Top 10 More Yugioh Archetypes That Need Support

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Yugioh is full of archetypes, having a set of cards makes deck building much easier and having them all a similar theme makes Yugioh more enjoyable. Over the years, many archetypes have come and gone, some have been completely forgotten. Here’s a list of 10 more archetypes that need support!


10. Destiny Board

Not technically an archetype but Destiny Board is a set that has never really been useful. As its a win condition, you shouldn’t expect this to be easy or even moderately possible to achieve. However, there’s no reason for it to be so out-right garbage, I’d be surprised if someone has won with Destiny Board ever.


9. Vampire

There was a time when Vampires were actually decent, this was soon after the Zombie Madness structure deck was released. They’ve long been forgotten though, something needs to be done to make Vampires a force to be reckoned with once again. A new boss monster would be great, interactions with the graveyard could be their main strategy, as well as converting those the vampires battle with. There are cards that already do this but they’re too slow and too weak.


8. Arcana Force

I’m probably the only one who wants to see Arcana Force return. They were an interesting bunch, relying on coin flips to be powerful. The great thing was if the flips went right, they had powerful effects while if they went wrong, they had big consequences. This was fair for both players while maintaining a fun theme, however there’s too much fairness for Konami, so it’s doubtful we’ll see them again.


7. Sacred Beasts

The Sacred Beasts are no longer beasts, they’re more like chickens. Barely used, rarely acknowledge, they’ve fallen so hard from their once almighty reign. They need to be easier to summon, no more requiring 3 of a certain card to get them on the field. Their effects and ATK/DEF are still decent, they just need less strict requirements to use.


6. Water Dragon

Such an interesting card, Water Dragon could have been so much more. Unfortunately it is a Water/Sea Serpent monster that requires Dinosaurs to summon, so it doesn’t really fit in anywhere. However, the whole idea of the summoning method is awesome and it needs to come back.


5. Great Moth

Insects are arguably the most pathetic type in the entire game. They have no considerable archetypes, no real strategies and the only decent monsters they have are a pain to summon. This is where the Great Moth archetype comes in, they need to be easier to summon and have new moths with better effects. Something like what they did with the Magnet Warriors would be perfect.


4. Alien

Aliens did actually receive a new support card in the form of “A” Cell Recombination Device which was great but they’re still lacking. Aliens are such an interesting archetype that it feels like it’s a shame they’re no good. All they need is a quicker way to distribute A-Counters and also some search/recovery cards. Just a few of them and maybe a new boss monster would make them worth at least looking at.


3. Dark Scorpions

What ended up happening to these? They came out with a few ‘support’ cards and that was it. Their effects center around inflicting battle damage which, as they all have low ATK, is difficult without cards dedicated to doing so. They’re a unique bunch who could do with some new ‘veteran’ forms, better effects with more ATK/DEF and of course some support cards.


2. Evil HERO

Another great archetype that had so much going for it. Evil Heroes are upgraded ‘Dark’ versions of Elemental Heroes. They don’t stand up to the Elemental Heroes of today but when they were released in the GX era, they were far better than Elemental Heroes. The only thing Konami need to do is create new fusions for them, that’s it. Also some lower level Evil Heroes to help search and recover cards from the Deck/Graveyard.


1. Venom

Reptiles got a huge new archetype in Venom monsters but they were just a bit too weak. With powerful boss monsters, great support cards and even a win condition, you’d think they would have hit the ground running when they were released. Venom Swamp in particular is very good but as a field spell, it’s just too easy to negate or destroy. As well as this, the Venom monsters (not the boss monsters though) were considerably weak, that field spell is so great but is currently wasted. C’mon Konami!



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