Top 10 Misconceptions About IT Support

IT Support is an important part of any company. Most people who don’t work in IT will assume a lot of things for no reason. Whether they get these assumptions from TV shows, friends or colleagues depends on the person but the assumptions are always the same. In an attempt to make life easier for techies and end users alike, here’s 10 misconceptions about IT Support!



10. We Don’t Care

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Sometimes you might feel like your urgent request is being ignored intentionally, you may feel like your support simply don’t care. Be assured that this is not the case, we will actively go out of our way, do overtime (unpaid) and skip our lunch to do your request. It may not feel like it but the second a technician reads your request, it is on the to-do list and they’ll get to it asap.



9. We Over-recommend

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Your 6 year old PC is running slow, it’s crashing and the software you use is slowly becoming incompatible. You speak to your IT guys, they recommend spending thousands of pounds to upgrade your existing systems. That is a lot of money to be fair but it is also necessary. We aren’t trying to fleece you for everything you have, we’re trying to get you a brand new system that will work perfectly for 5-10 years. You can choose the cheap option but be prepared to buy another cheap option in a few years time.



8. Windows is MUCH better than a Mac

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This one is for techies as much as it is for end users. Most people swear by Windows. To them, Macs are the devil reincarnated, they are terrible and not good for anything other than a bit of editing. This is mostly because no one has bothered to use a Mac or get any training. Sure, Windows is better than Mac for certain situations, such as large office enterprises. Macs are better than Windows for other things to.

But do you know what it boils down to? What really determines which is better? Your personal wants and needs.



7. We Think You’re All Idiots

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By far the most common expression by non-tech people to IT professionals is “How can you work with so many idiot users?”. And the answer is quite simple; they aren’t idiots. They just don’t have the knowledge the IT pro has. For example, trying to talk a pensioner through changing their IP address can be extremely difficult if you don’t do it right. Use simple terms, guide them patiently and it makes for an easy job for both parties. This is generally common knowledge for IT professionals but just remember, users do not have the years of training/experience that these IT pros have, that doesn’t make them an idiot.



6. We Google Everything

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I admit there is some truth to this, Google is a valuable tool without which, IT Support would be a lot more difficult. What IT professionals don’t like doing though, is Googling. It’s a last resort as if you’re on a call and you get asked a question, the LAST thing you want to do is spend minutes searching Google for the answer. Overall it depends on experience, someone with a few years under their belt might Google an answer for every 20 calls. This increases/decreases with experience!



5. We Know Everything

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Users will call up with all kinds of questions and expect the support (that they pay for!!1!!) to answer immediately. Here’s the thing though, IT spans such a massive amount of topics, subtopics, sub-subtopics etc and it’s moving forward so quickly. It’s literally impossible for someone to know every single printer, every single driver, every single blue screen of death etc. We can make educated guesses and most likely be correct but we can’t know the right answer to every question.



4. We Like Helping In Our Spare Time

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The IT professional of the family/friends is always the one to help with technical issues. While it is true that we don’t mind helping, our spare time is precious to us and we would like it if they had more patience. We will fix your corrupted hard drive, we will replace your laptop screen, but we will do so when it’s good for us. Of course this changes if we’re being paid!



3. Asking You To Try A Reboot

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Many users are scepticle about rebooting their computer, they think it’s ‘just something to try’ or delay the call while we research the issue. Reboots are actually very helpful, a lot of users never switch off their PCs and leave it running for days, even weeks or months. This causes massive performance issues, so many issues have been resolved by a simple reboot. It’s best if users switch off their PCs before they leave every night and always reboot before calling support.



2. It’s Easy

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Just reboots and Googling, it can’t be that hard, right? Right?!?!

Even with years of training and experience, issues can occur that a technician simply cannot fix quickly, or know how to fix. PCs can act in weird, mysterious and bizarre ways. Sometimes they seem possessed, sometimes they are riddled with malware that won’t go, or sometimes a user edited the wrong setting. Each case has it’s own story, it requires a lot of knowledge and patience to get to the root of it.



1. It’s Not Always IT’s Fault

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IT Support can’t fix everything, some things are out of their hands and managed by someone else. They get the blame though, a system that breaks down is the IT guys’ fault as they did some work on it a week ago. Companies that manage other resources are infamous for this. They like to pass the blame for faults onto IT, likely not even checking to see if it’s anything on their end. IT are always the suspects whenever anything goes wrong when in reality, if not for IT those things would be going wrong constantly!

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