Top 10 Best Peacekeeper Skins in Apex Legends

Ah the Peacekeeper, renowned all across Apex Legends for being one of the best guns you can find. If you land in a popular landing spot full of enemies, finding a Peacekeeper can lead to a bunch of kills.

As you’re traversing the battlefield, one-shotting opponents and looting up, you want to look as epic as possible. Due to the Peacekeeper being so prevalent, a good skin will make you stand out.

So many skins exist that look cool, it’s hard to nail down the right one or spend your hard earned crafting metals. I’ve looked at every Peacekeeper skin available, to list the 10 best skins for it in Apex Legends!


10. Clockwork

Clockwork, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

The first and only Rare level skin on this list, Clockwork is the best of the bunch for its pattern and colour. Other Rare skins can be considered decent, but none of them match the Peacekeeper model like this one does!


9. Off the Grid

Off the Grid, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

Off the Grid provides a teal based colour scheme, which looks quite futuristic and sci-fi themed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, a cool animation across the barrel of the gun seeks to extend this theme. For me though it looks a bit out of place on a shotgun like the Peacekeeper, which is why others are ranked higher. 


8. Trial By Fire

Trial by Fire, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

Now we’re starting to get to the most epic skins, Trial By Fire grants a shiny bronze colour to almost the entire weapon. Looking some-what steam-punk, it also has a fiery animation included. This goes well with dark skins, you really get a feel for the more immersive side of the game.


7. Code of Honor

Code of Honor, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

My personal favourite non-legendary skin, Code of Honor ‘s bright green colour looks surprisingly cool. In terms of its animation, a Matrix style dark green code running animation is visible. I love it for how unique it is, no other Epic or Rare skin stands out as much as this. Sure, it detracts from the immersive side of things so that’s something to consider.


6. Break the Enemy

Break the Enemy, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

While it can be considered a mix of blue and purple, Break the Enemy looks so good for a more arcade appearance. Like all other Epic level Peacekeeper skins, it has an animated barrel that wields some kind of snow/hail storm working across it.


5. Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

Less purple than the previous entry, and with a much more epic animated barrel. Instead of a snow storm, Eye of the Storm produces lightning strikes. This combined with the perfect shade of blue makes it the best Epic or lower Peacekeeper skin in the game!


4. The Demolisher

Demolisher, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

All Legendary level skins are honestly so amazing for the Peacekeeper, 4th to 2nd could easily be changed depending on your preferences. The Demolisher is particularly unique, featuring a construction style appearance with a new model and deep yellow tone.


3. The Superstar

Superstar, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

Probably the flashiest Peacekeeper skin in existence, the Superstar can’t help stand out, even writing the weapon’s name on its cocking grip.  Bright pink highlights are off-set by a night skin undertone, which should appeal to a lot of people. Few weapons have skins like this in the game so credit for the developers for finding this and applying it to the Peacekeeper!


2. PAL 9000

PAL 9000, one of the best Peacekeeper skins in Apex Legends

Some say the PAL 9000 was developed from the remains of an old Pathfinder unit, such is its thematic. As you can tell, it includes Pathfinder’s wholesome smiley face, as well as his base model’s colour scheme. Needless to say, if you choose Pathfinder and equip this, the enemies won’t be able to notice this gun at all!



1. The Lonestar

Lonestar, the best Peacekeeper skin in Apex Legends

Out of sheer creativity, the Lonestar skin has to be number 1 on this list, even though the others are so great. It’s very rare we find a more traditional type of weapon skin, with Apex Legends being set in the Titanfall universe. So this stands out incredibly well and just feels awesome to wield, unlike any other weapon/skin in the entire game!

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