Top 10 Tips For Building a Healthy Relationship

If there’s one aspect of relationships both parties must pay close attention to, even when things appear to be coasting along, it’s never taking each other for granted. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of assuming everything is going along swimmingly, and because your partner professes their love for you periodically, you don’t have to concern yourself with the possibility some of the things you say or do might be irritating them.

The assumption is you can base your love life on that age-old adage, ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’ This off-handed attitude might be a convenient way of putting off some imminent DIY job until the last minute, but where relationships are concerned, such flippancy is the short-end of a wedge which could lead to serious issues. Whether you’ve been an item for some time, or recently met on a singles dating site, you can never assume silence is the same as approval, nor mild disagreements can be ignored when you are surmising you are in the right.

Even the most outwardly idyllic partnerships need to be worked on as an ongoing project. It might seem a logical aspiration to agree on everything, but as humans we are all complex individuals, so you will need to keep striving to maintain the health of your relationship. Here are ten tips you should keep in mind.


10 Communication is Everything

It is so important to maintain open channels of communication. The golden rule is not to partition this aspect into degrees of what can or cannot be discussed. In any successful relationship, there shouldn’t be any secrets. Always bring things into the open and be prepared to discuss your innermost concerns. No matter how hectic your schedule might seem to be, ensure you set aside time where you and your partner can chill, pop the kettle on or pour a couple of glasses of your favorite tipple, then open up about anything which has riled you that day, from incidents at work to something your other half has done (or forgotten to do).


9. Respect Differences

As couples draw closer together, there will be many areas where separate aspirations merge. But always remember, no matter how closely attitudes are shared, it would be impossible to stay on the same wavelength about every single thing, so you are bound to disagree. But this should be celebrated. Relish facets of your partner’s character which are unique.


8. Compromise

There will be times when disagreements boil over. If you want to maintain the health of your relationship, it’s important you avoid becoming entrenched.  Adopting a position of compromise and meeting your partner halfway, no matter how unreasonable you think they’re being, will actually make you feel far more satisfied than scoring points.


7. Everything in the Open

The earliest stage of any relationship is the only time where you should be any withholding of information. Until you get to know your other half better, there’s no point admitting to awkward truths, such as a stint in rehab some time ago, or the fact you underwent a messy breakup last year. A benchmark of growing into a positive relationship will be feeling comfortable enough to divulge behavior you are less proud of. In placing your cards on the table, you may be exposing your flaws, but you are actually revealing more about your strength of character.


6. Knowing when to Endure

In time, you’ll discover what’s important to your loved one. You’ll earn extra brownie points indulging in their favorite pastimes, even when you’re less than enthusiastic about taking part. A modicum of self-sacrifice will go a long way.


5. No One is Perfect

While the parties involved in a prosperous partnership will enjoy a lot of positive behavior, remember to cut your partner some slack. If they have done something to upset you, understand the root causes rather than becoming confrontational.


4. Appreciate What You Have

Make the most of being in a thriving relationship by planning a lot of quality time together. Even when you’re feeling worn out yourself, make an effort when your partner is keen to do something.


3. Stop Judging

Your relationship will flourish if you give your other half space to express themselves, even if you are dubious about anything they’ve broached. No one appreciates feeling as if they are under scrutiny, and if the object of this unwanted attention is a partner, there is a risk of trust being undermined.


2. Never Make Assumptions

There is no point second guessing what your partner is thinking. This is disrespecting their aspirations. The worst thing you can do is assume you know what is driving them to perform in a certain way. Nobody can read minds, so if you are unsure of their actions, ask.


1. Keep Overhauling What You Have

Even if you have reached a stage in your relationship where you feel you have covered the aforementioned points, never be tempted to leave things as they stand. Reviewing the situation should be an ongoing task. Always make time every couple of months to go over how you’re both feeling life.

Doing so is absolutely huge, so often a relationship can turn sour by two people going on separate paths. What is also often is how easily the paths could have diverged with open communication!

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