Top 10 Best Things About Owning a Cat

Cats are amazing creatures that make the perfect pet for most homes. Other pets are also great, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about having a pet dog or fish. But cats are unique animals, they come with a myriad of awesome reasons to own one. If you’re thinking about getting a cat, this list will convince you. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into beforehand! Here’s the top 10 best things about owning a cat!


10. They’re Playful

Cats, especially if they’re indoor cats, require playtime. This is to stimulate their instinct to hunt play, felines can become depressed if they do not have anything to play with. This is really fun and easy to do for both parties, your cat will fall in love with you if you play with him/her daily, in 30 minute intervals. Even something like a play fishing rod will be fine.


9. They love cuddling

Who can resist a good cuddle? Not your cat, that’s for sure! Cats love cuddling, they love the attention and tenderness that comes with it. It’s a bonding exercise which allows them to feel safe and warm, if a cat comes to you for cuddles, it trusts you deeply.


8. Responsibility

The responsibility of owning a pet puts a lot of people off, they want a pet but don’t want to bypass the challenges that come with it. The responsibility is well worth it and is actually great for you personally. Learning to deal with the hardships, as well as reap the rewards of when it goes well is something that everyone can learn from.


7. Cuteness

Ever get depressed? Ever been in a grumpy mood? A cat’s face can help immensely with this, just being on the end of a death stare can boost your mood. Cats are so damn cute you’ll find yourself falling in love with it every day.


6. Low Maintenance

As arguably the lowest maintenance pet you can have, cats are perfect for first time owners. They require daily litter changes, food/water top-ups and playtime, that’s it!

They’re more than capable of taking care of themselves in a number of ways, they self-clean thoroughly and sleep for most of the day. It’s by no means easy to take care of a cat but it’s much less maintenance than other pets.


5. Part of the family

Like most other pets, cats are part of the family and will sense this themselves. They will recognise their owners, their loved ones and feel as part of the family too. This improves the atmosphere of the whole household, reduces friction between family members and overall, makes the place nicer to be in!


4. They’re hilarious

This is a bit mean but I’m sure they don’t mind, cats produce laughs regularly. While you should always check to see if your cat is OK if they fail a jump, or fall of something, it’s fine to laugh afterwards. Cat fails are so popular for a reason, they are a compilation of the hilarious situations that cats find themselves in!


3. Low Cost

Cats, again like all pets, can cost quite a bit in medical expenses but insurance can cover that. Medical treatments can be quite cheap on pay-monthly contracts, but then you have stuff like food, litter and toys. None of this is expensive, even if you’re buying the higher brand items.


2. Great with kids

Of course not all cats are good with kids, some find them intolerable but this is very rare. In general, the majority of cats are brilliant with kids, allowing you to teach your child how to act around animals appropriately. They make great additions to your child’s life, giving them another friend and family member!


1. Best friends!

None of the previous entries on the list compares to this, having a best friend who loves you is exactly what you’ll get with a cat. They’ll always be there to give you a cuddle, or release some stress with playtime. This is by far the best thing about owning a cat!

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