Top 10 Best Weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become a phenomenon, garnering a huge player-base in a short time since its release on the 4th of February. It runs extremely well, with few performance issues or crashes. Graphics wise its a beautiful game, with plenty of colour and the map is varied. Above all though, the game is just fun, with great gameplay mechanics.

No doubt you’ve been trying to get your first win but maybe you need that extra bit of help. Half the battle is knowledge, gearing yourself up throughout the round is crucial.

Knowing which guns to keep an eye out for is massive, entire fire-fights can be decided by the choice of weapon used. I’ll be taking you through the 10 best weapons in Apex Legends, also providing details on how to use them effectively!


Bonus Entry: Fists

I see so little use of punching during the early stages of the round, straight after landing. Each punch will deal 30 damage, the attack rate is low but if you can weave around the enemy a bit, they struggle to get you back. Also, when you land that killing blow, the enemy body goes flying and it’s so satisfying!

Just make sure you choose your fight well, never go for someone who has already found a shotgun or SMG for example.


10. G7 Scout

Weapon Class: Sniper

Ammo Type: Light

DPS: 136

You’d think a Sniper utilising Light ammo would have no place on the list, but the G7 Scout is one of the best Snipers available. Combined with a long range scope, its accuracy and magazine size allow for good picks. A very nice rate-of-fire with good damage per shot are off-set by fairly trouble-some recoil. Find a good stock, a nice scope and it’s a great weapon.


9. EVA-8 Auto

Weapon Class: Shotgun

Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells

DPS: 134

Shotguns are extremely powerful in Apex Legends, so much so that there’s a bunch of them on the list. The EVA-8 Auto is no exception, sacrificing raw stoppage power for fire-rate and magazine capacity. Each shot fires 9 pellets, it has a mag size of 87 and a fast rate-of-fire for a shotgun. Equip a Shotgun Bolt for some crazy DPS.

The way each pellet spreads is quite bizarre, aiming for the chest area is preferable for maximum damage.


8. Wingman

Weapon Class: Pistol

Ammo Type: Heavy

DPS: 153

Severely under-rated, the Wingman is by far the best pistol in the game. Dealing 90 head-shot damage is actually crazy during the first 10 minutes or so of the game, before everyone has level 3 helmets/armour. Always go out of your way to pick up this weapon soon after landing if you can. Hitting the body for 45 damage is no joke and with 6 shots available before reload, taking down multiple targets is very possible.


7. Peacekeeper

Weapon Class: Shotgun

Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells

DPS: 106

One of the most satisfying weapons in the game, there’s nothing quite like unloading a round into someone and seeing their body fling across the room. Each shot fires 11 pellets in a star shape, for a maximum of 110 damage – or 165 if they all hit the head. You can find an attachment called the Precision Choke, which massively reduces this weapon’s spread when aiming down the sight.

The Peacekeeper is a pump-action weapon so you need to make sure your pellets hit after each shot, the fire-rate can be quite low without a Shotgun Bolt attachment.


6. Prowler Burst PDW

Weapon Class: Sub-Machine Gun

Ammo Type: Heavy

DPS: 186

Firing 5 rounds per burst is the Prowler, the first SMG to make the list. Firing fast with a high magazine capacity means some serious damage over time. Utilising heavy rounds give it more damage over Light ammo sub-machine guns. As expected, this comes with more recoil too.

Acquiring the Selectfire Receiver as early as possible is recommended, the Prowler needs it quite badly to justify its place on the list.


5. R-99

Weapon Class: Sub-Machine Gun

Ammo Type: Light

DPS: 216

I put the R-99 over the Prowler for a variety of reasons, the biggest being; it’s a better sub-machine gun. You want your SMG to be a fast-firing, controllable close range weapon and the R-99 does that well. A huge fire-rate of 1080 RPM is the highest base rate-of-fire in the game by some margin. You’d be surprised how controllable the recoil is too!


4. Devotion

Weapon Class: Light-Machine Gun

Ammo Type: Energy

DPS: 255 (can reach much higher though)

Honestly if you can manage the recoil, the Devotion LMG might be the best choice for you. Out-putting a truly insane amount of DPS (the highest in the game), its fire-rate increases the more the trigger is held down. I’ve had personal difficulty making the last half of the mag accurate, but if you have great recoil control then this weapon is exceptional!

Utilising Energy ammo can be a small problem as its easy to run out. If you keep your back-pack filled up though and avoid fights for the first 5 minutes, you can find enough to keep you going.


3. R-301 Carbine

Weapon Class: Assault Rifle

Ammo Type: Light

DPS: 168

No matter what first person shooter you play, assault rifles are always amazing. Capable of performing well in all situations, the R-301 Carbine has a great rate-of-fire, good DPS and manageable recoil. Personally, I’ve had far more success with this weapon than any other. The recoil in particular is great for bursting enemies down at even long ranges.

The only downside is the fairly bad ammo count of 18 (without an extended mag), making it rather tough to switch between targets. However, the reload speed is also good so try to manipulate cover while you’re vulnerable.


2. Kraber .50 Cal

Weapon Class: Sniper

Ammo Type: Special Heavy

DPS: 75

A head-shot from this absolute beauty of a sniper will deal 125 damage, even against enemies with a legendary helmet. If the target happens to be missing part of their shield, it’s capable of downing them in one-shot. Of course, a degree of skill is required as head-shots aren’t the easiest things to achieve.

As expected, obtaining the Kraber .50 Cal isn’t easy to say the least, you can go dozens of games without running into one. Such scarcity can be attributed to it only being available in air drops. With a Special Heavy ammo type that takes up no inventory space, make each shot count as you can’t find more!


1. Mastiff

Weapon Class: Shotgun

Ammo Type: Special Shells

DPS: 230

Many, many plays have been made with the Mastiff. Like the previous entry, it’s a Legendary weapon with a unique ammo variant. Firing its 8 pellets in a horizontal line, it’ll deal 144 damage (18 per pellet) or up to a whopping 288 if they all hit the head. With a magazine size of 4, each shot needs to be accurate but the reward is huge.

Aiming down the sight does increase the accuracy by reducing spread too. But hip firing is just as good, the Mastiff is so strong it doesn’t really matter!

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