Top 10 Best Halo Warzone Weapons

Halo Warzone is a surprisingly popular game-mode for Halo 5. It provides players with awesome PvE content, Warzone Firefight in particular is a godsend for PvE players. The PvP variant is also really fun as up to 24 players duke it out on large maps. There are plenty of tips available to players who need help getting started but if you’re already a veteran, you may be interested in knowing the best weapons. These weapons aren’t ranked by their raw killing power, the ranking also considers how easy they are to obtain.


10. Plasma Pistol

This pistol is insanely useful at early REQs, it can be obtained quickly and be used to EMP enemy vehicles, making them ripe for stealing. If you don’t want to waste your REQ points, you can just steal one from a dead covenant enemy. It can be obtained from any pack, usually Bronze or Silver and is REQ level 3.


9. Binary Rifle

This rifle is very powerful, it has one of the highest base damages in the game. It can take out enemy Spartans at ease and melts through bosses. It’s number 9 on this list because it’s an Ultra Rare REQ, making it difficult to obtain. It’s also REQ level 6 so you can’t demolish your enemies until at least half-way through the match.



8. River of Light

Another Ultra Rare REQ, the River of Light is an Incineration Cannon steroids. Often found by looting the area surrounding a dead high level Knight, the River of Light is devastating. At REQ level 6 you have to wait a bit to equip it but it’s balanced really. Always pick this up if you can!


7. SPNKR Rocket Launcher

The best early anti-air weapon in the game, the SPNKr Rocket Launcher is the go-to REQ to get rid of those damn Phaetons or Banshees. As a Rare REQ, it’s not too difficult to obtain and with a REQ level of 5, you can get it fairly early on.


6. DMR

You need to get this permanent REQ as early on as you can, always buy Silver packs until you have a DMR, or 1-2 variations of it. You can only use it at higher REQs but it’s much more useful than any other loadout weapon.


5. Arclight

The Arclight Railgun is a great weapon, especially for newbies. The normal Railgun is decent but this version is much better. With exceedingly high damage and the ability to hold the charge indefinitely, Arclight is an awesome weapon for PvE engages. With PvP it can be unreliable due to requiring spot-on accuracy but it destroys bosses with ease. It’s a Rare REQ with REQ level 5.


4. Endgame

This Spartan Laser variant does less damage but has a better fire-rate and more ammo. As I’m sure you know, Spartan Lasers are powerful tools on the battlefield, the Endgame is even better. With more shots comes more destruction, bosses fall with ease and players rage quit. It’s an Ultra Rare REQ so you won’t see it too often but when you do, enjoy the free win.


3. Scourge of Fire

If there was ever a safe way to get multi pvp kills, clear entire hordes of AI or delete bosses, this is it. The Scourge of Fire shoots two plasma grenades per shot, producing incredible aoe damage. You can fire an entire clip into a boss to either delete them or deal heavy damage to big bosses. Weirdly enough, this is a Rare REQ that can be used from REQ level 4!


2. Extended Mag Assault Rifle

Hear me out, this Assault Rifle has the same base damage, accuracy, fire-rate and utility as the base version. However, that increased clip size is invaluable, especially when you realise it’s available from REQ level 2. And it’s a Common REQ so it’s easy to obtain. You have so many more shots to work with, during the early stages you can chain pvp kills or take out groups of AI. It obviously doesn’t deal as much damage as the others on the list but it’s such a useful weapon in Warzone that it had to make the list.


1. Jorge’s Chaingun

If you ever encounter an enemy with this weapon just turn off your Xbox and politely throw it out of the window. It provides the user with exceptional damage, you can take out enemy players in the blink of an eye. It has a ton of ammo, allowing you to take out a good 20-30 enemies before it runs out. Lets not forget the movement speed and damage resistances it gives you. Unfortunately, it’s a Legendary level 6 REQ that you will rarely see but if you do see it, you’ll understand why it’s the best weapon in Warzone.


One thought on “Top 10 Best Halo Warzone Weapons

  • August 24, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Really? Just the normal plasma pistol? Assault Rifle with more bullets? Here are the 10 best weapons:

    10: Open Hand
    9: Void’s Tear
    8: Blood of Suban
    7: Ad Victoriam
    4: Jorge’s Chaingun
    3: The Answer
    2: Blaze of Glory
    1: Nornfang


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