Top 10 Best Lifeline Skins in Apex Legends

Considered by many as their go-to legend, Lifeline is a great choice for solo or group players. Capable of deploying a healing drone, revive team-mates faster and call in some nice gear. If you’re a big fan of her like me, you’ll want to make sure she looks as cool as possible. This is where skins come in, unfortunately the skins she has available are a bit underwhelming compared to the other legends, due to a lack of model changes.

Quite a few skins can make her look decent though, far better than her base skin. A lot of Epic skins are available for each legend but Lifeline has an awesome one that’s unique to her. If you’ve been struggling to decide which skin to use or purchase, consult this list of the 10 best Lifeline skins!


10. Fiber Optics

Blue looks great on Lifeline, as does the Fiber Optics animation that has layers of bright blue protruding throughout the skin. It is quite discreet though and you can’t really tell its there, which is a shame.


9. Heat Sync

Sporting a dark orange colour, Heat Sync also has animated dots sprayed throughout the skin. I personally don’t like the colour, it needs to be brighter but the dotted animation can’t be faulted!


8. Neural Net

My personal favorite Epic level skin, providing another blue coloured set-up with an awesome animation. Neural Net suits Lifeline particularly well, matching her robot’s colour too. Come to think of it, the healing bot should be part of the skins I think.


7. Daemon Hunter

Arguably the most badass skin type in the entire game, Daemon Hunter is available on all Legends and gives Lifeline an intimidating look. I’m a big fan, the triangle patterns work well with the dark red colours.


6. Blockchain Reaction

Unique to Lifeline, Blockchain Reaction boasts a strong purple colour and gorgeous animations working all over the skin. No other Epic level skin will make you stand out as much as this and rightly so for it being unique.


5. Organised Anarchy

Legendary skins provide a new model, and change the colour of stuff that other level skins don’t, such as hair. Organised Anarchy is the worst of the 4 available, with too many colours ruining the new model, but it’s still better than Rare/Epic level skins.


4. London Calling

I see London Calling quite a lot more than other Lifeline skins, likely due to the unique skeleton art. It goes against her thematic so I won’t use it but I can understand some players enjoy her being a bit more badass. Feel free to go for this one, I know most players do!


3. Peak Performer

Replacing Lifeline’s bandana in a Legendary skin is well needed, with goggles being added instead. A silver jacket catches the eye, as does the metal bottle on her hip. It’s just missing that one extra touch to stop it from being the best Lifeline skin available, I suspect it’s the golden colour.


2. First Responder

Available as a limited exclusive, you need to own the Organised Anarchy skin and pay 6500 legend tokens to unlock this. What a skin it is, offering a different thematic than its predecessor. The red and blue colours signify a more elite appearance!


1. Vital Signs

The colour scheme and model behind Vital Signs are incredible, fitting right in with her thematic and play-style. Lifeline looks epic and intimidating, yet she retains her paramedic support style with this skin. Overall, it’s definitely the best in the game!

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