Top 10 Most Nostalgic Meals

Every household had their own unique meals, these recipes may have been passed down from previous generations or simply found online. What’s certain is the meals on this list, they are staples of British food culture and are both delicious and nutritious. Fancy rolling back the days? Take a look at the most nostalgic meals!


10. Sausage, Mash & Gravy

Filling & delicious, sometimes this dish is all you need. Easy to make and a staple of English food, you can’t beat a plate full of mash with sausages swimming in gravy. You can put some peas in there too, although you might need a stomach the size of Canada if you do that.


9. Apple Pie & Custard

Arguably the most common desert, apple pie and custard is tasty and perfect for the last course. If you have broken taste buds you might prefer rhubarb and custard instead. Apple pie and custard is the classic though!


8. French Stick Sandwiches

You remember those french sticks you can get cheap from supermarkets? Soft on the inside while nice and crunchy on the outside? Yeah, those. Cut it up into sandwich size portions and jam as much meat and veg in there as you can. French stick butties are cheap, nutritious, healthy and filling!


7. Fish Fingers, Chips & Peas

A recommended meal should contain three things: Veg, protein and starchy foods. This dish contains them all, there’s a reason it’s one of the most common in the UK. The image depicts two fish fingers but lets be honest, anything less than 5 is treason.


6. Scouse

Maybe known as lobbies or even hot pot to some, scouse is a stew made with beef and plenty of vegetables. Perfect for the winter, every family has their own recipe and ways of making it. Not the tastiest on the list but we’ve all had it at some point!


5. Crisp Butties

Oh, our poor adventurous minds…In all fairness, crisp butties are absolutely delicious. The crunch you get between the soft pieces of bread is epic, as is the taste. Cheese & Onion works best but you can use any flavour!


4. Viennetta

The treat to end all treats, Vienetta is the best ice cream cake ever. Do you remember the massive smile you’d get when you saw it in the freezer? Me neither tbh, but I do remember how delicious it was and how I’d love to know what happened to Vienetta. Is it still going strong? Haven’t actually seen it in years.


3. Sausage Butties

Easy to make, filling and tasy. These are the words that sausage butties swear by. Despite not being anywhere near good for you, sausage butties are loved all over the UK. Hungover? Sausage butty. Breakfast?  Sausage butty. Mid-day snack?  Sausage butty. Sausage butties are amazing.


2. Beans on Toast

Perhaps it might just be the poorer side of the population who had this frequently but it’s one of the best meals on the list. You can make it in just a few minutes and it provides some great nutrients, especially at the start of the day. It’s also insanely cheap so it’s an amazing option for students. Put some pepper on there and go to town, you won’t regret it!


1. Sunday Dinner

Think about the happiest moment in your life.

Got it? Now compare that to the feeling you get when a massive sunday dinner is planted right in front of your face. When cooked right, every ingredient on the plate is delicious and you keep eating even though your belly got full 20 minutes ago!

Understandable though, sunday dinners are the biggest staple food in the UK!

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