Top 10 Hardest Halo Warzone Bosses

What do you think of Warzone? The gamemode in Halo 5: Guardians is insanely fun, providing hours of PvE or PvP action. One of the best factors is the Boss system, to pass most rounds you need to defeat bullet-sponge enemies who don’t go down without a fight. These bosses can be frustrating at times, as you deal 99% of the damage, only for a team-mate or enemy to steal it at the last second (has anyone achieved the Warden Eternal commendation?). But this is what keeps us coming back, the satisfaction of taking down a big enemy is so, so sweet. Here’s a list of the 10 Hardest Halo Warzone Bosses!


10. Prophet’s Wrath

You would think a Phantom would be much higher on the list eh? This boss is powerful but also really easy to defeat. The main cannon can destroy the most powerful of vehicles and the side mounted plasma guns can decimate infantry with ease. So why is it number 10? It’s a huge target, absolutely massive. Even the most uncoordinated of teams can take it down.


9. Knight Strategos

Ah Knights, the bane of every Warzone player’s existence (actually, that’ll go to Banshee Ultra). Heavily armored with an Incinieration Cannon, this boss requires careful planning and aim to kill. It’s frustrating to face a Knight Strategos when they’re holed up inside cover, a players will not be able to use vehicles to their advantage. This boss is a nightmare to face and deserves to be on the list.


8. Malevian Armsman

The Mantis is a powerful vehicle that is uncommon to see on the battlefield due to the high REQ cost and REQ rarity. So what happens when you give an auto-aim AI a Mantis? Hell, that’s what happens. They have high HP and their aiming reduces one of the weaknesses of the Mantis (the fact that it’s difficult to land most of your shots in one). Team co-ordination is a necessity when facing a Malevian Armsman, spawning a Scorpion to take it on in single combat won’t do much except waste a perfectly good REQ.


7. Swarmlords

Technically not too difficult individually but they spawn in groups up to 4, this is when they become a challenge. Teams need to work together to take each Swarmlord out 1 by 1 but this is easier said than done. These Hunter variants have no problem with one-hitting Spartans who make a tiny mistake. Vehicles are your best bet but these Swarmlords are usually located in areas that make vehicles less effective.


6. ‘Sraom

Sporting a unique colored Banshee (yes, its different from the Sword Banshee), ‘Sraom is a fierce mini-boss that is difficult to beat. Any Banshee, other than the base version, is a huge threat as the main cannons can deal heavy damage to Spartans and vehicles alike. Boss Banshees are a nuisance, having high HP helps them take out multiple players before they finally get destroyed.


5. Captain Hestro

Like the Banshees, Phaetons are equally if not more annoying. Their insta-glide ability allows them to evade a myriad of offensive attempts by enemy Spartans and the Phaeton’s weapons can melt through anything that isn’t behind cover. The biggest offender is Captain Hestro, the Promethean soldier who pilots a considerably powerful Phaeton.


4. Knight Ascendos

Out of all the Knights, the Ascendos is the most infuriating. If the normal Incineration Cannon wasn’t enough, 343 took it one step further and equipped a Knight boss with a River of Light, making it produce numerous shots per charge. Vehicles are subject to exceedingly heavy damage and there’s simply no point in Spartans trying to engage this boss on foot. Airborne vehicles are your best chance against this foe.


3. Deacon Pipap

I think all Halo 5 players can agree that the homing shards produced by Grunt Goblins are a bit out of line. Deacon Pipap in particular can tank a lot of damage while decimating entire groups of vehicles. The one saving grace is that he usually only comes with Grunts as backup, leaving players with more options to face Deacon himself.


2. Tankmasters

Like the Mantis, Wraith’s are extremely powerful but landing Wraith shots is difficult, especially at long range. But if you give an AI with perfect accuracy a Temple Wraith, that’s when things become a bit extreme. Tankmasters are very difficult to defeat, due to their tendencies to make short work of enemy vehicles, even Scorpions. Flying vehicles such as Banshees or Wasps can work quite well, but you need to take out the Tankmaster gunner first as that plasma turret can also deal a lot of damage.


1. Warden Eternal

If not for the fact that Warden Eternal is fairly uncommon, he would be the most aggravating boss in the entire Halo franchise. It’s no fun at all when you’re completely stun-locked by him, getting 1 shot every minute against him. He also tanks a ton of damage, usually requiring half the team to spawn Wraiths or Scorpions to finally put him in the ground. Lets not even mention his insta-kill nuke…He’s clearly the only choice for the number 1 spot here.

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