Top 10 Best Nexus Blitz Champions

If you’ve kept up to date with League of Legends at all in the past year or so, you’ll know all about Nexus Blitz. Offered as a fast-paced, more casual version of the conventional Summoner’s Rift, it was a welcome addition on Riot’s part.

Players have been queueing up for it non-stop, testing out new strategies and different team compositions. Now, after its been out for a while, we finally have a decent grasp of the best champions available.

Nexus Blitz allows you to accrue gold faster, so late-game scaling champions can actually reach their core items in a short period of time. Such a gamemode is extremely fun but if you’re trying to win, you should know the best champions to use.

I’ll be detailing the best champions you can choose, with breakdowns of the stats behind rankings and their playstyles!


10. Anivia

Anivia, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Full AP Anivia is a haunting prospect with all the zoning and burst potential she brings. Nexus Blitz’s map is full of walls, choke-points and flanking opportunities. Anivia being able to summon huge walls of her own allow for some game-winning plays.

You see, blocking 2 or 3 members away from the rest of their team is insane in Nexus Blitz. So few escape opportunities exist, so a well placed wall and ultimate can be devastating!

Win-Rate: 68.2%

Pick-Rate: 3.6%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP


9. Ziggs

Ziggs, one of the best ARAM champions

Similarly to Anivia, Ziggs offers a ton of zoning capabilities as well as longer range poke. He’s also an artillery and siege expert, being able to push down towers quickly, which is great in Nexus Blitz.

Most of his effectiveness comes during events, as they tend to force enemy champions into one area. You’ll want to build full AP, keep your distance and zone/poke during events.

Win-Rate: 68.3%

Pick-Rate: 7.1%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP


8. Nami

Nami, one of the best champions in Nexus Blitz

Nami was a surprise for me to see her win-rate, as you’d think Lulu or even Janna would be the better enchanter. This supportive champion is great in skirmishes, offering CC and heals for her team-mates.

Full AP Nami should be avoided but build some support items and you’ll have plenty to offer. During events like the scuttle race or ring of fire, Nami’s Q can make a huge difference.

Win-Rate: 68.4%

Pick-Rate: 2.9%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP


7. Amumu


In a game-mode full of skirmishes, great ganking routes and low cooldowns, Amumu thrives. I’ve seen everything from supporting tank, full AP or AP juggernaut but they all work great. Amumu’s ultimate is just too good, teams bunch up in Nexus Blitz so getting a 4 or 5 man ultimate is common.

Just be aware that Amumu must be in the jungle, he can’t lane at all!

Win-Rate: 68.6%

Pick-Rate: 7.2%

Store Cost: 450 BE/260 RP


6. Brand

Brand, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Skirmishes between grouped up teams can only mean one thing for Brand. Providing some devastating area of effect damage, Brand can carry fights even when outnumbered. Capable of solo laning or going bot with a friend, you’ll want to build him full AP.

Win-Rate: 68.6%

Pick-Rate: 10.5%

Store Cost: 4800 BE/880 RP


5. Vel’Koz

Vel'Koz, one of the best champions in Nexus Blitz

After the first 5 minutes or so, Vel’Koz starts to take over the game with his ultimate. Events can be won with ease, enemies bunch up often, becoming easy targets. Built full AP, this mage performs well during laning and only gets better as the game goes on.

Heavily reliant on skill-shots, don’t pick Vel’Koz if you have a bad aim!

Win-Rate: 68.8%

Pick-Rate: 6.2%

Store Cost: 6300 BE/975 RP


4. Taric

Taric League of Legends Splash Art

Full support jungle Taric is insane, winning any 2v2 you can encounter. Taric’s high mana costs are barely a problem when you can take over the jungle and control every blue buff that spawns. With carries in the lanes, few support champions can match Taric’s competence in achieving victory.

Win-Rate: 68.8%

Pick-Rate: 2.2%

Store Cost: 450 BE/260 RP



3. Lux

Lux, one of the most fun Mages in League of Legends

Of course, Lux will thrive in any small map, especially one with events like those on Nexus Blitz. Making picks is easy with so little room to manouvre, Lux’s Q and R combo are enough to decimate entire teams.

Some supportive power in her W helps immensely when it comes to prize fights and battle royales, even a small shield is advantageous when every tick of HP lost means the difference between a victory and defeat!

Win-Rate: 70.2%

Pick-Rate: 18.8%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP


2. Kayle

Kayle, one of the least played champions in League of Legends

Perhaps Kayle’s low play-rate has skewed her win-rate stats slightly but on paper, she should shine in Nexus Blitz anyway. Late-game carries like Kayle have struggled on the Rift for recent years, in fact she’s one of the least played champions in the entire game.

In Blitz though, Kayle reaches her items quickly and as soon as she obtains a small bit of pressure over the opponent, the game is pretty much lost. Few things can deal with an Invulnerable 3-4 item Kayle shredding them.

Win-Rate: 70.3%

Pick-Rate: 2.7%

Store Cost: 450 BE/260 RP



1. Sona

Sona, the best ARAM champion!

It says a lot when Sona is simultaneously the best champion for Nexus Blitz as well as ARAM. What about her is so good when she is so dreadful in the normal Summoners Rift gamemode? Her early game. In particular, her squishiness and ability to be dove over and over again.

In Nexus Blitz, the game moves forward so fast and after just a few minutes, the game is one huge team-fight. Sona thrives in grouped up situations, more than any other champion in the game so it makes sense for her to be number 1 on this list!

Win-Rate: 70.6%

Pick-Rate: 4.8%

Store Cost: 3150 BE/790 RP

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