Top 10 Best Pro Players in League of Legends

ESports in League of Legends is now huge, millions of fans all over the world watch their teams play. Because of this, the best players treated as celebrities and earn a large wage packet. These players do so because they’re so good, watching them is entertaining and you can also learn a lot. We’ve compiled the 10 best current League of Legends players!


10. KT Score

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Score is the jungler for KT Rolster who are among the top 3 best teams in the world. He’s reached an astonishing 1000 kills over the course of his career but his best performances have been recently. He consistently performs well on the big stage and is rarely the one to let the team down.


9. FNC Rekkles

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Rekkless is currently the ADCarry for Fnatic and is widely considered to be one of the best ADC players in the world. He holds the record for the least amount of deaths in an entire LCS split, at 27 deaths in 28 games, which is incredible. He’s also regarded to be the best Jhin player in the world as he performs extremely well on that champion. As well as this he’s one of the few to make Kennen ADC widely known. He’s a unique player and definitely deserves a spot on this list.


8. SKT T1 Bang/Wolf

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I had to put these two together because that’s where they belong. They’re arguably the best bot lane duo in the world at the moment, they’re consistently performing well and contributing heavily to their team. You know your bot lane is safe when you have Bang & Wolf on your team.


7. TL Reignover

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Reignover is a jungler for Team Liquid, he was one of the players dubbed “incredible failures” who performed badly during the start of their career but went on to become superstars. He’s gone through a number of great teams such as Fnatic and Immortals. Mostly known for his performances on Olaf, Reignover is a high tier jungler who deserves a place on this list.


6. SKT T1 Peanut

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SKT T1 recruited Peanut from ROX Tigers after his sensational form at Worlds 2016, and to replace Bengi as jungler who would leave SKT T1 after Worlds. He’s currently won 3 accolades in his career, two LCK splits with SKT T1 & Rox, as well as a KeSPA Cup with ROX. He was the MVP in the most recent split which, in a team full of superstars, is an incredible feat.


5. FOX Froggen

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Made famous by his love for pro outcast Anivia, Froggen is a high tier player currently plying his trade at Echo Fox, owned by celebrity Rick Fox. He’s regarded to be the best mid laner in Europe and his performances prove this as he rarely has a bad game.


4. TSM Bjergsen

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Another mid laner, Bjergsen is an extremely talented mid laner whose career is arguably a lot worse than his talent can allow. Many great players have expressed their opinions on the failures of Team SoloMid as they dominate their region but fail on the Worlds stage. They have also expressed how Bjergsens team-mates let him down. There’s no doubt that if he played for a different top team, perhaps Fnatic or even a Korean team, he’d win Worlds at some point.


3. VG Bengi

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One of only two players to win 3 World Championships, Bengi is a veteran and the best jungler in the world. He has a wide and diverse champion pool, his playstyle can change drastically whenever required. Because of this, his versality and utility allow his team to shape their composition however they like as they know Bengi will put in a good shift regardless.


2. KT Smeb

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He always gets so close but SKT T1 keep stopping him from winning. Regarded by many fans and players as the 2nd best player in the world and by far the best toplaner. Even if his team is losing hard you’ll always see Smeb getting a pick or making a good play. Consistently he’s ahead of everyone on this list, he performs well regardless of the opponent or setting.


1. SKT T1 Faker

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I was tempted to leave Faker out of this list and only include humans but he is a pro player so he had to go in. Faker is simply the best player in the world and has been since he emerged. Many pro players have described playing against him as “playing a scripter”, he exerts so much lane pressure that the enemy jungler has to come and gank, but Faker easily dodges/escapes any gank attempts and continues to dominate his lane. Individually there’s no one near his level but his contribution to the team is also unmatched.

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