Top 10 Best Overwatch Heroes For Low ELO

The Overwatch ladder system determines what rank you are and for some people, it’s a bit unfair. You’re a good player but your team is dragging you down, why is it only you on the control point? Why is it only you focusing the squishies? The simple answer to getting out of low ELO is simply abusing the powerful heroes. Maining your favorite hero will get you out eventually but if you want to get out asap, you need to know which heroes are the best. It’s important you switch heroes to counter the enemy heroes. Here’s the 10 best Overwatch heroes for low ELO!

  • From a Plat player


10. Mei

Mei is strong at low ELO because of her tilting power, she can single handedly make a team start flaming each-other. You can focus one person continuously until they either quit or start flaming their team, supports are especially vulnerable to this. Yeah it’s a dirty tactic but in low ELO, you should do whatever you can to get out of the ****-fest.


9. Torbjorn

Torb is quite boring to use so he’s rarely seen at low ELO. Due to this, players don’t really know how to deal with a good Torbjorn, they believe his turrets are his main form of damage and think he’s an easy kill. This can surprise them a lot as you can kill enemies quickly with decent aim, his right click in particular is great for taking tanks down. Make sure to use his turret as a distracting anti-flank tool rather than the main source of dps.


8. Bastion

You know how players love to run in either as a group or in single file? Go Bastion, find a good camping spot and enjoy the free Play of the Game. He’s a perfect cheese pick, by this I mean switch into him randomly and switch out after you die. If they’ve been spending the first round fighting the same few heroes, they’ll never expect a Bastion when they try to force their way onto the objective.


7. Junkrat

Junkrat is a nightmare for players who have no situational awareness. A good Junkrat is powerful at all ELOs but you don’t even need to be able to aim properly for him to work at low ELO. Simply find a good spot and spam grenades at the enemies, preferably over walls or obstacles. You’ll routinely obtain ‘random’ kills where the enemy has simply ran into one of your grenades, panicked, lost all awareness and died to the rest.


6. Zarya

Probably one of the best in terms of power for low ELO but she is more difficult to use than those higher on the list. Zarya is awesome for catching opponents out, low ELO players will often engage her thinking they can win easily, you can use it to take them down and provide a lot of tilt in the process. Also, using your E on team-mates in need is a game-winning tactic.


5. Pharah

The flying Egyptian is the bane of low ELO, she’s so easy to carry your feeder team-mates with. Low ELO players tend to have terrible aim, take advantage of this while using cover and you’ll go on some lit kill streaks. When you have your ult, flank the enemy using your boosters and you can get an easy Play of the Game. Pharah is well worth picking up if you want to get out of low ELO quickly.


4. Symmetra

This ‘support’ can provide you with a ton of kills and help your idiot team-mates be useful. Her secondary fire can be used to kill unsuspecting campers (such as Bastion or Widowmaker), her left click can take down a whole group of squishies quickly and her turrets can delete flankers for you. Low ELO players will just walk through any door of any building, group your turrets up in an obscure place and let the kills come in. You’ll likely want to use Teleporter over Shield Generator to get your team-mates back into the fight.


3. Mercy

I know healing is boring but Mercy can carry even the worst teams. She’s by far the easiest and most effective healer to use at low ELO, Ana is a better healer at higher ELO of course. Stick to the back line, hold left click, fly to team-mates if a flanker comes for you. No doubt your team-mates won’t notice when a Tracer or Genji is coming after you but if you run to your team, they’ll be hit by the enemy shots and turn around to kill them.


2. Soldier 76

Good burst, high sustained damage, decent self-healing and an ult to die for, Soldier 76 is the perfect dps to get you out of low ELO. A decent aim is all you need to be successful with this hero as his assault rifle does great damage. Make sure you use your Sprint to position yourself behind cover at all times, or escape if the odds aren’t in your favour. His range is awesome so keep firing at the enemies at all times for your ult charge.


1. Roadhog

The Roadhog one-shot combo is effortless and effective. Aim at the enemy -> Right Click -> Hook -> Left Click -> Melee. This combo will one-shot almost every hero in the game. Roadhog is honestly broken at low ELO, no one knows how to bait his hooks or punish him for missing it. He’d be a candidate for this list even if he had no ult. Seriously, pick him up and enjoy your freelo.

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