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Top 10 Highest Win-Rate Champions

The League of Legends meta is constantly changing and with this change, new champions emerge as strong contenders for highest win-rate. Riot tries to balance around a 50% win-rate as that signals balance. A champion with a win-rate of 60% is considered to be broken while a champion with a 40% win-rate is considered to be total trash. So if you’re interested, lets find out who has the highest win-rates of the latest patch!

Disclaimer 1: This is from Platinum elo. Slap bang in the middle.


10. Sona Support

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Win-rate: 53.30%

Sona has always been a troublesome champion for Riot to balance. Her thematic is awesome and unique but it can be a mess when it gets out of hand. Sona is currently in a great spot despite numerous nerfs over the years. This is partly due to the recent upgrades to support items, mage supports are now much stronger than they were. She is a good all-rounder with poke, sustain, speed boosts and CC in her ultimate.


9. Fiddlesticks Mid

Fiddlesticks, one of the highest winrate champions in League of Legends

Win-rate: 53.39 %

This ‘Middlesticks’ strategy is being touted as meta-breaking, it’s relatively unknown but more people are becoming aware with each passing day. However, the win-rate is wildly boosted by the fact that this strategy completely stomps Plat and below while not really working in anything higher.


8. Anivia Mid

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Win-rate: 53.40%

Anivia is another great champion for stomping low elo but she holds up really well in high elo too. She has insane aoe damage, making CS’ing easy. Her single target burst is also really high which allows her to stomp her lane from level 2 if played correctly. She does have a ton of weaknesses though, she’s highly immobile and very squishy, a simple flick will kill her. A lot of players will forget about her passive, so they will tower dive or overextend only to see them get killed while Anivia flies away.


7. Ziggs ADC

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Win-rate: 53.46%

Predominately a mid laner, Ziggs has found his way to the bot lane with great success. Even pro teams like SKT T1 have played him as ADC. This is partly due to other ADCs being quite weak, he can out-range them, poke them out of CS and win level 6 all-ins. His tower taking abilities are also fantastic with his W and passive respectively.


6. Kayle Top

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Win-rate: 53.70%

Kayle is an absolute monster once she gets a few items. She can shred through tanks and squishies alike, her ult is also powerful for diving or saving allies. Her early game mana and damage issues can be a problem so she struggles at higher elo but as soon as she gets to mid-late game she starts dominating.


5. Nunu Jungle

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Win-rate: 53.73 %

It can be argued that Nunu only has such a high win-rate due to his low play-rate. A large majority of players find him boring with no skill expression so they don’t touch him. He’s a crazy good counter-jungler though, you can walk into the enemy jungle to steal a camp and walk straight out, even with an enemy attacking him, due to his tankiness.


4. Ahri Mid

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Win-rate: 53.84%

Ahri is widely considered to be broken right now. She has great burst, sustain, CC and mobility. She’s a really safe champion due to her Q movespeed which makes punishing her difficult. For this reason she’s powerful from Bronze all the way to the pro scene. Expect nerfs to come her way in the next few patches though.


3. Twitch ADC

Twitch, one of the highest winrate champions in League of Legends

Win-rate: 54.43%

Another byproduct of other ADCs being weak. Twitch was already fairly strong but the reduction of viability for other ADCs have allowed his win-rate to skyrocket. He’s great with either a lethality or crit build. His Q especially is most effective when encountering or chasing out of position squishies. He’s most effective with the new Blade of the Ruined King item which has single handedly given a huge boost to many ADCs.


2. Pantheon Top

Pantheon, one of the highest winrate champions in League of Legends

Win-rate: 54.54%

The Artisan of War is an exceptional early-game bully who snowballs really hard. His Q is one of the best harass tools in the game, you can get a free lane by throwing your spear at your opponent every time its off cooldown. Additionally he has very few counters and can roam really well with his ult. He does have his weaknesses such as no reliable escape, no sustain and he’s quite mana hungry. These weaknesses can be minimised if you play him enough though!


1. Ivern Jungle

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Win-rate: 57.63%

It’s no surprise that Ivern has the highest win-rate in the game right now, he’s always been really powerful. His jungle clears are very unique and his skill-floor is very high. Players are only just starting to get used to him and his true powers have been revealed!

His utility is relevant throughout the entire game so he doesn’t fall off at all. He can counter-jungle safely and even solo Dragon with his ult, Daisy. His Q is one of the best early ganking skills in the game and can get a lane, especially top, snowballing from the first couple of minutes. His win-rate may decrease as he receives nerfs and players start to realise his weaknesses but for now, he’s the highest win-rate champion in the game!