10 Most Successful European Football Clubs

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  1. Avatar j white says:

    Rangers fan
    Convinced the beggars work is at hand on this dire page

    As usual . Lies are printed about Rangers Fc
    We are indeed the worlds most successful and no amount of words and lies from masquerading rhodent beggars will ever change this .

    Maybe you might find some time to correct theres
    Celtic ………………….. Gulity of covering up child sex abuse in the worlds biggest sporting scandal COVER UP

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      I’m completely neutral mate, Rangers are undoubtedly the most successful European football club, the trophies speak for themselves

    2. Avatar Mark says:

      Rangers are not the most successful team in Europe yes they are the most successful in domestic honours granted and only most successful in Europe because Scotland happen to be in Scotland you can’t say there the most successful in Europe surly you should say rangers are the most successful domestic team within the European region but not the most successful team in Europe that must go to Real Madrid having won the most European trophies

      1. Avatar Stuwho says:

        “Scotland happen to be in Scotland” 🤣🤣
        What a rocket.

    3. Avatar Ivor Liley says:

      Has anyone checked the number of trophies won by Linfield Fc Northern Ireland just won another today WATP

      1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

        I’ve updated the list 🙂 Linfield are pretty damn amazing haha

    4. Avatar Alex Sneddon says:

      Ryan, you say you’re impartial – yet you have deliberately stated that honours die with a club’s corporate identity… What a disgrace! You should be ashamed of yourself!! So, tell me this then, how many times have Celtic played Rangers? Is it 15 or 20 times and all since 2012?… Maybe it’s time to make an edit. Or, if you’re trying to stir up controversy, just leave it as it is……

    5. Avatar Tony says:

      13 champions leagues in there like Real Madrid?lol haha ffs deluded small minded wee scottish fan

  2. Avatar Smell ya maw 69 says:

    Rangers all the way rtid

  3. Avatar James Wilson says:

    Well sed rfc is the team fur me

  4. Avatar Bawheed says:

    Rangers love to claim to be “The most successful club in the world” but the bare truth is that they are NOT, Al Ahly have won more trophies in total than Rangers, end of discussion !

    1. Avatar Defoe55 says:

      It says in Europe 😂 ah ahly aren’t in Europe, they are only two trophies in front and have only just taken over due to lack of silverware in the last 7 years, quite sure we’ll be back on top soon enough, yous just look at the fact your still ten behind us 😂 had 7 years, yes 7 whole years and your still ten behind, joke of a club

      1. Avatar Stephen mcdowall says:

        You mean 5 n then four after this season as they said in the post the original rangers cos if your the same club pay your debts yous cheating cunts

      2. Avatar JohnBhoy says:

        Defoe55 the guy clearly says the world
        Yes the page says Europe,unlike most Celtic I’ll no go on about how you let your club die and your not the same club,imagine being the most successful club in the world and never winning club footballs biggest trophy and you never will.We’ll overtake your tainted record soon,another three treble on our way to 11 in a row,dream on way your 55 cause your teams shite.

        1. Avatar Ddrfc says:

          Your biggest trophy is now defunct and has been for many a year! If you know your history? 😂😂

        2. Avatar We are the people says:

          The Celtic way peedos r us

  5. Avatar James Dunn says:

    how many domestic trophies have Linfield won count them and you will find they have won more than any of them or do you not count all european countries and they have played in more first round europe matches than most of them.

    1. Avatar Ivor Liley says:

      Missed this

    2. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      I’ve added Linfield to the list 🙂

    3. Avatar JohnBhoy says:

      Your still shite but

  6. Avatar Alex says:

    If you rank the leagues you will see that spanish league is the 3rd hardest league to beat in the world after of course the italian and english leagues. Champions league is the toughest competition so if you have to rate it based on weight it would be more like Real Barca Man United, Liverpool, Juve and Milan. Think about it…

  7. Avatar Alex says:

    For example if you were to put Linfield Celtic Rangers Porto or Benfica in the Premier League in any of the past 100 years they would not win even 1 title. This means that even if they winn 100 titles in their respective leagues they would never compare to a team like United or Liverpool.

  8. Avatar James says:

    If you put rangers and Celtic into the English league for one more fans than any club in the English league fact . 2 they would be getting the same money as the league gets down there . Therefore more money would be spent on other players and most business owners would buy into the club’s as they are very big club’s . So yeah they would do it down there .

  9. Avatar BAWA1972 says:

    The author is “impartial” but is very evident that he is a Linfield fan, as fucking deluded as the rest of them with a free ground and IFA handouts….they start off £300k better off than every other team in the league!! If the English FA were giving Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool etc a free ground to play on and the rest…..surely it would be blatantly obvious they have an advantage over the rest of the league!!

    1. Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna says:

      I’m a Liverpool fan mate. Genuinely didn’t know that stuff though

  10. Avatar samuel guiney says:

    fuck celtic,stand behind woman and kids,like the brave I r a ,now fuck of toss bags

  11. Avatar Stephen Lowry says:

    Mate, you need to remove Linfield FC from this list completely. For a start the Irish League is Part time and should not be compared to these other vastly superior full time leagues were it is more difficult to win trophies. Plus as one of your contributors above has already pointed out. Linfield have been playing in an unlevel playing field for most of their history due to their massively unfair financial relationship with the IFA. It is a joke which would not happen anywhere else in the world. How other teams in the league can even compete is a miracle in itself. So get them off please its an insult to the rest of the Irish league.

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