Top 10 Fan-Made League of Legends Skins

Skins in League of Legends make up a huge part of their revenue, so much so in fact that they’ve earned over a billion dollars through microtransactions. Riot release lots of skins each year, but some just don’t make the cut while others are only fan made creations. These fans create such amazing art that it should be shared with the world, so here it is, the top 10 fan-made League of Legends skins!

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10. Saw Rek’Sai

As a Rek’Sai main I LOVE this skin, Rek doesn’t have enough good skins so this would be a welcome addition. I can just imagine the sawing sounds while attacking.


9. Project Riven


Project skins are the most popular skins in League of Legends and for good reason, they’re awesome!

The futuristic take on certain champions are amazing, one champion that is missing out is Riven. A Project skin would fit her so much and this fan art depicts it perfectly.


8. Eclipse Leona

Leona definitely needs a ‘dark’ skin, most of her current skins are great but Eclipse Leona is on another level. Just think of her abilities using shadows rather than light. This fan-art is incredible, absolutely nails the theme.


7. Devil Thresh


Thresh is by far the most popular Support champion, he’s made a boring and tedious role something that players actually enjoy. Because of this, he’s got lots of fans and some have created their own artwork. Take a look at this gem, Devil Thresh is absolutely spot on, perfect theme and the splash art is exceptional.


6. Underworld Zed

Some would argue that Zed doesn’t need any more dark fantasy skins but this is just too damn stunning. It’d only require a model change as the particles could stay as they are, meaning a cheaper skin. It expands on his dark theme while adding a more gruesome side.


5. Elderwood Kindred

This champion has some great skins but this is a theme that has yet to be explored with Kindred. It may be a bit too much for Riot to make, as the leaves for Wolf would be difficult to achieve. However, this skin is really well thought out and would be great if it was real.


4. Gangster Lucian

I always thought a Gangster skin would suit Jhin but after seeing this, I think it fits Lucian better. Impressive work by the creator, this splash art is awesome and fits an alternate fantasy flawlessly.


3. Jade Princess Ahri

A skin that surprisingly hasn’t been made is Jade Princess Ahri, Riot usually releases skins to match Asian culture events (Warring Kingdoms for example) and this would be the best release. How the artist has managed to produce this, I have no clue.


2. Zombie Annie

She already has a dark themed skin in Goth Annie but this would be an astounding Halloween skin. I just want to see zombie Tibbers to be honest, that would be so epic. But the creator of this skin needs to hold their hands up, impeccable work.


1. Harlequin Jinx

Maybe Riot hasn’t done anything like this because it already suits her ‘insane mayhem’ theme and they like to explore alternate themes. Whether that’s true or not, this skin is undoubtedly spectacular and it’d be a shame for it to go to waste!

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