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10 Best Emotes – League of Legends

Released way back in 2017, the same patch as Evelynn’s rework, emotes have been a fairly decent addition to League of Legends.

Many players were sceptical, accusing emotes of adding a bit of immaturity but in general, they don’t add any problems. Used mostly to BM opponents, support team-mates or solidify satisfaction after a good play.

Regardless of which of those reasons you use them for, you’ll want to know the best emotes for each particular one. You can tilt opponents off the face of the earth with the right emote at the right time!


10. Come At Me

If there’s one thing you can count on League of Legends players to do, it’s taking bait. Using this emote can encourage enemies to attack, gank when they usually wouldn’t do or face-check where they usually wouldn’t.


9. Good Job, Buddy

A support’s dream, the best one you can have. Confidence is a huge thing for an ADC, if they feel they’re getting tilted, their performance can falter. A bit of loving support when they do something good makes a world of difference!


8. Wahaha

The most spammable emote on this list. Use it every time your opponent makes a misplay, or you get a kill, or an objective. Basically, any advantage whatsoever.

You’ll know the enemies are tilted when they reply with their own laughing emote whenever they get a small objective.


7. Okay

Suitable for almost all situations. Sarcasm, humor, BM’ing, the lot. Such a simple one that can make a good placeholder until you get the other emotes on this list.


6. Does Not Compute

Perfect for reacting to an enemy misplay, such as a failed tower dive. Doing it to chasing enemies is a good way of making them over-extend, too. 

Equally as good for a misplay by yourself, adding a bit of humor is a sure-fire way of avoiding tilt.


5. Everything Is Okay

The go-to de-stressing emote of all. Your ADC dies? Jungler dies to laner? Big team-fight loss? Enemy stole baron/dragon? Avoid tilt with the Everything Is Okay emote!



4. M’Pengu

Always make sure you greet enemy champions with M’Pengu each time you run into them on the map.

Particularly awesome as a jungling tool to greet enemy laners you’re ganking!


3. Are You Kidding?

As the name suggests, utilise this emote for weird interactions and unbelievable situations. Encountering bugs, enemy misplays etc. It’s an upgraded “Does Not Compute” emote!


2. Clean

A premium outplay emote, there’s nothing quite like popping this up after a 1v2 play or objective steal. I don’t know about you but I immediately disable emotes on all enemy players if they whip this one out.


1. D’Pengu

Widely considered to be the best emote ever created, in any game ever. Players marvel at the sheer force of a penguin dabbing. There’s plenty of tips available, for making the most of this emote. We most commonly see it added into every slot, and used as commonly as possible.

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