Top 10 Best Pro League of Legends Plays Ever

The pro scene in League of Legends has provided players with unforgettable memories. The high level of skill is a joy to watch as the best players in the world  do everything in their power to emerge victorious. This determination has produced some insane plays, the kind of world-class skill that happens rarely. Here’s a collection of the 10 best Pro/LCS plays of all time!


10. Duke Gnar escape

This unbelievable escape was made by SKT T1 Duke on Gnar. Finding himself outnumbered in the RNG base, Duke is taken down by Ignite. Guardian Angel resurrects him soon after and he manages to bounce away. Lee Sin chases but the perfect mechanical skill by Duke allows him to fill his rage bar, which he uses to take the Lee Sin out.


9. Levi Dragon Steal

The single most perfect Dragon steal in League of Legends history.  As LYN are fighting the Dragon, GAM are behind the wall waiting to strike. What ensues is insane, Levi Qs into the pit, smites the Dragon, places a ward on the other side of the wall and Ws out. The fact he did this in barely a second is outrageous.


8. SSG Wombo Combo

Wombo combos are quite common to find but none of them compare to this beauty. C9 think they have a good engage but SSG CuVee comes from the flank to Flash + Ult 3 C9 members for stuns. Crown then promptly follows up with a perfect Shockwave on Orianna. Impact then goes down, giving SSG a free baron.


7. Poppy destroys Fiora

Who would have thought Fiora could be so easily beaten by a Poppy? This was no stat check, nor was it due to champion counters. Hauntzer destroyed Huni, the mechanical skill to chain CC and time abilities perfectly allowed TSM Hauntzer to create an awesome highlight.


6. Faker on Syndra

Normal team-fight for SKT T1, they win as they usually do but what follows after is awesome. As Le Blanc and Sivir think they’ve escaped, Faker flashes over the wall to ult Le Blanc. He then E’s for a stun on Sivir, Le Blanc and Le Blanc’s clone before comboing for the double kill. Crazy play from Faker and definitely deserves a spot on the list.


5. Fizz Double Kill & Escape

Easily the most insane Fizz play in pro scene history. G2 Perkz jumps in 1v4, gets a double kill and somehow escapes. Literally 1 more auto attack, or a simply positioning misplay would have prevented this play entirely. Absolutely spot on mechanics by Perkz and worthy of the list.


4. Faker escape on Orianna

Nearly 30 minutes into the game that will decide who goes into the Worlds 2016 final, three ROX players (including Smeb, the ‘best’ player in the world at that point) go to top lane to catch out a pushed SKT T1 Faker. Little do they know that Faker is no mere mortal, he pops Ghost and runs for his life. ROX waste two flashes and an ultimate trying to catch out the Korean superstar but to no avail, Faker gets out.


3. Azir 1v3

You’re pushed up mid, you see a Nautilus coming from one side of the jungle, a Sivir coming from the other and a Rek’Sai flanking from behind. Seems like there’s nothing you can do, right? Right?!

Nope, EDG Pawn pulls out inch-perfect mechanics and timings, taking Sivir out first before turning attention to Nautilus and then Rek’Sai. Escaping from this situation would have taken great skills but to turn it into a triple kill? World-class play by EDG Pawn.


2. THAT Faker/Ryu play

Renowned all over the world for being one of the most insane plays of all time. SKT T1 Faker absolutely humiliates Ryu in this fight. Any other player in the world would have been caught out easily but Faker shows immense mechanical skill to come out of it with a kill.


1. xpeke backdoor

It was a tough call between this and Faker’s Ryu 1v1 but after thinking about it, this has to be the greatest play of all time. The nerves of steel, mechanics, skill and determination involved to do this on a pro stage is exceedingly high. Well deserved number 1 spot on the list, at least 100,000 of the views on that video is from me!

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