Top 10 Tips To Improve in Overwatch

Improving in Overwatch is a never ending fight, you can never stop getting better. For some people, it might feel like it doesn’t matter how hard they try, they just cannot get any better. This could be for a variety of reasons, they could be learning wrong or simply not doing enough. A message for those people is to not give up, take these tips and go out to become the Overwatch player you know you can be!

There are plenty of ways to git gud, here’s a list of the 10 best!


10. Chain Ultimates

It’s tempting to use your ultimate the second it comes up or even when you think it’s a good time. You should only use your ultimate in a few situations, like when the enemy team is completely focused on something else or as a support, in response to an enemy ultimate. Never just throw out your ultimate randomly, your Junkrat tire will most likely be destroyed if the enemies aren’t busy. Doing this will provide a significant boost, both to your own individual accolades and your team.


9. Make the objective your bitch

The objective is how you win games, always make sure you prioritise that first. Make it your life goal, your personal aspiration, make getting that objective worth more to you than anything else. Get all over it, smother it with your presence. It’s so common for a team to leave an objective to go follow a Tracer, just ignore everything but the objective and anything that is coming for it.


8. Focus on yourself

You’ve lost a team-fight, only you managed to get any kills and your bone-idle team-mates got destroyed. In this situation it’s easy to ‘stupid team, how can i win like this’. This is the incorrect mindset, sure your team lost you that fight but you need to focus on yourself. What could you have done better? Did you focus the right people? Was it correct for me to even be in that situation? etc. Record and watch your own replays too, if you can. This is a great tip that’ll boost your positivity and performances seven-fold.


7. Learn every hero

So this isn’t exactly necessary but if you want to get better quickly, become proficient with every single hero. That’s right, every single one. A good 10 hours of game-play should be enough for you to have a decent grasp. This is actually one of the biggest ways to get better but it’s number 7 because it’s likely the least enjoyable method, who actually likes playing heroes they have no interest in? It’s guaranteed you will get better though, as you discover hero weaknesses or advantages you never even knew.


6. Dealing with toxic players

Toxic players are one of the biggest things that ruin online gaming at the moment. The amount of times you’ll find players raging at their team-mates is horrific. No good ever comes from raging, no one is going to say ‘oh yeah I do suck massively, thank you’. Never be toxic and deal with toxic players appropriately. You can either completely ignore them or offer words of inspiration. If someone is annoyed with their ‘terrible team’, offer an alternative like ‘None of us are playing bad, the enemies just got lucky for x reason’. Complimenting those who are tilting works great too, if someone says ‘there’s no way we can win this’, reply with ‘dude you’re playing well, keep trying and we can win’.

Never ignite a spark into a flame, do not reply negatively to tilters or ragers.


5. Abuse OP Heroes

This entry is quite sweaty but effective. Some heroes are simply much better than others, especially at lower ELOs. You need to find the heroes that are OP for your ELO and abuse them. If you’re comfortable with all heroes, this will be a piece of cake and you’ll climb really fast.

Here’s a list of the heroes that are most effective at low ELO.


4. Mind Games

Using mind games to your advantage is a huge resource for improving quickly. This involves baiting, positioning, tilting, confusing and harassing. For example, if you melee with Roadhog it appears like you’re going to hook, you can often bait your opponent into misplaying by using this tactic. Positioning is great too, you can slaughter the enemies a few times as Bastion then, when they’re finally able to get a good engage on your position, they’ll get melted as you’ve repositioned to the other side. Tilting is a terrible but effective way of winning games, if you can tilt your opponents then they’ll misplay and/or flame their team. There’s so much more to this, look at for a full list on it in the future.


3. Head-shots

Put simply, landing head-shots is a huge difference between good and bad players. They give a huge damage bonus and can take down even tanks quickly. Heroes like Tracer, Sombra and Hanzo are all difficult to use at low ELO but, if you can land head-shots consistently as them, you’ll climb out extremely quickly. Always aim for the upper-body/head, or just the head if you’re a sniper hero. If you’ve never really tried going for head-shots, this is guaranteed to massively boost your performances.


2. Switch Heroes

Overwatch was designed as a hero-switching game, this is a surprise as switches are way too rarely seen and not just in low ELO. Ever had a game where your team was getting absolutely stomped? Of course you have. That stomp could have been caused completely by your opponents having counters to your heroes on their team. If you’re used to all of the heroes then you’ll know who counters who, you’ll also be able to switch to the counters of your enemies and use said counter correctly. This is so effective for winning games.


1. Practice

If you want to improve and you’re playing the game then you’re already on the right track. Practice as much as you can before heading into Ranked, the more practice the better. If you practice all of the above steps, practice your own aim and keep pushing yourself, you’ll become a good player.

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