Top 10 Education Phone Apps

The technology changed the way we used to live, and the educational sphere has undergone the transformations too to provide the best learning experience available. For example, could you access the learning materials without leaving your home, let’s say, 30 years ago? Not unless you were living in the library.

Now the EdTech went even further, and one can find plenty of learning apps to enhance knowledge, acquire new skills, and make the educational process easier and fun. These 10 are worthy of checking out right now.


10. Grammarly


Let’s be honest: when we write a paper, we rarely pay proper attention to the grammatical aspects of the essay. However, as the professor assesses the paper, the way HOW you say it can either enhance or decrease the chance of getting a higher mark. Grammarly will make it easier to spot places where the editing is needed.

In addition, it’s also a great way to correct typos that occur oh so often. Nota Bene: it’s a good app to tweak minor mistakes, but it can miss weird wording, stylistic or factual issues so this is your job to take care of them.


9. Check Plagiarism

A must-have for students who don’t want their papers to get an F. This free online plagiarism checker will scan your writing against many others on the web to make sure you have no self-plagiarism or cases that can be treated like it.

In the academic community, integrity, and transparency are what values the most, and if this criterion fails, the whole work will be banned.


8.  Linguee


Dictionary Linguee will be a good alternative when you are a foreign exchange student who learns a language in English-speaking countries. It works with many European languages, and it’s compatible with both Android and iPhone OS.

This app will help you out when reading the required materials in another language, you can use it offline when traveling, and simply for self-learning.


7. Lumosity


This free education app that develops your cognitive skills, analytics, and problem-solving on the go. With various tasks that this app offers, you’ll get smarter during the time when everyone is testing another video game.

A nice way to kill time when commuting to/from your school.


6. EdX


Many know about this platform, and for the opportunity it gives for the users. It’s a MOOC platform with plenty of open courses from various universities around the globe. Tip for freshmen: sign up here and search for the course you want to enrol in the actual university.

In this way, you’ll have a teaser, trailer and demo version of what awaits you in class, and by the time you ended up in the college, you’ll know the field better.

Another scenario is that you can change your mind as the reality won’t match the expectations you have for the course. Anyway, this will save you time and lots of money, so you won’t be saying “if I only knew” at the end of the day.


5. Udemy


Another giant of open courses is a hub of many training and skills that can be gained within 1-3 months. It’s a great option to acquire the necessary knowledge for part-time work or boost the essay writing skills for your studying.

Whatever the case, it’s worth checking out.


4. Khan Academy


The pioneer of MOOCs, this hub has many divisions and courses for both adults and kids to enhance their learning abilities and evoke interest in many fields. Students can use it as a free tutor for any subject: biology, chemistry, calculus – you name it.

Plus, they are open for course submissions from the educators and knowledgeable folks to share their perspective on the subject.


3. Photomath


In case you are short of time, this app will do the dirty work for you in a split second. Snap the task and get the solution instantly.

Be sure though you do understand how to deal with it when you are offline.


2. Complete Physics


For those who struggle with physics, we’ve got some good news. This application contains many tutorials to explain the complex concepts in a simple language and has many assignments for you to study at your own pace.

Yes, physics is not about gravity only!


1. Sketch


This is the godsend from developers for the students who wanna know how to create a good design. With this app, one can do prototypes and test them against various UX criteria to know what works and what needs improvement. The design faculties will absolutely approve this choice. Note: so far, this app is available for iOS platforms only.

Grammar, plagiarism, or physics? Now you can ace any of it with the smartphone apps available at the e-market. Just set the goal you’d like to achieve, download the app, and start working until you can do it on your own. And remember: education doesn’t end with school, and any of the above could be used for the career you want to build.

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