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Top 10 Best Helmets In Fallout 4

Wearing armor in Fallout 4 is important to survivability, there are plenty of different armor choices throughout the game. One of the key ingredients for a good set of armor is a helmet, they don’t provide the biggest boost of all components but it is necessary to have a good helmet. Of course this isn’t completely set in stone, if you prefer one piece of head-wear over the other for aesthetic purposes then feel free to keep it. However, if you want the best helmet possible, here’s a list of the 10 best helmets in Fallout 4!

Please note: This list uses helmets from the base game only.


10. Mascot Head

Mascot Head

This rather bizarre head piece  can only be obtained once, making it a unique item. It can be found in the D.B Technical High School location, it was originally part of a mascot costume for the school. It provides no physical resistance but 5 energy resistance.


9. Blue Battling Helmet

Blue Battling Helmet

This item is fairly common to find and provides decent resistances at early levels. With 2 physical resistance and 5 energy resistance, it’s a great helmet to start off with. It can be found in a number of stores and is also commonly worn by Minutemen.


8. Welding Helmet

Welding Helmet

This helmet is quite awesome aesthetically, it provides 3 physical resistance and 5 energy resistance. It’s not that easy to find though, as you need to be involved with the Brotherhood of Steel to encounter a scribe who wears it. Just to point out, the mask part does not cover the face.


7. Flight Helmet

Flight Helmet

No doubt you’ve already obtained one of the variations of the Flight Helmet. Each variation has different colors and builds but they all provide the same resistances. They can be found all over the place, from shops to random loot. They are most commonly found on Gunners or Raiders though. They provide 3 physical resistance and 5 energy resistance.


6. Green Rag Hat

Green Rag Cap

Weirdly, this hat can be upgraded to have extremely high resistances, although this requires some things to be completed to do so. The base rag has 0 physical resistance but 10 energy resistance. It can be found in stores but the easiest way to obtain one is wait for a settler to appear who is wearing it.


5. Medical Goggles

Medical Goggles

This interesting helmet is quite rare but awesome aesthetically and with good resistances. The same as the Rag Hat, it has no physical resistances but a nice 10 energy resistance. It’s found only by two methods, either via a Brotherhood of Steel scribe or the wreckage of a certain airship.


4. Army Helmet

Army Helmet

The typical helmet wore by troopers, the Army Helmet provides the player with a more traditional style of combat headwear. With 10 physical damage resistance, it’s great for early levels and found almost anywhere you can find deceased bodies of pre-nuke soldiers. Gunners and Raiders may also be wearing this often.


3. Metal Helmet

Metal Helmet

With 9 physical resistance and 4 energy resistance, this helmet provides decent coverage of the two damage types. While not usually found until a good 10 levels after the Army Helmet, it’s a perfect upgrade. Similar to the Army Helmet, you will most likely find this on Gunners and Raiders.


2. Synth Helmet

Synth Helmet

The image shown above is of the Synth Field Helmet, different from the Synth Helmet as it has a mask, although they have the same resistances. The Field variant is much harder to obtain, you can only get it by killing Synths who are wearing them. The normal Synth Helmet can be obtained from stores in the Institute or killing Synths. They provide 9 physical resistance and 11 energy resistances.


1. Combat Armor Helmet

Combat Armor Helmet

The most powerful helmet in the game is the Combat Armor Helmet, you can also get Brotherhood of Steel variations too. This is part of the Combat Armor set, found rarely at low levels on Gunners and Raiders. As you level up, you’ll encounter these sets more. With a great balance of 10 resistances for both physical and energy damage, it’s the best helmet in the game!