Top 10 Dorne Facts – Game of Thrones

Dorne has made numerous appearances in the latter seasons of the show and gets more acknowledgement in the books. It’s a fascinating country that is so different than the other regions of Westeros. Plenty of legendary tales have emerged from Dorne as they are one of the greatest constituents on the continent. Some of these tales will be listed here, for the Top 10 Dorne Facts!




10. Rulers

Dorne is ruled by the Martell family, they were the founders of Dorne by Morgan Martell. He was an Andal who settled there during the Andal invasion. House Martell have been in control ever since.




9. Capital

The Capital of Dorne is Sunspear, a huge city towards the very East of the country. Sunspear is pretty much impregnable with 3 large walls circling the large keep at the top. It’s an awesome Capital with an amazing palace, certainly fit for such an amazing country.




8. Vassals

Due to the large area of the country, Dorne contains and supports a large number of houses. The most recognised one is House Dayne but they have over 20 houses in total. This is mostly due to the rich history and powerful alliances made over the years. With House Martell having so much control for hundreds of years, sworn houses have stayed loyal and new houses have joined.




7. Climate

As expected with the southern most country in Westeros, Dorne is by far the hottest region with a dry landscape. It contains rocky mountains, deserts and arid conditions throughout. This actually a perfect defense as any invaders will not be used to such conditions, while Dornish defenders are used to it. Most of Dorne is inhabitable but life always finds a way.




6. People & Population

As explained in the climate section, the massive size of Dorne is mostly wasteland and, because of this, the population dwindles. It’s the lowest populated of the Seven Kingdoms but the population that Dorne does contain have a very unique culture. They do not look down on sexual relations that would otherwise be frowned upon, homosexuals for example are completely fine there, while in other countries they would have to keep it secret.




5. Economy

Dornish wine is said to be the best in the Seven Kingdoms due to the exotic ingredients that can only be found there. These products are Dorne’s main source of income as they are in high demand and likely will be for a while.




4. Arm of Dorne

The Arm of Dorne was the land bridge connecting Westeros to Essos, before it was destroyed by the Children of the Forest in an attempt to stop the First Men.




3. Military

The current military number of Dorne is unknown but its been suggested that they can raise up to 50,000 soldiers, a stupendous amount. This could just be Dornish leaders spreading false rumors though. Dornish troops are among the most fierce in Westeros, only Northmen are said to be more hardy. They fight using mostly Spears and shield, utilising movement and agility over heavy armour.




2. Aegon’s Conquest

During the conquest, Aegon defeated every major kingdom and had them swear fealty to him. This was all fine until he got to Dorne who refused to fight in open battle to watch thousands of men be burned alive. They hid in the mountains and large deserts, striking quickly and effectively before returning to hiding. These guerrilla warfare skirmishes proved successful as they defeated 2 dragons over many battles, eventually Aegon just gave up.




1. Nymeria

The heroine of Arya Stark, Nymeria was a warrior Queen who is a famous legend among the Westerosi population. She was the Queen of the Rhoynar who were defeated by the Valyrians before fleeing to Dorne. She led 10,000 ships across the narrow see to land at Dorne, there she married Mors Martell, forever forming an alliance between Dorne and the Rhoynar. This is when Dorne came completely over Martell control as the new alliance crushed the rest of the would-be Dorne rulers.

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