Top 10 Best LCS Teams of All Time

It’s quite crazy to think of how popular the E-Sports scene is for League of Legends. It’s a video-game, so many members of the public believe its a waste of time. I’m a huge football (soccer) fan, I love to watch the best football players in the world perform amazing feats. Football fans appreciate a terrific long-ball pass, a 40-yard screamer or even just a good save by the goalkeeper.

It’s the same with League of Legends, this MOBA has an absurd level of skill to be successful with. Not just mechanically but tactically, even before the game has loaded (Picks/bans). The strategic side is fascinating but the best bits are after the champions have entered the rift. League of Legends athletes require inch perfect macro play, pin-point reflexes and the mentality of a god. Just like a clutch screamer to win a football match, an amazing League of Legends play makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

That’s enough of me describing my love for the competitive scene, you’re here to read about the greatest LCS team of all time. These teams are chosen solely on how they perform both regionally and on the international stage. The region does affect the rankings, winning a title in NA is much harder than winning 2 titles in Brazil. Lets take a look at the top 10 best LCS teams of all time!



10. Dark Passage

Dark Passage, one of the best LCS teams of all time

This team is historic in Turkey, being the first pro League of Legends organisation in the country. Dark Passage have dominated the competitive scene in Turkey since 2014, winning 6 Championships, although they now have a fierce rival in SuperMassive eSports. Unbelievably, Dark Passage actually have the joint most domestic titles out of any team in LCS history. Unfortunately this team hasn’t hit the heights of their previous achievements, finishing a lowly 7th place in the last Turkish Winter Split.


9. Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming, one of the best LCS teams of all time

NA must be a nightmare for aspiring teams, they have a number of great teams to contest with. CLG are one of them, fielding world class talent such as Dardoch and Huhi. The wealth of talent in NA shows as CLG have won just two NA Championships in their time, while being thoroughly underwhelming in World Championships. With such a strong line up, you expect CLG to do much better from here on out.


8. Cloud 9

Cloud 9, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Having featured some of the world’s most recognised players such as Meteos, Hai, Rush & WildTurtle, you’d think Cloud9 would be higher on this list. They have under-performed on many an occasion, only managing to win 2 NA Championships & an IEM title back in 2014. Cloud9 have never reached a semi-final in a Worlds  championship but with improved performances in recent months, this could change in the years to come.


7. G2-Esports

G2 Esports, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Despite being a relatively new team (formed in 2014), G2 have hit the ground running and showed the world how you win titles. They’ve been incredible in the tournaments they’ve competed in, winning the last three EU Championships as well as finishing 2nd in both the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational and IEM. Things are looking great for G2 fans, lets hope internal struggles don’t hamper this team in any other tournaments.


6. Edward Gaming

Edward Gaming, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Respected all across the globe, EDG are the most successful Chinese LoL team with 4 Championships under their belt. The loss of Deft and PawN to KT Rolster were massive blows as these two players were instrumental in cementing EDG’s powerhouse status. Their team is now looking a bit under par with teams such as Royal Never Give Up & WE hot on their heels. EDG really need a top quality ADC to replace Deft!


5. Team Solo-Mid

Team Solo Mid, one of the best LCS teams of all time

We’ve arrived at the most successful NA team of all time, as well as one of the most famous LoL teams in the world. TSM are well known for containing multiple world-class players with the current roster being very impressive. Bjergsen is widely regarded to be one of the best mid-laners in the world, Doublelift and Biofrost are an outstanding bot lane and with Hauntzer in the top lane, you have a great team.

Holding 5 NA Championships makes them the record holder, the next 2 teams are joint with 2 Championships each.  Team Solo-Mid have produced some horrific performances on the Worlds stage though, fans know their favorite team can do so much better.


4. Taipei Assassins

TPA, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Once known as Azubu Taipei Assassins in honor of their sponsor, TPA has had a huge fall from grace. They make this list despite never winning a domestic title, instead they have a World Championship, something only a handful of teams can boast. They have been renamed and re-branded as J Team, not sure if this counts?

Regardless if it counts or not, the original TPA who won Worlds is one of the best LCS teams ever. Winning a World Championship is crazy difficult and if you do emerge victorious on just a single occasion, you deserve plaudits.


3. Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Recognised as Samsung Galaxy (SSG) nowadays, Samsung Galaxy White were another Worlds winner who didn’t do much else. As with the 4th entry, domestic success means nothing when you have a World Championship in your trophy cabinet. The players who made such an achievement possible were the ones to leave shortly after the triumph, moving on to bigger and better things. Samsung Galaxy White is completely dead now, but their legacy will not be forgotten.


2. Fnatic

Fnatic, one of the best LCS teams of all time

Oh how the mighty have fallen, Fnatic dominated the pro scene for years but they’re now a shadow of their former selves. With 5 EU Championships and a Worlds trophy, they absolutely had to make the list. Their last EU Championship came back in 2015 while their win of the first ever World Championship tournament came way back in season 1. Who knows why they haven’t had any success recently? They still have a top quality team but G2 might be a bit out of their reach now.


1. SKT Telecom T1

SKT Telecom T1, the best LCS team ever

Had to be SKT T1…What a team they are, to dominate so much for so long is insane. How can they be so much better than every other team for such a long period of time? They seem to be improving every year, the loss of Bengi was a blow but SKT are performing well without him (his time at Vici Gaming appears to be a failure). This team has been the king of the most difficult tournaments in the world, with 3 World Championships, 2 MSIs and 6 Korean Championships. The thing is though, SKT T1 don’t even have the best players in the world (except Faker of course).

Bang & Wolf individually are arguably not the best in the world at their positions, but it cannot be argued that they’re the best bot lane duo in the world. If that even makes sense. Peanut & Blank are very good Junglers in their own right, they are definitely in the top 5 for that position. Huni is decent. Untara is reliable and performs well. This success could all be down to a mid-laner but for one person to carry their team to trophies, in the hardest tournaments possible in League of Legends? Nah..

You could look behind the players and point the finger at kkOma, which could be reasonable. I sincerely hope someone takes down SKT T1 soon but not because I want to see them lose, I want to see more than one team perform at such a high level!

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