Top 10 Best Infinite Warfare Scorestreaks

Scorestreaks are a main component in any Call of Duty game, they reward players for doing well & make the game more difficult for those who are struggling. One of the best aspects of Call of Duty is its capacity for satisfaction, there’s nothing quite like that ping you hear when your scoresteak becomes available. Most players make use of their scorestreaks fairly often, I myself opt for the lower costing rewards such as the UAV & Counter-UAV. It is fairly down to preference when it comes to choosing your scorestreaks but some are better overall than others. If you’re stuck or just interested, here’s the top 10 best Infinite Warfare scorestreaks!

Disclaimer: Rankings will be determined relative to the scorestreak cost.



10. Vulture

Just 700 points are required to call in a Vulture, then you’ll have a drone that follows and protects you, giving you a huge advantage in firefights. It can be shot down fairly easily by enemies but for the cost, it’s a good choice for those who are struggling to survive. You can switch it from its default fire mode to a radar Vulture, there it’ll ping any nearby enemies onto your radar.


9. Counter-UAV

The mini-map is extremely important in all Call of Duty games, a player who watches the mini-map will always do better than a player who ignores it. If the enemy team has a UAV, they’ll see you & your team-mates who don’t have the Ghost perk. Ever wondered how enemies are already aiming at a corner you’re just about to go round? Yeah, the mini-map is why.

Relieve your troubles with the Counter-UAV, a scorestreak that replaces the enemy mini-map with a fuzzy background. The impact of having a mini-map advantage over the enemy team cannot be understated!


8. Trinity Rocket

Originally released in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the Trinity Rocket has found its way into Infinite Warfare as well. It’ll provide you with a missile that can shoot out 2 rockets from the sky before launching itself into the ground. The accuracy is quite unforgiving so you can get multiple kills with ease.


7. T.H.O.R

With a name like T.H.O.R, you’ll think this scorestreak comes with a ton of firepower. That it does my friend, lots of firepower to be exact. It lasts for 60 seconds and during this time, you can shoot large clusters of 5 rockets that follow the cursor, each rocket deals heavy splash damage and can be maneuvered around corners or past cover.

So what’s the deal? The scorestreak cost is quite high compared to its effectiveness, I wouldn’t recommend equipping this scorestreak unless you consistently get high amounts of kills.


6. Bombardment

Bombardment is one of my personal favorites as its easy to obtain yet capable of achieving tons of kills. Upon using this scorestreak, you’ll choose 3 locations on the map to be rained down upon by missiles. It’s very possible to get team-wipes with the Bombardment, so long as you aim the rockets correctly.


5. Drone Package

Bit of a weird one, the Drone Package doesn’t get a second look by the majority of CoD players but it’s surprisingly reliable. After achieving a score of 550, you’ll be able to get a Drone Package delivered to wherever you’ve marked. The chance of getting a scorestreak higher than the cost of the Drone Package is 71%, making it arguably the most cost-effective scorestreak in the game. But not all players enjoy getting random scorestreaks, they prefer a pre-defined set that they know and are comfortable with.


4. UAV

As I mentioned earlier, a UAV is hugely beneficial to your entire team. Being able to spot your enemies before they’re in your line of sight is massive, especially if the enemies don’t have a UAV up themselves. You also gain a small amount of points for each kill your team-mates get, which is nice!


3. Advanced UAV

Although it’s not as good as the absurdly OP Blackbird from the original Black Ops game, the Advanced UAV is still an amazing choice for any half-decent player. It does have a high score cost which is required for balance reasons but if you can get to it, no other scorestreak in the game will contribute so much to your team.


2. R-C8

Damn this robot destroys teams, having one of these gallivant around the map is huge. With considerable defenses, the R-C8 won’t go down without taking a good several enemy players with it. It can also be remote controlled by the player if needed but to be honest, it’s fine on its own. You can use it to take aggro while you flank and get even more kills from behind. The high score requirement is justified because the R-C8 is one of the best scorestreaks in the game!


1. AP-3X

I remember when I first acquired this scorestreak in a Drone Package, I had no idea what I was doing but I still got plenty of kills. The AP-3X comes equipped with two insanely high damaging automatic weapons and a few rocket pods attached to it. While it doesn’t tank as much damage as the previous entry, it’s absolutely capable of mowing down entire enemy teams. You can simply hover towards enemies but due to its mobility, you’ll be allowed to flank from any direction and catch enemies off-guard. Overall, its the highest costing scorestreak in the game and for good reason, it’s the best scorestreak!

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