Top 10 Best Halo 5 Assassinations

You have to love the customisation in Halo 5: Guardians, 343 studios have given us more options than ever to set our Spartan up exactly how we like. Among these options are assassinations, animations used to 1-hit kill your opponent from behind. Pretty much every single assassination is awesome so don’t be too salty if your favorite doesn’t appear in this list. However, some are definitely more interesting and cool than others. The assassinations that appear on this list are the most unique, you’ll want to pick them if you like being different. So here’s the top 10 best Halo 5 assassinations!


10. Spinal Tap

Ah, the classic sweep ‘n stab. Spartans are amazing soldiers, capable of excelling in a variety of combat situations. The Spinal Tap assassination turns them into harmless pedestrians, they go out like one anyway.


9. Liftoff

Making the list almost specifically for the ending, there’s something so satisfying about sending your enemy flying. Not only does it look cool to you, it has to be at least a bit tilting for the enemy to see their corpse pull a Team Rocket. It’s a bit overkill as they’re stabbed multiple times first.


8. Sweep the Leg

Such a badass way of assassinating has to make the list, if you’ve ever wanted your Spartan to feel like a martial artists then this assassination is for you. You’ll catch your enemy with a foot to the face, sending them to the ground before finishing them off with your knife.


7. Emile’s Regards

Emile :'(

For those who played Halo: Reach, I completely understand if you want nothing to do with this assassination. Even though the game was released nearly 8 years ago, it still feels too close for comfort. That look into their eye before you end their life is brutal.


6. Nice Try

Damn, what a way to go. Flipping them upside down, possibly breaking their neck on the throw down and then crushing their skull with your foot. One of the more hardcore metal assassinations on this list, imagine the fear in your eyes if it happened to you.


5. Back Breaker

Simple and short yet effective. Back Breaker does exactly what it says on the tin, hoisting your opponent over your head before breaking their spine on your knee. I’ve fell victim to this assassination more times than I can count, it never stops feeling bad!


4. Stop Stabbing Yourself

Easily the most tilting assassination in the entire game, truly showing the enemy how superior you are to them. In all fairness, they do see you coming and try to knife you. Problem is, you happily grab the hand wielding said knife and jam it straight into their throat.


3. Lawn Dart

We are talking about Halo 5, not WWE video games. Your Spartan will utilise their incredible strength to perform this assassination, lifting the enemy up before smashing them into the ground, killing them instantly!



2. Don’t Flip Out

While this assassination is only a common, I think it’s so awesome it has to make the top 3. Not just the Ultra Rares and higher are the best, please keep this in mind when choosing any kind of optional aesthetic customisations.


1. The Kickoff

There’s truly no better moment in Halo 5 than kicking an enemy off a building or ledge, trust me. I say this without even doing it myself, just watching the video is enough to make me understand the unparalleled satisfaction of pulling this assassination off!

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