Top 10 Best Overwatch Emotes

Although Overwatch has an initial price tag, you can obtain in-game items by paying real money for loot boxes. Of course you can earn loot boxes by playing for free but you do have that option to open your wallet. If you do decide to splash some cash, items such as emotes are what you’ll obtain. Emotes are used in-game to trash talk during your play of the game. Blizzard have done an amazing job producing such awesome emotes but some are simply way better than everything else. If you have any of these emotes, you need to hotkey them immediately and spam them every time you get more than a double kill, just in case you get POTG (play of the game). Or if you’re simply interested in seeing what Overwatch has to offer, check out the top 10 best Overwatch emotes!



10. Winston Peanut Butter

Absolutely perfect for pre-game skirmishes. Jump into the middle of the enemy team, drop your shield and use this emote. Enjoy the epicness of the attention you get. Winston has plenty of great emotes but the peanut butter theme can be applied to his entire communication arsenal. You can go for the spray, voiceline and emote for full buttery effectiveness.


9. Ana Candy

The synergy between Ana’s sleep dart and candy emote is too good to pass up. Hit your opponent with a sleep dart and use the emote over their sleeping body. Unfortunately, this emote was only available in halloween loot boxes, so you won’t be able to get it until this October 🙁


8. Tracer’s Dance

All of the dance emotes that were released for Overwatch’s anniversary are epic but Tracer’s variant is the best in my opinion. Bringing the most energy and fun makes it the best choice for your dancing needs!


7. Bastion Boxing

Have you ever seen a group of Bastions use this emote in tandem? It’s hilarious, such an awesome emote deserves to be on the list. Overwatch could really do with more wacky emotes like this one!


6. Mei Snowman

So cute and fun, Mei’s snowman emote is definitely one of the best in the game. Although my team-mates keep brutally murdering my snowmen in the spawn room, I’ll keep using it purely for the cuteness involved.


5. Mercy Caduceus

This emote looks absolutely incredible with the Year of the Rooster Mercy skin, her wings are a green color rather than yellow (orange? gold?). It provides a more “awesome” look for Mercy, instead of her other emotes which focus on her tameness.


4. Symmetra Ribbon

Symmetra doesn’t have too many good emotes but the ribbon one is awesome. It’s a nice and simple twirl but the animations on the ribbon are epic and it opens the door for so many other amazing emotes.


3. Junkrat Lounging

This is my personal favorite but the remaining entries are held by legendary emotes, as expected. There’s just something about lying down with a huge grin that makes this emote so special. It’s arguably the most hilarious emote in the game and it can lead to some side-splitting moments!


2. Zarya Mystery Gift

One of only two legendary emotes in the entire game, Zarya’s Mystery Box animation is both comical and cool. Congratulations to those who already have the emote but for those who don’t, good luck trying to get it. You’ll have to wait until Winter loot boxes are available again!


1. D.VA Game On

The number 1 spot has to go to D.VA and her Game On emote. Nothing quite compares to the amount of detail that went into this animation, it’s the most sought after emote in the game and for good reason, it’s amazing!

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