Top 10 Halo Grunts Facts

Halo Grunts are some of the most weak, pathetic and hilarious units in gaming history. You’ve got to admit, you have spent way too much time punching dead Grunts to paint the floor with their blood (you sadist). These Grunts, real name Unggoy, actually have an interesting history and a ton of cool facts. You’ll never look at Grunts the same way after reading this list, here’s the top 10 Halo Grunts Facts!


10. Homeworld

The Unggoy homeworld is called Balaho, it was first found by the Covenant in 2142 AD. The Unggoy were in their “Industrial Age” and had almost completely destroyed their planet, creating harsh and hazerdous conditions for those that lived there. The arrival of the Covenant was a welcome one, so many of the Unggoy would join the Covenant and become Grunts. Now the species started to spread across the galaxies.


9. Their bodies

Ever wondered why Grunts wear such weird suits? They don’t have normal respiratory systems like other species, they survive off of methane rather than oxygen. This is why if you detach their methane tank from their mouths, they’ll die (not available in all games, but it’s canon).


8. Reproduction

The main reason for the Covenant to take the Unggoy into their service was for their reproduction. They produce multiple eggs after a mating session, each newborn reaches adulthood quickly. It doesn’t take long for a thousand Unggoy to become 10,000.


7. Combat Abilities

The Unggoy have next to no combat abilities, they have poor aim, are tactically inept and are prone to fleeing. Instead, Grunts depend on their strength in numbers, a single Grunt is an easy target for even a Marine recruit but a host of them is nothing to be trifled with. You’ve likely experienced this in-game, there’s nothing embarrassing about being taken down by a large group of Grunts!


6. Ranks

Due to their lack of combat abilities, Grunts have a very small rank structure. They start of as a Minor, the equivalent of a Marine private. These Minors come in Orange and are the ones you can take down with a few shots. If a Grunt manages to show great skill for their species, such as landing a shot or surviving for longer than a minute, they can be promoted to a Major. Majors tends to have crimson or red armor colours.

Then you have the specialists, these Unggoy are specially chosen for specific operations. Such as the Heavy who wield Plasma Cannons or the Special Ops (coloured black) who have active camouflage at their disposal.

Finally you have the Grunt Ultra, coloured white or silver who are the leader of Grunt Minors/Majors.


5. Role in the Covenant

Their role in the Covenant can be summed up in one word; slaves.

They were primarily used as laborers or cannon fodder, some events took place (as you’ll see later) that changed this slightly, but they’re still treated as expendable resources. They were saved by the Covenant to be used as slaves and that’s what they became. However, the Unggoy themselves don’t hold a large grudge for this as they at least stay away from extinction.


4. Culture

The cultures of the Unggoy have largely been wiped out after the joining of the Covenant. Before joining, the Grunts kept to large tribes on their homeworld as they were going through their Industrial Age. They are all about surviving now, the average life-expectancy has increased considerably and the majority of issues that used to plague their species are now null. They are completely devoted to expanding their species.


3. Goblin Jockey

Recently released in Halo 5: Guardians, the Goblin is a large Unggoy shaped Walker with powerful weaponry. It is piloted by a Goblin Jockey, a skillful Grunt who has earned their place on the seat of such a powerful war machine.


2. Contempt for Covenant

Despite being saved from extinction, the Grunts do hold a lot of contempt for the Covenant. This is due to to how they are treated, initially they weren’t even allowed to wield weapons, they were simply used as cannon fodder. Even after all the years since the discovery, Grunts are looked down upon by almost every other race they encounter. They are only loyal to the Covenant out of fear and even that falls sometimes…


1. Unggoy Rebellion

Try not to laugh but yes, the Grunts tried to rebel against the Covenant. It all started when the Kig-Yar (Jackals) took too much Unggoy habitat, thinking the Unggoy wouldn’t be able to do anything. The grunts did do something, overwhelming the Kig-Yar with their population and causing them to move somewhere else. To get revenge, the Kig-Yar poisoned the resources the Unggoy use in their methane supply. This sparked a war between the Grunts and the Covenant as the council refused to acknowledge what was happening between two of the lowest races.

Despite inflicting considerable Covenant casualties, the Grunts were quickly squashed. To teach them a lesson, the council glassed a large portion of the Unggoy homeworld, sealing their loyalty (out of fear) forever.

This was arguably the most important step for the Unggoy as the Elites respected their uprising, forgiving them and actually training them to be warriors. This led to Grunts becoming the fierce little warriors we see today!

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  • November 17, 2017 at 5:10 am

    Not exactly correct.. Starting with number 10 . The Unggoy industrial age was pre halo array activation . The planet itself is still recovering from over industrialization. The Unggoy do live within tribes. But this is for survival at the time. As Balaho is a pretty unforgiving hell hole to live in. To start with its freezing as in -33°C to 5°C (-27°F to 41°F) , That’s on a good day. The parts of the surface that are not covered by polar ice caps or fresh water are equatorial brackish tidal flats where naturally occurring pillars of fire exist when the planet’s methane condenses. Most of the Unggoy live in these regions, where the cold season is not as harmful to them. In addition the arrival of the Covenant wasn’t a welcome one. The Unggoy where forced into the covenant. They didn’t exactly go willingly. But out armed they choose to join rather than be killed off by the Covenant.

    9. Is accurate however their breathing methane isn’t the only notable feature of the Unggoy race . For instance they aren’t as shoot as we are lead to believe.. They actually stand between 4.5 – 5.5 feet tall and weigh 248 -260lbs. Those are notable facts about them that most common players might not know.

    8. Is pretty much correct except its more like a thousand Unggoy quickly become 100,000 Unggoy in a few short months.

    7. Is Incorrect the Unggoy are forced conscripts , their poor combat performance isn’t due to their physical or mental abilities but rather who we are comparing them too and their poor training as well as education within the Covenant. It is a noted fact that Unggoy learn rather quickly due to possessing unburdened neural pathways which allow them to absorb knowledge more freely compared to the other Covenant species. Unggoy where given the task of monitoring space for traces of human communication. Many Unggoy actually know two or even three human languages.

    6. Their rank isn’t really due to their combat skills but rather the arrogance of their so called superiors . There are Unggoy who are noted for their intelligence in combat , one notable Unggoy is Yapyap who got his position in the Covenant special ops after he and his lance saved a wounded Sangheili Zuka ‘Zamamee who had been shot in the head by Master Chief.

    5. Pretty much slaves used for labor primarily.

    4. Ironically no , Although it is true that the Unggoy culture has been largely wiped out as a result of constant indoctrination by the Covenant, they do retain a degree of their cultural identity as a result of their inherent tenacity.

    3. True to an extent ,, and the Goblin proves the Unggoy’s intelligence as the goblin battlesuit’s technology combines exotic engineering acumen, Covenant manufacturing technology allowing the battlesuit to be automatically assembled, and a user interface design built specifically for Unggoy operators. Basically the Unggoy engineers basically stole Covenant tech and built the goblin among other vehicles.

    2. The Unggoy wasn’t even close to extinction their birth rate and rapid development of fine motor skills are evolutionary traits developed because they live on such a harsh world and at one point lived on its moons. Being in the Covenant only meant more food and thus more Unggoy. They are even loyal to the Covenant . They are forced in form the beginning.

    1. Um no not exactly .. At the time of the rebellion, the Unggoy were the only species that were incorporated into the Covenant by force, rather than by faith or mutual beneficence. This led to many Unggoy being unsatisfied with their position within the Covenant. The Unggoy Rebellion was initiated by the “Infusion Incident” when the growing Unggoy population on High Charity put pressure on the Kig-Yar, with whom they shared their habitats. After many years without conflict or war, the overwhelming and constantly growing Unggoy population forced many of the Kig-Yar to relocate their homes and nests. The relocation caused stress for female Kig-Yar that were going through their incubation cycles, and Kig-Yar infant mortality rose on High Charity and the birth rate declined.
    In an effort to exact revenge, some of the more radical Kig-Yar shipmasters poisoned the Unggoy infusion resources, recreational narcotics used in the Unggoy’s portable methane supplies, on Kig-Yar-controlled vessels and in the lower districts of High Charity. This made the contaminated males sterile, escalating the conflict between the two species. In an effort to exact revenge, some of the more radical Kig-Yar shipmasters poisoned the Unggoy infusion resources, recreational narcotics used in the Unggoy’s portable methane supplies, on Kig-Yar-controlled vessels and in the lower districts of High Charity. This made the contaminated males sterile, escalating the conflict between the two species. An Unggoy distillers’ union brought the case to the Covenant Ministry of Concert, believing the contamination of the infusion was caused by faulty atmospheric controls. Seemingly trivial in nature, the case was to be dealt with by one of the Ministry’s junior staffers, Ord Casto. Casto investigated the case and uncovered the Kig-Yar’s deeds. Casto brought his evidence before the Minister of Concert and recommended stiff penalties for all Kig-Yar involved. However, the matter was dismissed by the Minister, who was willing to accept several thousand sterile Unggoy and did not wish to upset the entire Kig-Yar race. The offending Kig-Yar were not imprisoned and the shipmasters were simply fined for damages. After the Ministry of Concert repaired and assessed the Kig-Yar vessels, they were brought back into service. Ord Casto, feeling that the case was not properly solved, submitted a formal complaint to the Ministry. The Minister ignored the complaint, citing that the Unggoy would quickly recuperate their losses and threatened to impede the progress of Casto’s political career. The case eventually escalated and became the largest of many smaller grievances that the Unggoy faced in their service with the Covenant. Outraged at the case’s results and its lack of attention, the Unggoy began to attack, not only the Kig-Yar but, all other races in the Covenant. Conflict spread throughout the lower districts of High Charity, as Sangheili and Kig-Yar forces attempted to quell the Unggoy Rebellion. However, the species’ large numbers and tenacious behavior made the Unggoy very difficult to defeat.

    ( basically the Unggoy fought like daemons over their young being poisoned ).

    The rebellion forced the Hierarchs of the Covenant High Council to instate an Arbiter. This Arbiter made the decision to glass the Unggoy homeworld, Balaho, with a Covenant fleet. The Unggoy within the lower districts of High Charity were forced to watch as CAS-class assault carriers began to glass Unggoy tribes on the planet. Horrified at the turn of events, the Unggoy surrendered. The Covenant fleet ended the glassing, leaving Balaho largely intact, Although the Unggoy cared little for Balaho itself, they were unwilling to lose the large amounts of potential breeding partners on the planet. The Arbiter returned to High Charity and the surviving Unggoy in the holy city were absolved from their acts during the rebellion.

    That’s the real story of how it happened.

    In the aftermath The end of the Unggoy Rebellion ushered in the 23rd Age of Doubt. The war showed that when properly motivated, the Unggoy could be vicious, determined,, and competent fighters—especially in close-quarters combat. Despite the lack of individual skill, the fact of the matter was that the Unggoy had the tenacity and numbers to hurl themselves and take down the Sangheili; were it not for the Covenant threatening to glass Balaho the Unggoy would have most likely stood a viable chance as their sheer numbers would just overwhelm the other Covenant forces.

    Following their warrior tradition, the Sangheili commanders who had defeated the uprising quickly forgave the surviving Unggoy fighters and awarded them for their courage and “warrior spirit”. The Sangheili provided them with significantly better training and equipment. The Sangheili allowed the Unggoy to have access to Covenant weaponry, which the Unggoy had previously been forbidden from using. The Sangheili also integrated the Unggoy into formerly Sangheili-only units, elevating them from unarmed cannon fodder to true infantry forces. However the war kept the Unggoy in a lowly position within the Covenant. Additionally, despite gaining many new rights, the Unggoy’s representation on the High Council by the Ministry of Concert remained largely powerless. Although some San’Shyuum continued to doubt the loyalty of the Unggoy, they complied with the Sangheili’s decision since the Writ of Union stated that all security matters were to be governed by the Sangheili.

    The rebellion led to the dismissal of the Minister of Concert, who had refused to properly investigate the Infusion Incident that led to the Unggoy Rebellion. The Minister position was succeeded by the future High Prophet of Tolerance, who would promote better relations between all members of the Covenant species.

    So happy ending well sorta. But still that’s the story of how and why the Unggoy aka grunts rebelled against the Covenant and how the covenant defeated them.


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