Top 10 Facts About The Eternals

Written by Sean Red

Recent rumours have suggested that Angelina Jolie is in talks to join the MCU, and all signs point to The Eternals. Information on this movie and the events taking place are minimal at best, as info on the next phases of the MCU are yet to be revealed to us.

You’d be forgiven if you were sceptical of this movie, I know I am. Remember the Inhumans farce? What was supposed to be a highly anticipated movie, was relegated to a less than average Tv show which was cancelled after one season due to unsurprisingly low ratings. So, with that in mind, The Eternals must tread carefully if it is to bring to life a story with great potential in terms of both action and visual spectacle, and bringing in someone with the acting chops of Angelina Jolie is definitely a step in the right direction.

Marvel have been great so far at introducing obscure and unknown characters to casual audiences over the years. The Grandmaster and Korg were easily two of the funniest characters in the MCU when they appeared in Thor: Ragnarok in 2017. Before that we were introduced to the Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014.

From the get go Star-Lord stole our hearts with his quick wit and charm, add to that the very literal humour of Drax the Destroyer and the sarcasm of Rocket Raccoon, and a recipe was created for a household name. So, evidently, unknown characters can be very successful, and they also have the advantage of not having massive expectations because the casual fan doesn’t know anything about them, or at least they didn’t, until now. Here are 10 facts about The Eternals.


10. Thanos

Although he wasn’t introduced with much of his origin story, he is actually an Eternal. Thanos was born on Titan to Eternal parents, but he possessed what is known as the Deviant gene, which gives him his eerie purple skin. His Eternal heritage is actually alluded to in Avengers: Infinity War, as Thanos was greeted by Red Skull as the ‘Son of A’lars’. A’lars happens to be the real name of Thanos’ father, Mentor. We can see Marvel have already started easing audiences into the world of the Eternals, especially after seeing Thanos reminiscing over his home world.


9. Origin

Celestials are Gods in the Marvel universe, capable of harnessing matter around them, so sometimes they create some awesome things. Alongside the Eternals, the Deviants were also created, who were genetically unstable creatures. At some point in their history, Kronos was experimenting in cosmic energy and one of said experiments backfired and released mass amounts of cosmic energy into the Eternal city of Titanos.

Such cosmic energy only resulted in The Eternals gaining cosmic powers, elevating their power to god-like levels.


8. Earth

When the Celestials conducted the experiments that created the Eternals and the Deviants millions of years ago, those same experiments were the very reason Earth’s heroes were able to obtain powers themselves.

Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers were able to become The Incredible Hulk and Captain America, due to the Celestial experiments making their genes unstable and able to take on their powers. Which is also explains why no one has managed to succeed in re-creating Rogers’ serum!


7. War

Since their creation, and due to their human-like appearance, The Eternals have protected Earth when necessary, especially from their chaotic opposites, The Deviants. The Eternals also fought in a civil war, a battle for leadership of the race. Kronos defeated the rival would- be leader, Uranos and banished he and his followers from Earth.

Later on, Kronos’ son, Mentor, would leave Earth to prevent a similar fight. He would later find that Titan had been all but decimated after a war befell the Eternals that lived there. After meeting a woman named Sui-San, they later re-populated Titan with a sub-species of weaker race of Eternals.


6. Powers and Abilities

As well as being immune to all disease and all forms of poison, and being unaffected by any harsh weather conditions ranging from extreme cold to searing heat, The Eternals also boast an incredible set of powers and abilities. The immortal entities can channel their cosmic energy to perform a wide array of physical boosts as well as enhancing their powers exponentially.

The Eternals possess superhuman strength. With abilities to channel mass amounts of cosmic energy over a long period of time to enhance it to incredible levels. Additionally, flying and levitating themselves and others is very possible. Some of their more impressive skills include transmutation, which allow them to alter the shape and atomic make-up of objects so they look like something entirely new. Telepathy lets them look into, or even control, other people’s minds.

Finally, they can generate forcefields to protect themselves and they can even teleport vast distances across space itself. Although doing so will deplete their energy resources to a great extent. Pretty OP if you ask me!


5. Creator

The Eternals were originally penned by Jack Kirby, and appeared in The Eternals #1, in 1976. Kirby had originally began penning the New Gods sage for DC Comics. However, after the titles were cancelled, Kirby returned to Marvel and got to work on The Eternals to continue his vision of a New God arc.


4. Immortality

In true Godly fashion, an Eternal cannot be killed. They can be totally vaporised and destroyed, even down to a molecular level, but in order to completely rid yourself of an Eternal, you have to disperse their cells over an incredibly vast space. An Eternal known as Ikaris, was experimented on by Deviants, and one such experiment vaporised him with a particle accelerator, and later came back fully re-formed.


3. Limitations

As Godly as our Eternal friends are, they do have some limitations believe it or not. One such limitation, is the inability to attack their Celestial creators for any reason, which is a major limitation as shown in previous stories where Eternals, Gods and Avengers alike have had to do battle with the Celestial overlords.

Unfortunately, Eternals feel compelled to protect Celestials from any form of attack whether they want to or not. Celestials were already un-touchable but now, it’s extremely difficult to even get near one.


2. Apocalypse

One of the first mutants on each, Apocalypse is an ancient being. Not only has he honed and focused his mutations, he’s harvested Celestial technology too. Such is his might, he can manipulate his own molecules to alter his form.

It is thought that in the early centuries of The Eternals’ time on Earth, they did battle with none other than Apocalypse. Ikaris ultimately defeated Apocalypse and thought him dead, but we all know how that goes, right?


1. Uni-Mind

One unique ability possessed by The Eternals, is the Uni-Mind. First used at the time of Atlantis sinking on Earth, after Kronos’ death to decide who will replace him as leader. Looking extremely bizarre, it’s weirdly the collective organism of all participating Eternals, made up of their mental and physical powers.

As expected, the Uni-Mind is a being of immense intellectual prowess. Any powers the absorbed Eternals had would be available to the Uni-Mind. Making it one of the strongest beings in Marvel history!

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