Top 10 Worst Reworks in League of Legends History

Riot have largely done a great job with their reworks, most of their changes have been successful. However, some have been complete disasters with fans becoming furious with the champion update team. Lifelong mains have moved on, champion success rates have declined and the champions themselves have been left to rot. Fortunately, Riot have acknowledged most of these failures and are working to set things right. Take a look at the top 10 worst reworks in League of Legends history!


10. Shen

While the new Shen is definitely not bad and still sees pro play, the rework did not hit the mark at all. A lot of players, especially Shen mains, where unhappy with the new Spirit Blade ‘gimmick’. Shen still sees problems with the majority of his power being in his Ultimate, something that Riot were trying to reduce. The rework revitalized his aesthetics but failed when it comes to his gameplay.


9. Malzahar

Malzahar is a touchy subject, some believe he’s better than ever while others think his rework was a disaster. His updated kit became oppressive in the mid lane, resulting in multiple nerfs and the Prophet of the Void being shafted into the Support role. Riot have expressed their  frustration at this, as they had not intended for Malzahar to be in the Support role at all. His AD jungling was also completely wiped out, although this had an extremely small playerbase. He’s currently seeing success both on the pro stage and in solo queue as support. The rework completely failed to hit the designated targets.


8. Kog’Maw

Very rarely do we see Riot reverting reworks so this entry is a good one. In an attempt to make Kog’Maw more unique, Riot put a ton of power into his W, making it double his attack speed cap. This worked a bit, Kog became a beast against enemies within his attack range, shooting 5 attacks per second and demolishing literally anything in range. However, in terms of gameplay and balance, it was horrendous. You either mowed down the entire enemy team within a few seconds or you were useless. Riot acknowledged this and reverted the entire rework.


7. Ryze

This is specifically about the latest rework, once again Riot targeted the same issues and once again, they failed. The difference between amateur and pro play is still massive. If he is good in solo queue he’s broken in pro play, if he’s decent in pro play he’s garbage in solo queue. How many reworks will it take to fix it? Regardless, this attempt was a failure and as usual, Ryze is on Riot’s changelist.


6. Cassiopeia

Before her most recent rework, Cassiopeia was almost unplayable for many of her mains. Her kit was not compatible at all and her thematic was completely lost. Her stacking mechanic allowed her to be a late-game AP hypercarry but getting to that point was both painful and boring. The underwhelming nature of her kit wasn’t attractive to players at all, which made her on Riot’s watch list until she was eventually given a very good rework.


5. LeBlanc

Players have been moaning about LeBlanc’s lack of counterplay for years but now, even more so. Her burst was changed to be more delayed, instead of deleting a carry in half a second, it now takes almost 2 seconds. Which sounds good right? Yeah that part is ok, but they’ve given her insane wave-clear, she’s now one of the best wave-clearing assassins in the entire game. This allows her to push her minions into the enemy turret effortless, before using her high mobility and burst to punish a different lane. She’s since received nerfs and Riot are not quite sure what to do with her.


4. Ryze again

The new Ryze kit is definitely better than his old one, it retains the same issues, just on a smaller scale. The second Ryze rework was a balance nightmare, he became a machine gun mage with a point and click root and high spell vamp. To get the maximum effectiveness out of this kit, you needed a good ping and extremely good mechanics. The discrepancy between solo queue and pro play was unhealthy for the game, so in came his third rework.


3. Fizz

The trickster and his troll pole have been a solo queue nightmare for years but now, now he’s a different beast altogether. Fizz previously had a lot of hidden power in his W, allowing him to deal % of missing health bleed damage but there wasn’t much indication this was happening. Riot realised this, giving all of his basic attacks bleed damage. However, if an enemy bleeds for 2 seconds, his W deals massively increased damage. They also considerably reduced one of his weaknesses, his wave-clear, if his W kills the enemy the cooldown is set to 1s and the mana is refunded.

So now he’s oppressive at all stages of the game, he’s slippery with his E (players aren’t even taking Flash..) and he can be effective in an off-tank role. Fizz is in unstable state and Riot needs to have another look at one of League’s most hated champions.


2. Skarner

Barely played, never acknowledged and in a horrific state, Skarner’s rework was a disaster. It turns out that introducing a new Spire mechanic that no one asked for is going to go wrong. His only high play-rate came upon his rework release, when he was absurdly OP. Nerfs followed of course, the play-rate shrank and now he’s nowhere to be seen.


1. Mordekaiser

You have to feel sorry for Mordekaiser mains, their favourite champion has been completely dumpstered and shifted throughout the lanes. Considered pick/ban in pro play upon his release, the ability to take control of a defeated dragon was too good to pass up. Like Skarner, nerfs followed and he’s now in one of the worst states any champion has ever seen. Bringing pretty much nothing to the table, Morderkaiser lacks in every department possible, visually he’s disgusting and gameplay wise, he’s useless. Definitely deserving of the number 1 spot on the list!

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