Top 10 Best Overwatch Ultimates

Overwatch is an amazing game and a now leading first person shooter. One of the best features is the ultimates, each hero has their own ultimate relevant to their kit. All of them are powerful skills that require co-ordination and timing to get right. Making a list out of them is difficult as they’re all very good, but here’s the 10 best ultimates in Overwatch!


10. Orisa

Orisa using her ultimate ability

Orisa is the most recently released hero, she’s a great all-round tank with a lot of contribution to her team. Her ultimate is an aoe Mercy damage boost which is perfect for defense but can be utilised in attack. Drop this ult when you’re sitting back with a Bastion and enjoy the free team-fight win.


9. Zenyatta

Zenyatta using his ultimate ability

This ultimate is incredibly powerful as it can save your entire team from destruction. It gives insanely high healing to anyone caught in its radius, a common tactic for the opponents is to chain ultimates, a simple Zenyatta ult will turn the tide.


8. Reaper

Reaper using his ultimate ability

The famous “DIE, DIE, DIEEEEEE!!!” haunts Overwatch players every night, Reaper’s ultimate is a high damage aoe execute that can decimate entire teams. A good flank can result in a team-wipe, you are vulnerable when using it but if you do it right, its one of the best ultimates in the game.


7. Reinhardt

Reinhardt using his ultimate ability

Reinhardt is a must-pick hero for his shield as it gives amazing power both offensively and defensively. His ultimate is great too, Reinhardt slams the ground and stuns all enemies in a cone. As Reinhardt likes to get up and close, landing a good ultimate isn’t that difficult and can completely turn the tide of a fight.


6. Soldier 76

Soldier 76 using his ultimate ability

A newbie’s best friend, Soldier 76’s ultimate is one of the easiest to use in the game, as well as one of the most powerful. It grants him auto-aim and fast reload speed, allowing you to dish out tons of damage in a short space of time. If you pull off a good flank or use it when your team have all the aggro, enjoy your easy play of the game.


5. Mei

Mei using her ultimate ability

Arguably the most annoying ultimate to play against, Mei throws a little robot that freezes all enemies in a large area after a few seconds. This can get Mei and her team a lot of easy kills, but can also be used to simply clear an objective or as an emergency escape tool.


4. Widowmaker

Widowmaker using her ultimate ability

Definitely not the best in terms of raw power, Widow’s ultimate is unique and extremely useful. It provides vision of the entire enemy team for a long period of time, this kind of information is invaluable and is definitely one of the best ultimates. Unfortunately Widow isn’t the best hero to pick at the moment, she doesn’t really fit into the meta, but her ultimate is still amazing.


3. Zarya

Zarya using her ultimate ability

Similar to Widowmaker’s ultimate in the way that it deals no damage but is another invaluable ultimate to have. She shoots a graviton surge at a target location, pulling all enemies into it and allowing your team to drop heavy damage for team-wipes. It works through walls too so it has a myriad of uses, Zarya is already a powerful hero who is hard to master but this ultimate makes her one of the best in the game.


2. Symmetra

Symmetra using her ultimate ability

Symmetra’s ult has to come high on the list because you get a choice of two, both of which are exceptionally good. You can create a teleporter to bring your team-mates back into the fight or, if your team is doing well, drop a shield generator to extend your lead.


1. Mercy

Mercy using her ultimate ability

This ult is tremendously powerful with an aoe resurrect. Having the only resurrection ability in the game is such a stand-out from anything else, being able to recall your team who were wiped by an enemy ultimate chain is a game changer. Certainly, undoubtedly the best ultimate in the game.

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