Top 10 Tips for Surviving in Rust

I’m getting close to 100 hours on Rust. During that time, I spent the first 50 hours getting endlessly spawn killed and trying in vain to get a base going.

Now though, I’m chilling in my base full of guns, turrets and strong walls. I’ve had my current base for nearly an entire month and have only been raided twice, only one raid managed to get a bit of loot.

So what changed? The server (UK2) still had a 100+ population, people constantly run close to my base and there’s usually some kind of firefight nearby.

I’ve found success by following a code, a set of rules that allow me to survive in such an unforgiving world. I’ll provide these rules to you in the hope that you use them to survive, I have no doubt if you utilise these tips, you’ll survive for longer than a week!


10. The effectiveness of water

Try to build your base close to water and on at least 2 sides. This will force other players to swim through water to get to the base, immediately reducing the probability you’ll get raided. Of course, this won’t completely conceal you but it’s a small detail that does contribute well to your survival aspirations.

My base is shown in the above image, I constantly see players on the other side of the water but they rarely go near the actual base. Being near the coast does not count, you need to make it so there’s only a few directions people can reach you from. It’ll also help you escape back to base with good loot, I’ve survived many an encounter by hiding in the water.


9. Correct equipment choices

It’s far too common for players to go out with too much stuff in their inventory, if they die they lose much more progress than they would if they placed their stuff in boxes. Before you can get guns to defend yourself, you’ll need to go out with as little amount of items as possible. As an example; take only a bone knife, a torch and an axe when you’re going out for wood (yep, no clothes).

This will give you the advantage of looking like a naked, considerably reducing how much care nearby players give about you (although most players still KOS if you get too close). You will be vulnerable to the likes of wolves so for this reason, I suggest adding a bow and some bandages once you’ve established a base and obtained some resources.


8. Be fast and efficient

This will sound weird but don’t pick up anything off the floor unless you desperately need it. If someone sees your base and notices a ton of untouched resources outside, they’ll think the base is abandoned. Most geared players won’t bother to run through water (as discussed in entry number 10) to pick up a few resources off the floor. Because of this, they’ll take no notice of your base and keeping everyone else unaware is crucial!

However, you should take any wood or barrels close to your base. Barrels can attract players rarely but more than any other resource and trees are just too good not to take.

Also, kill any naked you see. You might be tempted to let that naked run past you but he may build nearby and come back with some weapons. Clearing potential enemy neighbors out before they can build is important!


7. The best starter base

I apologise for my extremely bad MS Paint abilities ^

Believe it or not, I survived for weeks with this base. Not because it’s hard to raid (4 C4 or 30 minutes of pickaxing will get through it) but because it looks extremely nooby. No player will bother to raid a base like this, it simply won’t be worth it to them. Combine this with the fact that your base will be largely unnoticed (using tips from other entries) and it’s gg wp survival.

First build a normal 2×2 out of stone, then make it your life’s work to expand it to a 4×4, using the outerwalls as defenses rather than a part of your base. This shouldn’t take long at all to set-up and you’ll be safe from there!

This is by no means a long-term base on its own, once you start getting resources you’ll run out of storage space. I suggest covering it with High External Stone Walls and adding a second floor when it gets to that point. Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly savvy, you could move out and build a bigger base nearby. This base is designed to keep you safe during your early adventures.

Make sure to place a sleeping bag in your desired location before you do anything else!


6. Secondary base

Building extra bases is optional but it can provide a massive boost to your safety. A simple 2×2 base like this will remain untouched indefinitely and act as a safe zone for your adventures. Trust me, when you’re running back to base after finding a crossbow in a loot crate, you’ll be glad you have a safe zone to relax for a bit.

The best locations to construct these bases are close to monuments, I can tell you first hand the awesomeness of hiding in a base after being spotted running back with loot!


5. Caution

It’s instinct to run away from danger, you can’t be blamed for doing it. Eventually you’ll be shot at or chased by a naked with a spear, hiding in a nearby bush or rock formation will increase your chances of staying alive.

Make sure to hold the ALT key almost constantly, even when you’re just running. Look around, inspect the environment. You should be able to see anyone before they notice you, giving you more time to react and hide.

Specifically for when you’re being chased, if you run into a bush and wait for them to follow you into it, you can run back out from the direction you came from if you time it right. This’ll completely baffle the other player(s) and allow you to get to safety.


4. Getting used to firefights

This entry is completely optional but I highly suggest it for increasing your overall gameplay.

There’s a community Battlefield server you can join that usually has 150-200 population. It throws all players onto a huge map with any weapon they like and tons of meds. You should use this server to get a grasp of every gun in the game. I never realised just how strong the AK 74u was until I joined this server and used it myself.

Experience and competence in firefights will boost your survivability and make that late-game game-play much more effective.


3. Utilise the Secret Stash

I can’t tell you how utterly awesome this item is for the early game. The first thing you should do after finding a good location is place a sleeping bag, next place a Secret Stash nearby. You will die a lot while trying to find resources to get a base going so having a little stash will significantly reduce the losses of your death.

I had three Secret Stashes near my base and if not for them, I’m not even sure if I could have survived long enough to start building.


2. Utilise the Recycler

Maybe its just my luck but on a 100+ population server, I’ve never encountered anyone at the recycler. If not for this beauty of a machine (and my secondary base nearby), I’d have nowhere near the amount of guns and security I do now.

If you’ve broken a few barrels, chances are you have an Empty Propane Tank or two. That’s 50 metal fragments when put through the recycler, five of them will get you a sheet metal door & code-lock.

For a full list of items to recycle, see the wikia entry. Getting High Quality Metal is a breeze with the recycler which makes that jump from “just managing to survive” to “surviving is easy” arrive much faster!


1. Discretion is mandatory

Overall, the absolute best thing you can do to survive is to be sneaky and discreet. Don’t let anyone know where your base is, don’t let them know its even occupied. Be hard to kill while having the minimum possible amount of items on you if you do die. Do this and you’ll go days between deaths, weeks between raids and accumulate resources the entire time.

This isn’t as fun as running out with everything you own and entering random fights but for a new player, it’s the best way to be successful!

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