Top 10 Most Intimidating Pokemon

Do you choose your Pokemon based on a certain theme? Most players probably just find what looks coolest as they encounter them. This is arguably the most enjoyable way to play for those players, finding new and cool Pokemon is a massive part of the fun. Some of the most awesome are the most intimidating, I can guarantee 100% when you first saw each of the Pokemon on this list, your thoughts were “Wow, they look amazing!”. If you didn’t then fair enough, feel free to write me an angry letter. Lets get to the list anyway, check out the top 10 most intimidating Pokemon!



10. Gyarados

Terrifying to behold but hilarious in-game, Gyarados is a Flying type that can’t learn the Fly ability (seriously Nintendo?). Regardless, Gyarados is an intimdating Pokemon with its massive jaws and mean eyebrows. I’d hate to encounter one of these in the wild!


9. Charizard

Resembling a dragon a lot more than some Dragon type monsters, Charizard is huge and definitely intimidating. The claws, the fiery tail and the massive wings, what’s not to be afraid of?


8. Garchomp

If a Shark and a Dragon had a baby, Garchomp would be it. Featuring huge claws and powerful arms, this Pokemon will strike fear into the hearts of any who oppose it or its trainer.


7. Kabutops

No one likes creepy crawlies, even the manliest of men will run away from a huge spider. So what happens if you take a pre-historic creepy Pokemon and make it massive? Kabutops is what happens, those hands are something you don’t want to get within a few feet of!


6. Ferrothorn

Who would have thought a Plant type would be on the list? Ferrothorn is unique in that it sports an intimidating appearance, while most Plant type Pokemon are little cuties. The Steel overlay, as well as the vines, make Ferrothorn an intimidating Pokemon!


5. Metagross

Those deep red eyes are no laughing matter, you take one look into them and you’ll be wetting the bed for the rest of your life. It looks like some kind of robotic experiment gone wrong, no wonder its on the list!


4. Necrozma

The most recently released Pokemon on the list, Necrozma is everything Dark type. Straight out of a Pikachu’s nightmares, the second you see Necrozma is the second you jump on the nope train.


3. Tyrantrum

Very  few things are scarier than dinosaurs, Tyrantrum appears to be a cross between a T-Rex and a Digimon. One of my personal favourite Pokemon, Tyrantrum is among the most intimidating of them all.


2. Darkrai

The edgiest Pokemon ever, Darkrai is the personification of “scary”, inhabiting dreams of unsuspecting people and implanting nightmares. This seems bad enough but the ghost like appearance of Darkrai makes it deserved of the 2nd spot on the list!


1. Arceus

The god, the creator. Arceus is intimidating due to its shear power, not just its appearance. You know if you step a foot wrong or say anything you shouldn’t Arceus can wipe you from existence. If I was ever in front of an Arceus, I’d just sit there quickly staring at the floor. I ain’t getting vaporised!

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