Top 10 Best Vehicles For Halo Warzone

Vehicles are crucial to success in Halo 5’s Warzone. While power weapons are of course needed, nothing wins the game better than a well-timed Scorpion push. Choosing which vehicle is best for which situation is the difficult bit, you’ll often spawn one vehicle, only to find it’s pretty much useless. This list intends to help you with this, as we go through the 10 best vehicles in Halo Warzone!


10. Sword Ghost

Starting things off with a level 3 REQ, the Sword Ghost is the go-to vehicle as soon as you reach REQ level 3. It has good damage, good durability and its easy to get in packs, so don’t worry if it gets wasted.


9. Wraith

The Wraith is a good choice as soon as you reach the required REQ level. It provides high damage with good range and mobility. It can be difficult to land shots effectively and with the slow fire-rate, it’s not very forgiving.


8. Wasp

A good aim is required to make the most of the Wasp, good map awareness too. The machine gun and rockets do little damage, even if you have good accuracy, so staying consistent is important. The Wasp is great for early REQ levels though as your enemies will have trouble defending from airborne targets.


7. Ghost Ultra

This vehicle has high damage, mobility and strength. Available as soon as you hit REQ level 4, it can be spawned early and is useful even up until the end of the game. It can be easy to obtain in packs too, you’ll find yourself getting quite a few Ghost Ultra cards built up.


6. Phaeton

Although rare, the Phaeton is a powerful vehicle. With a machine gun and rocket pods, it can dish out high damage both against single targets and multiple threats. It also has great mobility and is newbie friendly as it’s easy to use. However, it is quite rare which is why it’s only number 6 on the list.


5. Banshee

The Banshee can difficult to use properly, the movement speed combined with timings make it hard for new players to put the Banshee to full use. If you are used to the controls and can evade enemy fire while simultaneously providing good support for the team, it’s one of the most powerful vehicles in the game.


4. Scorpion

You really need to spawn a Scorpion as soon as possible, they deal insane damage and can decimate entire areas of enemies. Just watch out for enemy Spartans, the Scorpion is immobile so making sure no one gets too close is mandatory.


3. Mantis

A combination of speed, strength, size, damage and utility make the Mantis a powerful war machine. Effective in almost all combat situations, a Mantis can turn the the tide of a losing fight. They are rare to find though so if you do spawn one, make sure it’s not in vain.


2. Temple Wraith

An upgraded Wraith with a faster fire-rate, much more armor and easier handling. It’s a level 6 Rare REQ so its possible to obtain them frequently. The fire-rate makes the Temple Wrath’s damage output considerably high but the real power is in the mobility. Wraith’s are famously vulnerable to mobile hostiles so reducing this vulnerability provides the player with a powerful tool.


1. Oni Scorpion

Featuring increased damage and armor, as well as a slick new paint job, the Oni Scorpion is a Legendary REQ that certainly lives up to the name. Like the Wraith, Scorpions have vulnerabilities that enemies can work around. One of these is the lack of mobility which is still retained in the Oni Scorpion. The other is the downtime between shots, the Oni Scorpion does not care for such downtime as its fire-rate is significantly increased. Players, bosses, AI etc they all fall before this tank!

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