Top 10 Facts About Thanos

Written by Sean Red

After the massive hit movie Avengers: Infinity War released last year, the world was finally able to witness the mass destruction that befell the Marvel universe, by none other than The Mad Titan, Thanos. Audiences were on the edge of their seats as they had to endure the most epic struggle yet for our beloved Marvel Superheroes. Old faces and new ones alike joined together with a single mission; stop Thanos achieving his goal of wiping out half of the universe’s inhabitants.

The Russo brothers directed the iconic villain in a way that made us doubt our judgement of him. He broke the mould of past villains, who only sought absolute strength and submission of those who are weaker than them. Thanos had what could be seen as a noble ideology, he only wanted to save the universe from overpopulation, which resonated very well with audiences as it is an increasing issue in real life.

Even as Thanos mercilessly erased some of our favourite heroes, and we had to endure the reaction of the surviving characters as their friends and family faded into nothingness, people still understood why he had committed the horrific act. Thanos has definitely ascended quickly to become one of, if not the best villain in the MCU to date.

However, as much as people have gained a new liking for Thanos, the MCU omitted many things about the Titan, likely to help fit the movies better and with limited space for backstory and history regarding the character. Because of this, a huge portion of movie goers missed out on a lot of fascinating facts about the character. So, here are 10 of the best facts about Thanos.


10. Creation/ Inspiration

Thanos was created by Jim Starlin, who wrote and drew Thanos in his first appearance, which was The Incvincible Iron Man #55, which released in 1973. Starlin was also credited with the creation of Drax the Destroyer, but more about that later.  Starlin’s inspiration for Thanos came from DC’s New God, Darkseid who made his first full appearance in Forever people #1, released in 1970, 3 years prior to The Mad Titan’s debut.

Starlin actually admitted that he was asked to copy Darkseid for Marvel as he was deemed a hot new character at the time. No complaints here, as they’re both fantastic, fully fleshed out characters in their own right. One thing goes without saying, however, and that’s to never tell a DC fan that Thanos can beat Darkseid. (Spoilers, he can’t).


9. Origin/ Backstory

We all saw Thanos’ home world in Avengers: Infinity War, both before and after overpopulation and sparse resources decimated it. But we don’t see much else, especially about his origin and what species he derives from. Thanos was born to a race known as the Eternals, but there’s a catch. Thanos was born with a Deviant gene, which is where his purple skin colour comes from, as well as his enhanced intellect and cunning. Because of this, the Titan was shunned by his own people, and was forced to retreat his planet in solitude and survive alone.

However, unlike his MCU character, in the comics, Thanos returned and wiped out his entire species and home world. Definitely a lot more brutal than the movies, right?


8. Abilities/ Powers

Throughout Avengers: Infinity War, the only powers or abilities Thanos displayed were exceptional strength, shown in his epic beatdown of the Hulk, as well as his great intellect and strategy. Oh, and who can forget his roguish charm and silver tongue? But believe it or not, the Titan has a plethora of OP and powerful abilities. Thanos possesses the likes of superhuman intelligence, strength, speed, endurance and durability, basically making him near unbeatable.

He also has limitless stamina, meaning if you even possess the ability to defeat Thanos, you’d have to do it very quickly. He is also immortal, coupled with an incredible regenerative ability, Thanos is as spongey as they come. The coolest ability in his possession though, is by far his matter and energy manipulation. Thanos can absorb cosmic energy, and fire it back out in blasts from his eyes, hands, chest or mouth, as well as create force fields and shields with it.


7. Feats

Knowing Thanos’ ability set, it comes as no surprise that The Deviant has pulled off some incredible feats of strength and power, and boy has he hit great heights. One such feat was Thanos stopping Thor’s Mjolnir mid-flight after the Asgardian threw it right at him.

He also survived a point-blank scream to the face from Black Bolt, with only his helmet and some of his armour breaking. Thanos has also regularly defeated Silver Surfer with ease, to the point that the herald of Galactus is fearful of fighting him.


6. His love for Death

One of the most know aspects of Thanos’ history, is his infatuation with the entity Death. He fell in love with Death some time ago, and has since concocted many schemes to gain her affection. Originally, Thanos had sought the Infinity stones to impress Death with his newfound power.

Of course, that backfired and Death refused him because she had been surpassed in power by The Mad Titan. One similarity between the Infinity War comic and movie, was that Thanos wanted to wipe half the universe out in both, just for different reasons.


5. Rivalry with Deadpool

During his pursuit of Death, Thanos was beaten to the punch by none other than Deadpool. Much to Thanos’ anger, Death fell for Deadpool, as she couldn’t have his soul due to his inability to, well, die. Thanos naturally developed an intense hatred for Deadpool and cursed him with immortality to prevent him from truly dying, thus stopping he and Death from being together.


4. Killed by Drax

As mentioned before, Jim Starling created Drax the Destroyer alongside Thanos. Drax originally appeared in The Invincible Iron Man #55, released 1973. Drax was actually known as Arthur Douglas, and his family were killed by Thanos. Thought dead, Douglas’ conscience was transported into another body, later to be dubbed Drax the Destroyer, by Thanos’ father and grandfather, otherwise known as Mentor and Kronos.

In one comic run, Drax’s daughter, Moondragon, was kidnapped by Thanos. Drax eventually found him and killed the Titan, after many missed opportunities.


3. Killed by Dr. Doom

During the Secret Wars run, Thanos is killed again, this time by Dr. Doom (at that time known as God Emperor Doom). Thanos approaches Doom, and claims Doom should bow down to a true tyrant. Doom asks Thanos if he is in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, to which he denies. Shortly after, Doom reaches into The Mad Titans’ chest and pulls out his spine, all in one swift movement. Maybe one day the MCU will give us the Dr. Doom we all deserve.


2. Thanos takes over the universe

In a recent comic run, Thanos basically takes over the universe. Dubbed ‘Old King Thanos’, The Mad Titan wipes out most of the beloved Marvel Superheroes with ease. At one point he enslaves The Hulk, and orders him to kill Captain America, which he executes in a gory fashion by biting Caps’ head off his shoulders. Also, during this run, Thanos manages to kill Silver Surfer, and also recruit Cosmic Ghost Rider, known to most as Frank Castle or The Punisher, as his herald. Arguably one of the most powerful, badass iterations of Thanos, he is definietly not one to be messed with.


1. The Thanos Copter

By far the funniest fact in this list, is the Thanos copter. Appearing in Super Spidey Stories, Thanos donned a yellow helicopter with his own name on the side, presumably to prevent confusion as the 6ft7 screaming Titan in the pilot seat wasn’t a giveaway.

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