Top 10 Tips for New Drivers

Passing your driving test is harder than ever but that’s only the beginning. If you’ve recently passed and are still nervous or even uncomfortable on the road, that’s completely normal. Then you have the trouble of finding a car you like, buying it, insuring it and finally driving it by yourself.

So many unwritten rules exist on the road. You’ll find there’s no mercy for new drivers, anyone will make themselves a hazard if it gets them to their destination quicker. Lessons and tests barely cover this, so tips from experienced drivers are always welcome.

I’ll go through the 10 best tips for new drivers. Not only will this list make you safer on the road, it’ll help you keep your car in a healthy condition. It’s quite often you’ll see a new driver burn out their clutch or tires in less than a year. Save yourself some money and maybe your own life by reading these tips!


10. Leasing a car doesn’t mean you own it

I know it sounds like the title answers for its self, the car is leased so your clearly don’t own it, right? Well, tell that to the people who are extremely shocked when they try to hand the car back. and they get charged for the slightest little mark from stone chippings to fingernail scratches near the door handle. They all get added to the bill, so best to try and take it easy when driving and pay attention to the caution stone chipping signs around the roads.


9. Mileage

If your car is on PCP or you finance a car and it has a Mileage cap, your really don’t want to forget about it and go over. The bill can be quite costly, its best to check that the mileage suits your needs and possibly your commute, with wiggle room for a big change through the years to come.


8. Driving with low fuel

When you’re down in the dumps with money and your car is flashing for fuel, its probably best to avoid getting that extra coffee or doughnut and put some fuel in your car instead. Driving with low amounts of fuel in your car drags all the crappy bits from the bottom of the tank and takes it through the engine (mainly older second-hand cars). So, morale of the story, don’t abuse your car!


7. Booster seats

Perhaps you have a friend, you don’t see them regularly but they have a child they want you to pick up from school one day? Or any scenario that involves a small child getting in your car. You need to check if you need a booster seat or not. There are now fines for just taking a child around the block without being properly strapped in the car, so I’d talk this over with the parent and refuse if you don’t have one.


6. Don’t let the actions of other drivers annoy you

When you get cut up or when someone wants to fit in the gap in front of you, its best if you just let them, eventually the karma will come. It’s common for drivers to speed up and cause a confrontation with the driver, but you never know who is sat behind the wheel or what they are capable of. Most of the time they are driving like that because they want a confrontation, it’s always best to just relax and stay back. 


5. Riding your clutch

Occurring mostly in smaller engine cars due to them not having the amount of cutch play as bigger engines. Riding your Clutch is definitely not something you want to get into the habit of doing, it will cause you to need an extra job doing at the garage, that’s before Bulbs, brake pads, and general maintenance.


4. Motorcycles

Ahh motorcycles, the most likely thing to give you a heart attack is when one of these sneak up your inside (Which should be impossible because you should be looking! Especially at traffic lights when you’re a few cars back and they fly past you to get to the front of the queue). The main focus about this topic is provisional motorcycle riders, although any rider you should be wary of.

Provisional motorcycle riders are still learning the road just like you are after passing, but they are still learning little things about their motorcycles too. It’s best to notice the L and give them even more room, the slightest thing could happen such as going around a bend too fast. If they fall while you’re too close and brake just in time, nothing is to say the car behind will cause you to potentially hit the rider. You being too close would definitely be questioned, stay aware and give more room, there’s no rush.


3. Tyre tread

The Mother of 3 Points…(UK) the amount of Tyres that are currently on cars not fit for the road are unreal. We are aren’t even talking under-inflated tyres, we are talking bald tyres, bulged tyres and wheel arch damage from driving with under-inflated tyres. There’s so many things that can be wrong with a tyre, and they are extremely important, so don’t forget to check your tyres!


2. Pressure from drivers behind

This one is mainly for the more nervous drivers out there. When you have just passed and you’re driving down the road and you have people getting up your rear, maintain your speed, don’t speed up because half the time it will never be fast enough they will keep going and going. What you should do is just move over slightly to the left and keep your speed, they will most likely overtake, if not you have at least shown them that you gave them the option, the important thing is to not slow down.


1. Fluids

Check your fluids!

By the far the most popular of methods to destroy, or at least damage your first pride and joy. There have been many occasions and will be many more when the dismissal of the under the bonnet checks have caused massive pay outs!

Maybe at first when it’s all shiny you will be checking it regularly but its when we are coming into the 5-6 months of ownership. That’s when you realise you haven’t checked it for 3 months because the warning light comes on flashing and your life and money flash with it…CHECK YOUR FLUIDS!

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