Top 10 Best Wraith Skins in Apex Legends

Wraith is loved by the Apex Legends community, but for the wrong reasons. Her hit-box is remarkably small, which makes her extremely hard to hit, especially when you consider her weird animations. Due to this, she’s considered the best legend in the game by far. Outside of those benefits, Wraith is an awesome character with great abilities. She already looks badass but if you want to spice her appearance up, a good skin is the way to go.

I’ll go through the 10 best skins available to Wraith in Apex Legends. I try to rank them depending on how well they fit her theme, a skin with a bright pink colour scheme ruins her thematic so I avoid stuff like that. If you want to look as awesome as possible, this list will give you all you need to know!


10. High Frequency

Any sort of dark blue skin looks great on Wraith, it fits her thematic so well. High Frequency is the first and only Rare level skin on this list, I chose this over the rest for the circuitry pattern. No other Rare skin fits her so well, the pattern and colours are perfect.


9. Daemon Hunter

Who doesn’t love the Daemon Hunter skin-line? Easily one of the most badass non Legendary skins for Wraith, the black clothes are off-set by a red animation which works triangles throughout the skin.


8. Hack the System

Working surprisingly well with Wraith is the Hack the System skin, covering her in green. Animations swell throughout the skin, with a green tinge working itself around the model. Providing some slight camouflage is a nice touch too, yet another thing to benefit from Wraith’s tiny hit-box.


7. Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics is great for Wraith, with the colour and animations really suiting her style. Matching her abilities, having the same colour across the entirety of the character is thematically under-rated.


6. Heat Sync

Featured a cool animation and a dark orange colour, Heat Sync sports a more fiery appearance. Personally I’m not a fan of the colour but I know the Heat Sync skin-line is popular across all legends!


5. Neural Net

Usually, bright colours don’t fit well with a character like Wraith but Neural Net is one of the best available. It just works, the animation is nice but the colours are what blends in so well. Pattern wise, Neural Net is pretty cool and it covers most of the skin quite often.


4. Liberator

The full shaved look suits Wraith well, adding more depth and complexion to an already interesting character. The monotone colours are a tad bit boring which is why it isn’t higher on the list. However, if you enjoy simplicity then this might be the skin for you!


3. Quarantine

My personal favourite, Qurantine grants Wraith a more medical appearance. It only adds to her epicness though, providing a unique appearance that really shows off the bio-hazard thematic. More legends should have this skin line I think.


2. Vengeance Seeker

Expanding on the Liberator skin, this one maintains the shaved head but utilises stronger colours. The full black out-fit with blood red bits littered across the skin is awesome, and really encompasses everything Wraith is about.


1. Void Specialist

No other skin looks as badass as Void Specialist, it’s arguably one of the best out of all legends. The black and pink colour scheme works well with the model that has pipes and tubes fitted throughout. Using this skin, you’ll truly get the full Wraith experience and the enemies will know it.

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  • March 3, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    what about the voidwalker? I think that’s the best


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