Top 10 Games to Play While High

Being a kid, one of the best things is playing video games until 4 am. One of the worst things is getting told to turn it off when your parents caught you playing games late at night. “You need to sleep!” or “it’s bad for your eyes!”. Those are phrases you probably heard thousands of times. Now that you’re older and you either moved out alone or live in a college dorm, almost nothing has changed when it comes to gaming except your parents can’t tell you what to do and that you probably play stoned now.

Video games are perfect to get you out of your daily grind. When you get older with responsibilities you tend to play games less because now you have to wake up early, go to work and come back tired. Most people have a groundhogs day type life where their life is on repeat. That’s why people like to come home and play games. For most people, what happens in the game is rapidly changing so you’re not dealing with monotony. Some people work hard and they like to play hard. Whether your choice of smoke is a vape pen or a blunt, find a way to relax and enjoy life.

Weed can help you become more creative and this can be helpful for strategic games. Although there are hundreds of game to play while high, here are the 10 best games we compiled.


10. GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is easily one of the best, if not the best video game ever created. It’s hard to believe GTA 5 came out in 2013 but since then it has been one of the highest selling games ever. Getting high and playing this is fun because you can do so much in the game. It takes place in different places in Los Angeles.

There are so many things to do in this game, it’s almost endless. When it first came out, it was great playing the storyline but every month, it keeps being updated by Rockstar. The new updates contain new items, accessories, maps, weapons and more. If you play this on PC, you can mod it. Mods are literally something that can be done to anything in the game. For example, you want to drive a bugatti? You can even mod it where every car blows up on impact while you’re the Hulk.

Even though the game can be complete chaos, there is a storyline to it. Online game play can be a free for all or you can do missions with other players. If you get the munchies, stop by the Cluckin Bell for some food!


9. Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s no surprise that Red Dead Redemption was going to be on this list since it’s created by Rockstar, who also created GTA 5. It has similar game plays but it’s a bit more reserved in some ways than GTA 5 but more open in other ways. Simply get on your horse, go kill animals for fur, sell it and buy food. Slowly make your way around the map in this old western cowboy game and take over the game! Smoking and playing this is fun because you don’t need to continuously do missions. You can roam around in the free game play.


8. Fortnite

This one does not even need an explanation. If you’re younger than 35, you know this game and if you have kids then you definitely know this game. Fortnite is one of the fastest rising games in popularity. It’s super fun. You get dropped off by a blimp with 99 other players in the same map. As soon as you hit the ground, you need to start finding weapons, chopping down building and trees to gather wood or other supplies. As the game goes on, the map gets smaller and the last remaining players start attacking each other while building their own forts. This game is perfect to play with friends or alone.


7. Super Smash Bros

Not only is this nostalgia but it’s definitely fun. There’s a reason why Mario games have been consistently being produced. People love them for their simplicity. Other games require time and some strategic thinking. Super Smash Brothers is a go kart racing game where just about all the characters in Mario appear. Pick any player, gather your friends, pass the blunt around while playing.


6. Pokemon Go

Being able to play a new updated and improved game that you played when you’re a kid is incredible. Pokemon was one of the biggest franchises to ever hit the tv. Since they’ve been making games for it, it’s only gotten bigger. Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go have been getting phenomenal ratings. They not only have surpassed many legendary games but they’re constantly breaking records. Take a toke and go find your furry friends!


5. Tetris

This is easily the oldest game on here, even older than the Mario games. It’s so old, you can ask your parents about this game and they will smile. This is a classic game that you saw everywhere. It was the biggest hit in the arcades at one point. It even came on just about every cell phone before the smartphone came into existence. If you smoke and want to zone in to focus on a game, this is a great one. Choose your difficulty to what you’re comfortable with and start.


4. Guitar Hero

This one is interesting because either you will be able to do it or not when you consume cannabis. Guitar Hero is usually a fast paced guitar game where you have to hit each note carefully. Instead of a controller, you get a plastic guitar made up of four buttons on the neck. Instead of a pick, you slide a button up and down to play. The game is really fun especially when you play with a group of friends.


3. Crop Defender

Crop Defender is an online cannabis game. The whole point of it is you have to defend your weed plants from the different threats, robbers, animals and even cops. Each threat consists of a different weapon to remove your enemy. Hurry up! There’s a time limit.


2. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a great game because of the many maps, guns and weapons you can use. It is definitely a competitive and quick game. Be ready to be on your toes. Whether you’re playing with your friend against zombies or you’re in a multiplayer map with people you don’t know, you have to stay on your toes.

Call of Duty is one of older yet popular games from this list. They have been making it for a long time and it has a massive following. Even the pre-sale was one of the highest pre-sales from any game. Prepare to go through different rooms and doors looking for zombies or your rivals.


1. Bus/Truck Simulator

Since you should never smoke and drive, playing a simulator is very fun. Now try driving a bus or an 18 wheeler truck. Once you learn what all the buttons do and you get the hang of switching 12-16 gears, you can even learn how to drive a semi truck! This game gets really fun when you learn all the bells and whistles.

You can go pick up loads and go drop them off, make money, get a better truck and eventually upgrade. The possibilities are endless but if a cop pulls you over, you need to pay that fine!


Final Note

At the end of the day, as long as you’re responsible, playing videos while high is very fun. Gather some friends, get some food and drinks then prepare for a night of video games like you did when you were a kid.

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