Top 10 Facts About Valyrian Steel – Game of Thrones

The world of Game of Thrones is full of interesting aspects and mythology. While most magical elements have been lost over the years, we’ve seen plenty of legends come true, such as dragons and the existence of dragonglass. Valyrian steel has been known to Westeros for centuries as several families have ancient swords but there’s still a ton they don’t know. In fact, we barely know much about it either but the parts we do know are quite fascinating.

This list will cover 10 facts about valyrian steel, with details about current facts as well as some speculation thrown in!


10. Origins

Old Valyria in its glory, the origins of valyrian steel

Valryian steel came from the old Valyrian Freehold, a gigantic kingdom renowned for its technology and dragons. It’s said the city was unlike anything seen before or after,  as it housed the greatest architects and intellectual minds the world had ever seen. Not only this, they had thousand of slaves at their disposal, most of which would mine precious materials or erect wondrous buildings.

The questions like who discovered valyrian steel is unanswered and will likely be so forever. There’s so many legends all across Essos, I doubt Westeros will uncover even a 10th of them in our lifetime.


9. Ancestral Swords

Ice, the ancestral valyrian steel sword of House Stark

Due to valyrian steel being in scarce supply and very, very few blacksmiths knowing how to work it, most weapons are kept as family heirlooms. If you were the head of a family thousands of years ago and got your hands on a valryian steel sword, you’d definitely pass it down to your children. It’s crazy when you think about it, the swords we see or hear about have been wielded by many great men.


8. White Walkers

Jon kills a white walker and discovers valyrian steel is their weakness

The scene where Jon discovers valyrian steel can kill white walkers is still one my favorites from the entire series. At that point in the story, only dragonglass was known to kill white walkers so humanity must have been feeling their chances of defeating them was quite low. That is until Jon Snow killed a white walker with his valyrian steel sword, suddenly they have a small advantage and I hope we see more valyrian steel swords in the future!


7. Known Swords

Oathkeeper, a valyrian steel sword forged from the steel from Ice

At the height of the Valyrian Freehold, it’s safe to assume many hundreds of valyrian steel swords were created. Of course, only a tiny fraction of them made their way to Westeros. We currently know of four valyrian steel swords in Westeros, as well as a valyrian steel dagger. There are plenty of legendary swords though, such as Blackfyre, that are yet to be uncovered. Blackfyre is the ancestral sword of House Targaryen so I can see that making an appearance next season, granted it is lost in Essos but stranger things have happened.


6. You can get your own sword!
You can purchase your own valyrian steel lookalike from this website

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with the mentioned website

I know there will be plenty of people out there who would love a real sword, myself included. Thankfully, a website called ValyrianSteel exists to settle your needs, offering high quality props at reasonable prices. You can get more than just swords on there too, I haven’t a clue how they manage to replicate such detail.


5. Gendry Theory

An interesting theory about Gendry and Valyrian Steel

In the books, Gendry was actually an apprentice to a smith who knew how to reforge valyrian steel. Gendry is of course extremely strong, hard-working and skilled with a hammer. Many theories suggest Gendry will either discover a way of creating valyrian steel or know of some information to obtain more. Maybe it’s just me but I’d take Gendry wielding a valyrian steel warhammer over cleganebowl any day!


4. Traits

Valyrian steel swords have remarkable combat traits

So what’s so special about valyrian steel? Why is to rare and sought after?

Valyrian steel brings a number of desirable traits to make any warrior aspire to acquire a weapon made from it. Regular steel requires constant maintenance to stay sharp and tough but not valyrian steel. Once a valyrian steel weapon has been forged, it’ll keep the sharp edge indefinitely, requiring minimal maintenance. It’s also meant to be stronger and more durable, considerably reducing any breakages.

As you’ve likely seen in the TV series, Longclaw is a large sword but Jon Snow has no problem being dexterous while wielding it. Valyrian steel is much lighter than its normal steel counter-part, which is a massive advantage against those with regular weapons!


3. Aesthetics

Oathkeeper, a valyrian steel sword forged from the steel from Ice

Valyrian steel swords tend to be the most awesome in terms of appearance, they almost always have some kind of cool hilt and scabbard. Looking at the blade itself, valyrian steel contains ripples and effects that are immediately recognisable by anyone who comes across it. The beauty of these weapons are unparalleled, no wonder they’re so desirable.


2. Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel, the real life variant of Valyrian Steel

The image you see above is not valyrian steel but damascus steel, which exists in real life. George RR Martin is fabled for his historical knowledge so its possible this is where he got the idea for valyrian steel from. These steel variants are extremely similar, as the true recipe for making both are unknown to the populous. The thing is though, the manufacturing process will likely be so difficult to achieve that we’ll never discover it!


1. How Valryian Steel is created

Making valyrian steel seems impossible nowdays

This entry is all about theories to be honest as no one has any clue how valyrian steel is created. Honestly I believe there’s a lot more to valyrian steel than we think, I also believe Gendry will discover something regarding it. The creator of Game of Thrones has confirmed dragon fire is used to make the steel but that’s all we have to go off. Many people believe it’s ordinary steel & dragonless smelted together with dragonfire.

I think it’s much more than that, some kind of magic has to go into it too. Maybe a blood sacrifice, a dragon egg or even fire magic. We’ll be lucky to get an answer anyway, I’m sure George RR Martin enjoys the mysteries of valyrian steel!

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