Top 10 Coolest League of Legends Merchandise

The League of Legends community is arguably the best in the world, we all work together to provide awesome experiences and share our love for the game at events. Among this love is merchandise, items that fans have put their heart and soul into. There’s quite a lot of custom made art, items and jewelry available on Etsy so that’s a great place to support your fellow summoners. Lets take a look at the top 10 coolest League of Legends merchandise available right now!


10. Funko Mystery Minis

Price: £5.88 (Buy Here)

Do you love to collect? The Mystery Minis are perfect for collectors, buying a box does not guarantee a certain mini so it’s a surprise every time!

Collecting them all is as satisfying as it is wallet-emptying, so go easy on it!


9. Timeline T-Shirt

Price: £9.99 (Buy Here)

There are a ton of shirts available with the League of Legends theme, honestly if you want a shirt, just go out and look on Google. Clothing is great, you get something to wear and even a conversation starter in public. I personally recommend this shirt, as it’s not massively overpriced and the quote is awesome!


8. Funko POP Figures

Price: £8.23 (Buy Here)

Man, Funko POPs are just so damn popular. Gamers love collecting these little, big-headed figurines. Braum is arguably the coolest one but there are plenty available, such as Thresh, Vi, Ashe and even poros!


7. Keyblade Set

Price: £14 (Buy Here)

Lets be honest, what’s cooler than having a Draven blade on your key-ring?? Oh, quite a lot. Fair enough, but these are still awesome little bits of merch that you can get for relatively cheap. You get the entire set so they make for great gifts, or for buying as a group!


6. Mousemat

Price: £8.80 (Buy Here)

If you’re reading this list on PC, I sincerely hope you have a mouse-mat. I’m not going to go into the benefits of having a mouse-mat but they do have a lot of advantages. Why not get a mouse-mat based around your favorite game?


5. Armbands

Price: £6.99 (Buy Here)

This is mostly for a group of players rather than just one. They’re cool little wearables for your 5-man team. Or you can simply wear the one that suits your role the most. It’s up to you, they are cheap and awesome.


4. Project Zed Figurine

Price: £14.95 (Buy Here)

No matter what role you play, who you main or what game-mode is your favorite, everyone thinks Zed is awesome. In fact, I bet the majority of players have considered maining Zed on more than one occasion. This is understandable, especially his PROJECT side, he’s so epic.


3. DJ Sona Album

Price: £2.37 (Buy Here)

It costs a pittance and supports Riot, it’s also a decent album. DJ Sona is an ultimate skin that is famed for its success, being well loved by Sona players and a joy to play against for opponents. This album is a product of such success, giving players the ability to experience DJ Sona without having her on the Rift.


2. Gnar Plush Toy

Price: £19.99 (Buy Here)

I know the feeling, when you see something and you immediately want it. This is the case with the Gnar plush toy, such a little cutie needs to be  purchased!

Can we get an Urgot plushie please Riot?


1. Character Sword

Tryndamere Price: £94.44 (Buy Here)

Yasuo Price: £81.60 (Buy Here)

Diana Price: £75.56 (Buy Here)

Riven Price: £108 (Buy Here)

Jax Price: £105 (Buy Here)

Janna Price: £88 (Buy Here)

Karthus Price: £111 (Buy Here)

You probably saw these prices and thought “nahhhhhhhh” but I need to tell you, these are real swords. Absolutely perfect for cosplaying, or as a gift for a LoL playing family member. Just don’t get the Yasuo one, we need less attention for that champion, not more!


Hope you enjoyed! If you purchase any, make sure to let me know how they are upon arrival, I’d be happy to change the list if any products aren’t any good!

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