upgrade over Blend/Unit Energy as this card can provide any type, instead of being limited to be 3 or 4.

No deck would ever not utilise a card like Prism Energy. Such a generic resource production is useful in any deck or strategy!


3. Memory Energy

While it may seem like the whole point of evolving Pokémon is to access better moves, you’d be surprised how effective this special energy is. Some higher evolution Pokémon may have an attack that can’t be used 2 turns in a row for example, with no other moves to  use. Others may have basic or stage 1 Pokémon with draw/search power. 

The best way to see if you can make use of Memory Energy is to just go through your deck, looking at all non-final stage evolution Pokémon. If there’s even one that might be useful, throw a Memory Energy into the deck!


2. Holon Energy

Like Blend Energy, this special energy card has multiple variants. The WP variant (pictured) boosts Water and Psychic Pokémon. Holon Energy FF boosts Fire and Fighting Pokémon. While the GL variant buffs Grass and Lightning Pokémon. Each variant has different effects for each type but all of them are incredible.

A minor detail is how luck based this card is, depending on your energy search power. Type specific effects are only active depending on the energy attached, not the Pokémon itself.

Also remember, these bonus effects don’t work on EX Pokémon.


1. Crystal Energy

By far the most reliable way of providing multiple energy in one card, assuming you have different energy types in your deck (most decks do). If equipped to a Pokémon with no other energy, it’ll produce 1 colorless energy.

However, if you was to give the same Pokémon a Grass energy, Crystal Energy will produce 1 Grass energy instead of 1 colorless energy. Attach a Water energy on top of that to make Crystal Energy provide 1 Grass and 1 Water energy, for example.

No other requirements are needed, making Crystal Energy the best energy card in the Pokémon TCG!


Samuel Cralle

Sunday 10th of November 2019

I Just Love The Look Of Pokemon Energy Cards 🤩