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10 Most Successful European Football Clubs

Football is a beautiful game with fans from every corner of the world. Whether you live a 2-minute walk away from your team’s stadium or stay up until 5am to watch them, there’s no doubting fans’ commitment to their teams. This commitment is vital to a club’s success, money is great but you need both money and a loyal fanbase to become successful.


Some clubs have grown in stature while others have waned, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a list full of European super-clubs like these!


10. Juventus

Juventus FC, one of the most successful European football clubs

Trophies: 70

Juventus have won Serie A 7 times in a row and show no sign of stopping any time soon. Still very much the Italian giants, the guys over at Turin are taking advantage of the failures of their domestic rivals to win every local trophy they can get their hands on.

They’re no slouch in Europe either, remaining a heavy-weight European club, feared by almost every team in the world. The recent acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo has made them favorites for the Champion’s League in the eyes of many fans, neutral or otherwise!


9. Ajax


Ajax are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 74

Ajax are by far the most successful Dutch football club, PSV are the closest rival with 35 trophies.

Their youth system is famous for producing bright young talents that go on to become superstars. A considerable amount of football legends have come from the Amsterdam club.

Although their key players have continuously been nicked by other European superpowers, their success has continued throughout the years and will do for more years to come.


8. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 77

The most successful German team takes the number 8 spot on this list. Bayern Munich are a mega club full of superstars and future talent.

Their domination of the Bundesliga guarantees any player who joins them will win trophies, this attracts the worlds biggest players and managers.

A bad season by Bayern’s standards is anything less than 2 trophies. Success is bred into the club, with the board and fans being in tune with each other completely.


7. FC Porto

FC Portoare one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 78

Porto are one of the 2 Portuguese clubs to absolutely dominate the Primiera Division since its inception. They are the record holders for the most Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira trophies as well as the Campeonato de Portugal, which ended in 1938.

Just behind their main rivals, Porto will relish the prospect of becoming the most successful Portugeuse team of all time.


6. S.L Benfica

S.L Benfica are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 84

The most successful Portuguese football club is currently beating their bitter rivals Porto to trophies season after season. Before 2013, Porto were the most successful but Benfica’s amazing run of success in the past few years have allowed them to leapfrog Porto.

During 2014, they managed to win all 4 domestic trophies which is an astonishing feat, even more so when you realise they only conceded 18 goals in the entirety of the 2013/14 season.


5. Real Madrid

Real Madrid are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 92

Real Madrid are one of the most recognisable and followed clubs in the world. Their constant signings of ‘Galacticos’ have rained down success over the years. They’ve been hauling in trophies since the start of the 20th century!

They currently hold the record for an absolutely insane 13 European Cups. They also hold the record for the most La Liga titles at 33. Domestically, Madrid seem to have troubles winning La Liga in recent years but the Champion’s League is essentially their own personal competition.


4. Barcelona

FC Barcelona are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 94

FC Barcelona could well be the biggest club in the world. They hold numerous records for the likes of the Club World Cup, Copa Del Rey and Supercopa de Espana.

This success has gone from generations of home grown talent, world beaters signed from other clubs and great work from the behind-the-scenes staff.

Like Real Madrid, Barca are still winning trophies season and after season. It’s a fight between the two La Liga superpowers to hit 100 trophies.


3. Celtic

Celtic are one of the most successful European football clubs of all time

Trophies: 110

Perhaps a huge surprise to many readers, perhaps a bit obvious to others. Celtic are the only Scottish team ever to win the European Cup. They’ve also won a huge amount of domestic trophies, including 49 League titles, 38 Cup wins and 18 League Cup trophies. 

Celtic Park is a famed stadium, with even the likes of Lionel Messi calling it the best atmosphere in Europe, high praise indeed.


2. Rangers

Rangers are the most successful European football club of all time

Trophies: 116

The Rangers club that won the majority of their 116 trophies was liquidated in 2012 but the ‘new’ club is still recognised as the old one. Rangers and Celtic have battled fiercly for many years, the Old Firm derby is one of the most famous in world football.

They’ve won the treble seven times and hold the record for the most Scottish League titles at 54.  Unfortunately, due to their situation after the liquidation, they won’t be at Celtic’s level for a while. Not that it matters, they’ll be the most successful Scottish football club for much longer!



1. Linfield F.C.

Linfield FC, the most successful European club

Trophies: 263

Completely bossing the Irish scene domestically since 1890 is Linfield, with a staggering trophy haul over the years. The NIFL Premiership contains 11 teams and Linfield have finished first on 53 occasions. They don’t turn their nose up at cups either, winning the League Cup 10 times, Irish Cup 43 times as well as a big history in a dozen other (now defunct) cup competitions.

Having never won a single honor in Europe, Linfield have gone as far as the Quarter Finals in the 66-67 season. This decade, they’ve faltered during the qualifying rounds of both the Europa and Champions League.

I think I speak for everyone when I say it’d be great to see them do a cup run, in the same way I’d like to see Celtic or Rangers do so too. Absolutely massive teams domestically, with a passionate and furious fan-base. Just being able to see their fans party upon reaching the Quarters or Semis of a European Cup would be amazing!

Stephen Lowry

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Mate, you need to remove Linfield FC from this list completely. For a start the Irish League is Part time and should not be compared to these other vastly superior full time leagues were it is more difficult to win trophies. Plus as one of your contributors above has already pointed out. Linfield have been playing in an unlevel playing field for most of their history due to their massively unfair financial relationship with the IFA. It is a joke which would not happen anywhere else in the world. How other teams in the league can even compete is a miracle in itself. So get them off please its an insult to the rest of the Irish league.

Cameron McRoberts

Monday 2nd of January 2023

@Stephen Lowry, hardly a insult its just simple was the soccotish prem always full time no the fuck it wasn't so yk the Irish prem is just a smaller league but linfield have still won and thats just the way it went

samuel guiney

Sunday 19th of April 2020

fuck celtic,stand behind woman and kids,like the brave I r a ,now fuck of toss bags


Sunday 21st of April 2019

The author is "impartial" but is very evident that he is a Linfield fan, as fucking deluded as the rest of them with a free ground and IFA handouts....they start off £300k better off than every other team in the league!! If the English FA were giving Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool etc a free ground to play on and the rest.....surely it would be blatantly obvious they have an advantage over the rest of the league!!

Ryan McKenna

Monday 22nd of April 2019

I'm a Liverpool fan mate. Genuinely didn't know that stuff though


Tuesday 2nd of April 2019

If you put rangers and Celtic into the English league for one more fans than any club in the English league fact . 2 they would be getting the same money as the league gets down there . Therefore more money would be spent on other players and most business owners would buy into the club's as they are very big club's . So yeah they would do it down there .


Sunday 31st of March 2019

For example if you were to put Linfield Celtic Rangers Porto or Benfica in the Premier League in any of the past 100 years they would not win even 1 title. This means that even if they winn 100 titles in their respective leagues they would never compare to a team like United or Liverpool.